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Best Crypto to Invest In

15+ Cryptocurrency With a Major Growth Potential in 2023

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Oct 25, 2023
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Situation of the Crypto Market

It’s 2023, and the crypto market industry is in a continuous bear market. Nothing really good happened for the industry this year – and after 2-3 black swan events, most cryptocurrencies are -90% of their all-time value.

In a dull cryptocurrency market like this one, you can do three things:

  • Observe the prices and set up a battle plan for the next bull market capitalization;
  • Accumulate crypto on each significant dip;
  • Chill and ignore crypto until you see the first headline in a major newspaper.

Crypto investors’ activity is at an all-time low, and liquidity has drastically decreased. Before you might ask: No, crypto is not dead. It’s just a bear market, as there were at least 6-7 major ones before. Let’s analyze the following image:

bitcoin bull runs

As you might see, Bitcoin dropped 94% in 2011, from $31 to $2. Then its price increased by 37x. And the history repeated, bringing a 17x in 2017 and 3.5x in 2021. But each time, Bitcoin price recovered to at least the previous top.

Past performance doesn’t guarantee future returns – so take everything with a grain of salt as the information presented in this article is not financial advice – we’re not financial advisors, just some degens that love the cryptocurrency markets.

How We Analyze the Best Crypto to Invest In

Picking a cryptocurrency to invest in is tricky, especially if you’re a beginner. We decided to make it easier by showing our users a few cryptocurrencies with a real upside potential based on various factors.

As it’s not our first lousy market, we’ve repeatedly seen a few similar patterns. Before, we’ll mention some of the things we take into consideration when analyzing a cryptocurrency:

Utility and Adoption

These are probably the two most essential things in a cryptocurrency. A good crypto should have a wide adoption and a use case for the market. Otherwise, its price may go up and down drastically.

Market Capitalization

Market Cap is a promising cryptocurrency that must have a decent market cap that is not too high so it would be possible to increase in the future.

The Team

Considered one of the most critical factors, the team plays a vital role. A good team won’t give up after their first rodeo and knows how to manage their cryptocurrency properly.

Crypto Community

Token holders always make a difference in the cryptocurrency they invest in. The higher the cryptocurrency will go up, the higher their rewards. The monetary benefit will always be a massive factor for holders, who will shill the crypto to their friends & online.

So, let’s get straight to our recommendation of the best crypto to invest in 2023 & beyond.

Best Crypto to Buy – 20+ Cryptocurrencies Worth Buying

Low Risk, Low Reward – Probably the Safest Cryptocurrencies To Buy

Bitcoin (BTC)

Best Crypto to Invest In - Bitcoin
  • Risk: Low;
  • Price when the article was written: $26,872;
  • Potential price in the next bull market: $80,000+;
  • Potential ROI: 300%.

The cryptocurrency that doesn’t need any introduction is Bitcoin. It’s the original cryptocurrency and the most trusted & used cryptocurrency worldwide. Given the past market returns and the limited token supply, Bitcoin is the most valuable cryptocurrency.

Many crypto analysts believe that Bitcoin will reach $200,000+ in the future. We consider a price of $80,000 to be a good approximation of the future top for Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is the best crypto to buy if you don’t want any hassle with DeFi, new cryptocurrency markets, and other meme tokens. Even if the ROI is not so high, our estimation is conservative – so it could go above $80,000 with the suitable catalysts.

Ethereum (ETH)

Best Crypto to Invest In - Ethereum (ETH)
  • Risk: Low;
  • Price when the article was written: $1,550;
  • Potential price in the next bull market: $7,000;
  • Potential ROI: 350%+.

The king of smart contracts, the first blockchain that allowed you to create tokens, and the utility token – Ethereum. Ethereum was created by Vitalik Buterin and had an ICO. It supports smart contracts and had the most significant adoption due to the DeFi mania & presale tokens.

Ethereum blockchain is still a top pick, even if the transaction fees are a huge problem when a meme coin is launched. Many great decentralized applications are built on Ethereum, and the adoption is growing with each bull market.

Ethereum is one of the best crypto coins you can hodl because it has the best probability for an easy 200% return in the future.

Litecoin (LTC)

Litecoin (LTC)
  • Risk: Low;
  • Price when the article was written: $ 62;
  • Potential price in the next bull market: $260;
  • Potential ROI: 400%.

