CryptoPay – The Global Payment Gateway ICO

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Sep 30, 2017
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In a few days, one of the most interesting ICOs is starting. The ICO of CryptoPay, one of the few companies that are still in cryptocurrency since 2013. CryptoPay is a global payment gateway company that also provides Bitcoin wallets and Debit cards. Unlike other companies, they weren’t born out of an ICO – but they plan to do one.

What is CryptoPay? Are they trustworthy?

Besides being one of the leading companies in the payment industry, CryptoPay also has a mobile application. The app is actually a bitcoin wallet which helps the user trade Bitcoin. One of the biggest problems in the cryptocurrency industry right now is that people are stuck on where to buy or sell bitcoin. Even merchants have a problem with this, as the volatility of bitcoin might not be a good thing for their business. CryptoPay offers a way to exchange a bitcoin in USD, EUR, or GBP and therefore avoiding fluctuations that make merchants reluctant before accepting Bitcoin.

Moreover, we’re speaking of a company that has an 8.6 out of 10 on the TrustPilot website with over 540 reviews. Out of these, 78% are having an Excellent score. The maximum that is available on TrustPilot. So why would a company like CryptoPay need an ICO?

A new era of CryptoPay – The First Step Towards Worldwide Adoption Of Cryptocurrencies

As mentioned before, CryptoPay is already a successful company. They launched a payment gateway, a bitcoin wallet, and a Bitcoin debit card. But sometimes even companies like this need funding to go bigger.

After creating the Bitcoin payment gateway in 2014, the Bitcoin wallet and exchange in 2015 (with over 453,344 users registered), and the Bitcoin Debit card in 2016 (with over 87,747 cards delivered) – the app plans to go bigger.

Firstly, as their roadmap present, they want to create the Bitcoin Stock Brokerage. This tool would help you invest in stocks using your CryptoPay account. The Bitcoin Stock Brokerage will be created upon a 15,000,000 Euro pledge from the community. And there’s more: at 35,000,000 euro pledged they will create your first Bitcoin Bank Account. And the final part – the P2P platform – created when over 55,000,000 Euro are issued in the ICO. This is a full stack blockchain platform offering financial services, all linked to your CryptoPay account.

Their token sale is already on the pre-sale period. You may purchase them by visiting this link. According to the rate, you will gain 1000 CPAY for every ETH you invest. Also, they have a bounty program where they issue 5% of their tokens. This is for people who would use their social account to promote the CryptoPay ICO.

CryptoPay has an ICO that you should check out. They’ve already proven themselves valuable to the market and the next step for them depends on the Bitcoin community.

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