Everything You Need to Know About Cryptocurrency to Achieve Your Financial Goals

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May 8, 2020
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5 Advice How to Use Cryptocurrency in Your Personal Finance Goals

In the past decade, cryptocurrencies led by Bitcoin have taken the financial market by storm. The wave has been so huge that almost all central banks globally have taken measures to re-align themselves accordingly with it.

For the past ten years, which the crypto sphere has been in existence, a lot of industries have embraced the technology to deliver efficient services. With fast access to online loans like from the company behind Expert Payday Loans, you can make informed crypto investments that will push you towards your financial goal.

Store of Value

This is a very debatable topic that has left a lot of discomforts in most investors, as there is no conclusive way into it. However, nothing can deny the fact that most crypto assets, led by bitcoin, have gained over 2000% since the time of market introduction.

Understanding the market of crypto assets before investing in it is very important; there are several scams out there due to low policy guidance. If you are after investing and not afraid of the high crypto volatility, then most crypto assets will help you in your personal finance goal.

Fast Transactions

Typically, if you want to transfer fiat currencies internationally, a lot of friction is involved, which results in slow time in delivery. This is because the system most financial institutions are using is based on a messaging system, SWIFT, which was not created for such robust networks.

Crypto assets like XRP boast of fast payments on its XRP Ledger, which is capable of settling in 4 seconds.

Secure Transactions

In this era where cybersecurity has become a major threat to the finance sector, having a security system to use will go a long way in managing your finances. In return, you will be in a position to meet your personal finance goal without a hitch.

Secure transaction is an essential way of gaining trust in business, whereby, if you are running a business, it will see a surge in customers who feel secure operating with you.

Access Loan from Crypto Startups

With the invention of crypt assets, it was the birth of financial freedom to most people who could never be in a position to enjoy such services. The most notable service which will benefit a lot of people is loan crypto apps.

They offer loans to their customers with a very competitive interest rate, without the paperwork headache. However, you can check other loan deals from Expert Payday Loans.

Some of the loan offering crypto apps are:

  • CoinLoan
  • Nexo
  • myCred
  • BlockFi

Such services can be of great help whenever you need fast cash to meet your personal needs.

Get Paid through Cryptocurrencies

Most online freelance jobs are now offering their employees a chance to be paid in cryptocurrencies. Actually, some companies specifically point to certain assets like BTC or ETH for payments.

Payday is the most exciting day that most people feel their personal finance goal is very achievable. Having an extra stream of income that pays in cryptocurrencies is an added advantage to your financial goals.


With over $200 billion in market capitalization at the time of writing, the crypto industry is not one to ignore. Although marred with crazy speculative trading, it is proving to be a solution to some underlying problems with the traditional finance system.

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