Litecoin, Bitcoin’s smaller brother, is the last pick on the Low risk & Low profit potential. Litecoin was created as a fork from the Bitcoin blockchain in 2011. Since then, it’s been one of the most known coins.

Among the most traded digital assets based on the trading volume, Litecoin adoption increased over the years and became a reliable method of payment in the crypto world. It was one of the most promising crypto to purchase in the past few years, and it still can bring a nice ROI.

Even if the developments on Litecoin are not what they used to be in the past, Litecoin can still be trusted more than a hot new meme coin. Litecoin is mainly used now as a payment method among its enthusiasts.

Medium Risk, Medium Reward – Established & Proven Cryptocurrencies To Buy

Cosmos Hub (ATOM)

Best Crypto to Invest In - Cosmos Hub (ATOM)
  • Risk: Medium;
  • Price when the article was written: $ 6.63;
  • Potential price in the next bull market: $50;
  • Potential ROI: 750+%.

Cosmos, the internet of blockchains, is the first crypto selected on our medium risk, medium reward part. Cosmos was created in 2016 by Ethan Buchman. Cosmos’s native token, ATOM, is used to pay network fees and develop interoperable blockchains.

Besides that, Validators that choose to stake ATOM will receive around 4-5% per year in token rewards. Investors compound rewards to maximize the passive rewards.

ATOM token holders had good results in the past, as many cryptocurrencies launched on Cosmos’s Tendermint offered airdrops for ATOM stakers. So, besides the APR that ATOM is offering – there’s also the airdrop rewards. OSMO was their best airdrop, with over 50M OSMO airdropped (worth over USD 500 million at its top value).

Even if ATOM doesn’t have a maximum supply, it’s an excellent cryptocurrency to have in your portfolio, as you may get more quality airdrops in the future. We believe a price of $50 is doable in the future bull market, especially as decentralized finance on Cosmos is among the safest options.

Binance Coin (BNB)

Best Crypto to Buy - Binance Coin (BNB)
  • Risk: Medium;
  • Price when the article was written: $ 213;
  • Potential price in the next bull market: $1000+;
  • Potential ROI: 500+%.

Binance Coin is the token that powers the Binance smart chain, one of the most used blockchains in the world. BNB started with an ICO in 2017 and became the leader of the crypto exchanges worldwide shortly.

With low transaction fees, many fiat currencies accepted, more than 300 crypto assets available, and over 10 million crypto investors – Binance is probably the exchange fueling the crypto ecosystem. Binance Coin (BNB) has a lot of use cases – but most importantly – it’s the cryptocurrency used to do transfers on the Binance smart chain.

BNB hodlers from Binance Exchange can also participate in Binance Launchpad – where many quality crypto projects are launched. Almost any crypto project launched on Binance Launchpad did a 1000% increase after the launch.

There are many other ways to make money with BNB, and that’s why it’s one of the best crypto to buy – whether it’s a bear or bull market – you can still make money with BNB & invest in new crypto projects.

Even if the ROI potential seems small for BNB, the Binance Launchpad & Launchpool will surely increase your ROI over time. With a significant enough demand for the Launchpad & Launchpool, the BNB may reach $1000+ in the future bull market.

Given the past performance of increasing over 2000% in the past bull market, Binance coin is a must-have coin in your portfolio as it’s one of the best digital assets out there.

As a side note, Binance recently concluded its 25th Quarterly BNB burn, eliminating over 2.5 million BNB from circulation. At this rate, BNB would reach under 100 million coins in under 6 years – increasing its scarcity and potential value over time.

Uniswap Token (UNI)

Best Crypto to Buy -Uniswap Token (UNI)
  • Risk: Medium;
  • Price when the article was written: $ 4.15;
  • Potential price in the next bull market: $20+;
  • Potential ROI: 500+%.

If you’re a trader who caught the 2021 bull market – you surely heard about Uniswap.

Uniswap became the biggest decentralized cryptocurrency exchange in the DeFi summer of 2020. Many traders started to buy new cryptocurrencies launched on the Ethereum network from Uniswap, where everyone could create a liquidity pool for their token.

Concepts like Yield farming, Liquidity pool, and DeFi appeared due to Uniswap and its simple yet efficient model. Soon enough, Uniswap decided to launch its governance token – the UNI token.

UNI started around $3 and reached a $40 value at the bull market’s peak. The maximum market capitalization of UNI was 22 Billion USD. However, the project was profitable as there were 0.3% transaction fees.

Built originally on the Ethereum blockchain and listed on all of the major crypto exchanges, UNI is a great pic for a crypto portfolio. We believe it’s improbable to reach its top value again, but a value of $25-30 is possible in the bull market.

Cronos (CRO)

Best Crypto to Invest In - Cronos (CRO)
  • Risk: Medium to high;
  • Price when the article was written: $ 0.052;
  • Potential price in the next bull market: $0.7;
  • Potential ROI: 1500+%.

Cronos, originally Crypto.com’s second native token (Legends know why), is another great cryptocurrency to invest in. It’s Binance Coin’s main competitor for the USA/Canada/Europe markets.

Right now, Cronos is powering its own EVM blockchain – Cronos network. While the blockchain is used less right now, it can potentially become one of the top 5 most used ones in the future. But CRO has other benefits besides that, such as:

  • You can order a crypto.com card, which offers cashback benefits when you use it.
  • You can get lower transaction fees on the Crypto.com exchange.
  • Put it on Staking and get around 6% APY, paid in CRO.
  • You can put it on Supercharger and earn crypto rewards, depending on the Supercharger event( APY is relatively low, around 2% annually, but you can withdraw the CRO at any time)
  • Use it on Cronos DeFi platforms and earn a yield on it.
  • Use it to purchase stuff on Crypto.com Pay.
  • Pay for Diamonds in Loaded Lions – Crypto.com’s browser game where competitive mode offers a 100,000 USD starting prize pool.

Cronos (CRO) previously had a top value of 0.90 USD in 2021. We believe that with the right partnerships and catalysts, early investors can profit by investing in it. Hitting $0.90 again is less likely but not impossible.

However, a decent CRO price prediction for 2024 and beyond is at least $0.5. As the bull market starts, Crypto.com will surely invest more money in marketing their app. CRO will surely benefit from it and probably be a top 20 cryptocurrency.

Another factor that we consider beneficial for CRO is that the team is building one of the best cryptocurrency exchanges. It used to be slow and ‘meh’ in the past, but Crypto.com’s Exchange could be one of the top 3 most used exchanges worldwide – After Binance & Coinbase.

The utility might also grow for CRO, as Crypto.com Exchange doesn’t have a Launchpad, Launchpool, or anything similar. As the native crypto of Crypto.com Exchange, it’s one of the best crypto assets in the future bull market.

We rated CRO as having a medium to high risk as Crypto.com has a history of not caring as much about the token price as they do about their products.

Immutable X (IMX)

Immutable X (IMX)
  • Risk: Medium to High risk;
  • Price when the article was written: $ 0.53;
  • Potential price in the next bull market: $5;
  • Potential ROI: 900+%.

Immutable X is the blockchain technology company that wants to create the next generation of Web3 Gaming. More than 20 games are building on Immutable X, and more are set to come. Gods Unchained, Ember Sword, and Guild of Guardians are among the most known.

They also built a marketplace where NFTs from various games accepted by them are available. It’s a game marketplace where they can buy digital assets (NFTs) to help them advance in their games – fuelling the future of Web3 Gaming.

Another impressive thing is that they partnered up with Polygon and zkEVM to create Immutable ZK EVM – a chain for games that enables transactions for a few cents, rather than $10+ from Ethereum, and with much better security.

And lastly, they made the Immutable Passport – a noncustodial wallet for gaming, made for gamers.

Immutable X token was launched in 2021, reaching a top value of $9. Given its current use case and how much the team accomplished since 2021, a $5 target for IMX might be conservative. The downside is that the IMX has little time in cryptocurrency, so it’s one of the medium to high-risk crypto investment opportunities.

Even if it is risky, the IMX token is still one of the top crypto coins to buy before the bull market starts. It’s available on all the major cryptocurrency exchanges, with a decent daily volume and a good use case.

High Risk, High Reward – The Riskiest Cryptocurrencies to Buy

TehBag (BAG)

TehBag (BAG)
  • Risk: Extremely High Risk;
  • Price when the article was written: $ 0.0022;
  • Potential price in the next bull market: $0.15;
  • Potential ROI: 6800+%.

TehBag was one of the first Telegram bots cryptocurrencies. It’s not a meme coin, even if it looks like one. Their telegram bot allowed users to track their favorite cryptocurrencies on Twitter and raid selected tweets to make the tweet go viral.

In exchange, projects that want to promote their tokens would pay them a fee per raid (between $3 and $5). That’s where the project’s income came from, which was used in the past for burning tokens.

Now, that income is used to reward BAG stakers. The BAG staking program is one of the best token dividends: You stake BAG and get ETH in exchange. The APY is around 70-80%, but it was over 120% in the past.

As a new crypto project, there’s a high risk of the token going again at $0.0002 – losing over 90% of its current value. It did this in the past and reached $0.02 a few weeks later. But it also has the potential to bring something new to the game with the social trading bot – which will be released soon.

BAG is a highly risky crypto token with the potential to be massively adopted in the crypto industry.


  • Risk: Extremely High risk;
  • Price when the article was written: $ 0.23;
  • Potential price in the next bull market: $6;
  • Potential ROI: 2500+%.

Masq wants to build a :

  • MeshVPN;
  • Browser;
  • dAppStore;
  • Protocol;
  • Earning ecosystem;

Why? Because you need privacy, especially in Web3 and decentralized finance. And using Masq, you could make your traffic trace-resistant. While most of the products developed by Masq are not live, their cryptocurrency is sitting at an 8 Million market cap.

This project reminds us of BAT, which has gained a significant portion of the market share of browsers since its inception. Focusing on privacy makes MASQ more interesting, as that’s a considerable issue of Web3.

Even if the browser is not live, its closed beta is going on well, according to one of our sources. If they could build that, it would surely get some traction from the audience.

MASQ seems a promising project with an actual use case and a decent market cap. While their ideas are unique, we’ll need to let the time talk and see if they can achieve their promise.

Their token could be one of the best crypto assets if their ecosystem & products work as expected. Until then, the risk that we classified their crypto asset, MASQ, as extremely high risk but high reward.

Syntropynet (NOIA)

Syntropynet (NOIA)
  • Risk: High risk;
  • Price when the article was written: $ 0.02;
  • Potential price in the next bull market: $0.80;
  • Potential ROI: 4000+%.

Syntropy is constructing a multi-chain data availability layer, offering a decentralized and scalable method for accessing, retrieving, and engaging with current and past on-chain data.

While this may sound like another language for nontech people, it’s a good idea with a good use case. With the recent Data Layer whitepaper, NOIA got our attention and earned a spot on the best cryptocurrency to invest in the list.

NOIA is used for incentives, security, and governance. Their token reached a peak of $0.80 in a previous bull market, decreased to $0.15, and returned to over $0.5 in a few months. Right now, NOIA is trading at around $0.02 per token.

It’s not a popular cryptocurrency, so the trading volume is low. However, with the introduction of the data layer and over 20% of the supply left to be distributed, we believe NOIA’s market value is a bit undervalued for its potential.

Sitting at a $14 Million market cap and with a clear idea ahead, NOIA survived this period successfully. As the team didn’t give up on it and continued to build, we expect retail investors to find out about NOIA soon.

Please research if you plan to buy NOIA, as we categorized it as high-risk. That’s mainly due to a lack of popularity in the crypto space even after 3 years of being active.

Wirex Token (WXT)

Best Crypto to invest in - Wirex Token (WXT)
  • Risk: High risk;
  • Price when the article was written: $ 0.048;
  • Potential price in the next bull market: $1;
  • Potential ROI: 2000+%.

Wirex token is the main competitor of Crypto.com’s Crypto Debit Cards. Launched in 2016 as E-coin, Wirex has evolved and gained more than 6 million users on its platform.

Although the platform and the services are not as good as Crypto.com’s, they still have a large user base and interesting features, such as:

  • You can earn up to 8% on each card transaction;
  • Wirex DUO – a DeFi for beginners with up to 400% APY;
  • Wirex Multiply;
  • Wirex Credit;
  • X Account – where you can earn up to 16% interest on selected cryptocurrencies;

A recent feature also allows users to take a loan and use their cryptocurrency from the Wirex app as collateral. This is a much-needed feature in this crypto market, as you don’t need to liquidate your crypto to use it and potentially lose profits.

Wirex is built on the Ethereum blockchain, but they migrated to the Stellar network to improve their ecosystem. A large amount of WXT was invested in Nereus, improving the decentralized finance options in the Wirex ecosystem. Nereus offers 15% APY for people locking the WXT for 6 months.

While the potential ROI might be low for the risk, we believe Wirex will find a way to improve its customer base and offer WXT a better use case.

As Wirex should be a profitable company, we expect a token burn, a massive marketing campaign, or new features for WXT holders in the future.

Aleph Zero (AZERO)

Aleph Zero (AZERO)
  • Risk: High risk;
  • Price when the article was written: $ 0.72;
  • Potential price in the next bull market: $15;
  • Potential ROI: 2000+%.

Aleph Zero claims to be one of the fastest blockchains for deploying Web3 apps. Developers can deploy secure, scalable, low-cost, and privacy-enhanced products. With a cost of 0.0003 AZERO per transaction, Aleph Zero is probably the top privacy cryptocurrency.

With over 100 dApps built on Aleph Zero, the blockchain is evolving slowly and steadily while preparing for the bull market. And, of course – those are good news for AZERO, their native token.

AZERO is a utility token used for various things:

  • Validator Node Staking;
  • Paying Fees on Decentralized Exchanges on Aleph Zero Blockchain;
  • Use it as collateral in Liminal and get wrapped assets;
  • Network fees on Aleph Zero blockchain;
  • Participate in the Aleph Zero Governance process.

71% of AZERO from the circulating supply is staked at a 10% APY per year. It’s not much, but we consider it more than fair, given its future potential. Given its focus on privacy and the lack of blockchain platforms in that niche, AZERO is a crypto asset worth risking.

We consider AZERO a high risk, as the privacy coins weren’t the best investment in the previous bull markets. Maybe AZERO will change that, but the risk is high for now. Anonymous transactions might be an issue in the future, but it’s a plus in decentralized applications.

Kaspa (KAS)

Kaspa (KAS)
  • Risk: High risk;
  • Price when the article was written: $ 0.046;
  • Potential price in the next bull market: $1;
  • Potential ROI: 2000+%.

Kaspa is the world’s quickest open-source Layer-1, offering decentralized and entirely scalable solutions.

The world’s premier blockDAG is a digital ledger that supports simultaneous blocks and offers immediate transaction validation. It’s constructed on a solid proof-of-work foundation with fast one-second block intervals.

That might be hard for a nontech person to understand, so let us help. Kaspa was launched on November 7, 2021. There weren’t any pre-mined tokens sold to investors or anything similar. Since its launch, Kaspa has gathered much attention from the crypto space.

It got so much attention that its current market cap is under 1 Billion. However, crypto speculators are comparing Kaspa with Solana (which reached a 70B market cap). That doesn’t mean it will reach that value – however, it’s one of the best crypto to buy now – even with the massive market cap.

Since October 2022, Kaspa has increased by 2000% and had no massive dump leading to it going -90%. In fact, after the decrease from $0.036 to $0.013 – KAS quickly bounced back and reached $0.04.

We believe there’s still room to grow for KAS, as it still needs to be listed on Binance or Coinbase, but it’s listed on Kucoin and a few other similar cryptocurrency exchanges.

ATOR Protocol (ATOR)

ATOR Protocol (ATOR)
  • Risk: High risk;
  • Price when the article was written: $ 0.97;
  • Potential price in the next bull market: $25;
  • Potential ROI: 2500+%.

Ator Protocol is another privacy-based cryptocurrency created for the Tor network but not affiliated with them. They want to improve internet anonymity through their Proof of Uptime protocol.

The project was launched in March, but privacy enthusiasts strongly support it. The token price increased from $0.02 to more than $1 – making ATOR have a market cap of 92 million.

ATOR will be used in the Proof of Uptime & Relay management. From what we read, the team plans to develop an ATOR Relay prototype in phase 3 of their roadmap, allowing users to earn ATOR for encrypting and decrypting messages.

ATOR is a high token risk, primarily due to the privacy-related nature of their business and the weak performance for privacy in cryptocurrencies.

Even if the price already increased by 5000% since its launch, given the support the team receives – it’s possible to see a 1000% to 3000% increase in the future. But we recommend doing a bit of due diligence before investing.

Blockchain Technology Crypto – Cryptocurrencies Worth Buying with their own Blockchain

Aptos (APT)

Aptos (APT)
  • Risk: Medium to High risk;
  • Price when the article was written: $ 5;
  • Potential price in the next bull market: $30+;
  • Potential ROI: 600+%.

Theoretically, Aptos blockchain claims they can support 160,000 transactions per second. Aptos was created using Move custom programming language, initially created for Diem Blockchain.

APT is the native cryptocurrency of Aptos Blockchain. With a 6.5% APY and a 1 Billion market cap already, Aptos might be one of the most used blockchains in the future.

APT launched at $3 on Binance and increased in a few weeks to $18. But the APT started to lose its value right after, sitting at around $5 at the time of writing.

We believe Aptos can reach $18 again when the bull market starts. However, the long-term price prediction we see is $30+.

Optimism (OP)

Optimism (OP)
  • Risk: Medium to High risk;
  • Price when the article was written: $ 1.23;
  • Potential price in the next bull market: $25+;
  • Potential ROI: 2000+%.

Optimism is a swift, reliable, and expandable Layer 2 solution crafted by Ethereum developers for users & developers. Its architecture mirrors the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), ensuring seamless scalability for your Ethereum applications.

What’s interesting about Optimism is that it offered a massive airdrop when it launched, attracting many users. So many users participated in the Optimism ecosystem using their DeFi platforms.

Recently, Optimism made a surprise and made a second smaller airdrop, especially for people using their decentralized autonomous organization voting system.

And there are more exciting things about Optimism. Optimism has such a good blockchain that they made an enterprise solution that is currently used by Binance & Coinbase as well.

OP, their token, is sitting at around $1.23 at the time of writing the article – but its potential is to become one of the most used ones in the industry.

We classified OP as being medium to high risk because of the inflationary tokenomics that they currently have. Even so, it’s one of the best crypto to buy as its smart contracts & blockchain overall are far better than what you’ve seen until now on an L2.

MultiversX (EGLD)

MultiversX (EGLD)
  • Risk: Medium risk;
  • Price when the article was written: $ 24.65;
  • Potential price in the next bull market: $300;
  • Potential ROI: 1200+%.

MultiversX is the past EGLD, which was initially called Elrond. The project was founded in 2017 by Beniamin Mincu – a Romanian visionary who wanted to bring a better decentralized blockchain network to life.

Their blockchain has made over 351 Million transactions since its rebranding, with over 3200 validators onboarded. ERD, their original cryptocurrency, was launched on Binance launchpad, offering it legitimacy only quality projects got.

Since then, they’ve created an entire ecosystem with EGLD as the primary cryptocurrency for their blockchain. What’s also interesting about MultiversX is that they didn’t build an EVM – they did their blockchain from 0.

EGLD managed to gain tremendous traction last year after their RIDE launch, and we believe that in the next bull market, we will see an EGLD to over $200 again – possibly touching $300+ as well. Their token, EGLD, is also used to secure the network using a proof of stake mechanism. The APY is relatively low for now – as there aren’t so many transactions in the current state of the market.

We see EGLD as medium risk, as the only issue on their side could be needing more traction from the investors’ side – which is a bit improbable from the perspective of partnerships, DeFi options, use case of EGLD & blockchain architecture.

Near (NEAR)

Near (NEAR)
  • Risk: Medium risk;
  • Price when the article was written: $ 1;
  • Potential price in the next bull market: $15;
  • Potential ROI: 1500+%.

One of the Coinlist’s gems, Near, describes them as “The OS for an open web.” The cryptocurrency was launched in April 2020, starting with 1 Billion coins in circulation. With over 1254 developers & 243 applications deployed, Near is one of those substantial projects you want to watch.

Built with Rust and AssemblyScript, the NEAR blockchain can process up to 100,000 transactions per second. They also have their own EVM blockchain called Aurora – where NEAR is used for DeFi & not only.

While developers mostly use NEAR, simple users can use it for farming & transactions on the blockchain. NEAR token reached $20 in the previous bull market, with over 10 Billion USD in market cap value.

Given its past performance, the overall blockchain platform, and the quality of the team, we believe a $15 per NEAR token is possible, making it one of the best cryptocurrencies to invest in this period & get profits in the bull market.

Arbitrum (ARB)

Arbitrum (ARB)
  • Risk: High risk;
  • Price when the article was written: $ 0.79;
  • Potential price in the next bull market: $7.9;
  • Potential ROI: 1000+%.

Arbitrum token launch was the most expected event of 2023 for crypto enthusiasts, as most people knew that they would do an airdrop as big as Optimism at least.

And so they did; the ARB token launch had a massive airdrop where people got up to 12,000 ARB tokens (over USD 10,000). But why was it so hyped?

Optimism didn’t have such a robust blockchain then, and Arbitrum had the best L2 EVM chain that investors could use to play with DeFi. It was so fast that transactions were confirmed in less than 1 second – and everyone was happy because they could buy their favorite coin fast on Arbitrum.

The significant exchanges added Arbitrum network support, and pretty soon, Arbitrum was the #2 most used crypto blockchain in the space. However, after the successful launch, the developers got greedy and wanted to use a large amount of funds, which the community voted against. Even so, the developers didn’t consider the community vote and decided to do so, claiming the vote was a “poll to see the community sentiment.”

And that’s how the second most used blockchain network & its token lost the community to a vote. ARB made it to the list because their blockchain is smooth, fast, and easy to use. However, we consider an investment in ARB as being high risk due to the vote scandal & disrespecting the community.

Other Crypto Projects Worth Mentioned

Stacks (STX)

Stacks (STX)
  • Risk: Medium risk;
  • Price when the article was written: $ 0.62;
  • Potential price in the next bull market: $8;
  • Potential ROI: 1300+%.

Stacks has a challenging mission of bringing DeFi, NFTs & essentially smart contracts, onto the Bitcoin network. They use STX, their native token, to power the network & pay for the gas fees. What’s interesting about STX is you can stake & lock it – and earn BTC for that.

Kucoin Token (KCS)

Kucoin Token (KCS)
  • Risk: High risk;
  • Price when the article was written: $ 4.56;
  • Potential price in the next bull market: $50;
  • Potential ROI: 1000+%.

Kucoin is one of the most known exchanges in the world. With over 300 cryptocurrencies listed, it’s a good option if you’re a futures trader or a beginner crypto enthusiast. Kucoin created KCS in 2017, with similar use cases as BNB.

Pancakeswap (CAKE)

Pancakeswap (CAKE)
  • Risk: Very High risk;
  • Price when the article was written: $ 1;
  • Potential price in the next bull market: $30;
  • Potential ROI: 3000+%.

CAKE was one of the hottest tokens of the last DeFi summer. Growing from a few cents to over $35 and having an APY of 100%+, CAKE made many traders happy. CAKE is PancakeSwap’s primary token, a Binance-backed competitor of Uniswap. CAKE is currently sitting at $1, and it’s less hot than in 2021, but things might change.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Best Cryptocurrency to Buy

What crypto will do a 1000x in the next bull market?

Finding a 1000x cryptocurrency is hard because you have to be very early. You must be friends with the founder or have massive connections to get something like that. Most traders find out about a cryptocurrency after it did a 10 or 20x.

Which cryptocurrency is best to invest in now?

You can pick the low-risk, medium-risk, or high-risk crypto mentioned in this article according to your risk appetite. We cannot recommend you the best, as the future might surprise us.

Which crypto coin will rise in 2023?

We are still determining what crypto will rise in 2023, but all of our mentioned coins have the potential to grow in price in a decent bull market. Most are quality cryptocurrencies with an experienced team that can bring them to the next level.

Will Bitcoin reach $100,000 in 2024?

We cannot predict if Bitcoin will reach $100,000 in 2024, but historically, bitcoin has increased in price in the halving year. Given that Bitcoin will have its halving in 2024, we might see a surprise.

When’s the next bull market coming?

There’s a 50% probability for the bull market to start until the year’s end. But don’t take our word for it, as a bull market needs some sort of a catalyst – such as a Bitcoin ETF approved.

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