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5 Best Cryptocurrency Investments 2020

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Sep 17, 2020
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It is not difficult to see why investing in the cryptocurrency market has been so popular lately. However, many investors get intimidated when they see that Bitcoin (BTC) has lost more than half its value during all-time highs. The fact is that this is precisely what you will see in an emerging and healthy bull market. Here are the all-time best cryptocurrencies.

1. Gold Secured Currency (GSX)


Gold Secured Currency is the only quantum secured stablecoin in existence. This cryptocurrency combines the best elements of an investment coin, a traditional cryptocurrency, and a stablecoin. Each coin is backed by gold and gold-rich land, ensuring continuous growth in value. 

The reason GSX tops the list is that GSX’s benefits are currently unparalleled. GSX is a new type of currency called a growth coin. The best thing about it is that assets back 100% of its value, and those assets increase over time. On top of this, its holders are paid a yearly dividend.

The Ten Best Features OfGSX:

1. Backed – GSX is a stable coin trust backed by physical gold and mines. With many large mines and a refinery being added. Including a number of future alluvial and hard rock gold mines and a future copper mine, tantalum mine, nickel mine, and lithium mine.

2. Trust Ownership – GSX holders are the trust beneficiaries of land rights. What this means is that even If something was to happen to Apollo Fintech, the assets would be sold, and the proceeds would go directly to the holders of GSX.

3. Growth – Continual increase in value land and gold backing GSX. The current pre-sale price is $0.046 USD. The first-year minimum asset goal is $7 billion in assets making the individual asset value $0.23 USD per GSX, the second year is $20 billion in assets making the asset value $0.66 per GSX, the third year is 30 billion in assets making the asset value $1 dollar per GSX and then continuing on a similar pace. Facilitating an almost 3,000% increase in price.

4. Audited – GSX’s gold and metal reserves will be continuously audited by some of the most respected auditing firms, such as BVA.

5. Dividends – GSX holders are entitled to yearly dividends of 50% of all gold and metals mined or refined after expenses and expansion. They are also entitled to a significant portion of transaction fees from Apollo Fintech’s products, such as the National Payment Platform, which is developed to run economies.

6. Coin Burn – 50% of the 10 billion offered that is not sold in CDE will be burned, value moves to survive GSX

7. Redeemable – GSX will be redeemable for its gold value, so it will help it to maintain a more constant price.

8. Combination – GSX combines the best elements from a stable coin, cryptocurrency, and investment coin.

Growth – Its price could trade much higher than its asset value, so it has the growth benefits of a traditional cryptocurrency, like BTC, with the potential base asset value that would prevent it from sinking drastically. And holders receive constant dividends of an investment coin which further drives its value—giving holders the benefit of all 3 of the best investment options in cryptocurrency.

9. Quantum Resistance – GSX will be one of the first Quantum Resistant stable coins with the integration of the Quantum Steel cryptography algorithm on the Apollo Blockchain. Quantum computing is the number one greatest threat to the blockchain at the moment.

10. Participation – Holders will be able to visit and stay at the main mine at the GSX visitor center, and be able to participate in elements of the mining, such as testing out equipment, watching explosives, prospecting with the pros, testing, and many more experiences that offer the true Gold Rush thrill. Furthermore, the team has talked to production companies about a potential reality show and is planning to put up 24/7 cameras allowing holders to take part in the action from the comfort of their home.

In summary, Gold Secured Currency is a new kind of investment. An investment that allows its holders to watch their net worth expand, to collect profits, and even participate. 

Where to Buy

The Pre-Sale is going on now at GSXCDE.com

 2. Apollo Currency (APL)

Apollo currency

Apollo Currency is the most advanced in the World. The proprietary technology it boasts makes it the best investment you can make as a cryptocurrency rush to be sustainable. 

These technologies include Apollo updater, Apollo atomic swaps, adaptive forging, sharding, node synchronization, and more. All this combines to make APL the most feature-rich cryptocurrency in the World. 

APL is built on top of the Apollo blockchain, which also has achieved a lot of firsts. It is the first blockchain to reach indefinite sustainability by implementing database level sharding. Soon, APL will power a Dapp infrastructure that will quickly offer limitless storage to developers. The token system will allow almost anyone to create an advanced token on the network without sophisticated coding knowledge. 

Perhaps the biggest selling point of Apollo is its mass adoption capacity. Apollo Fintech has made it a priority to create technology that will lead to truly mass adoption.

How Does Apollo Stand Out

National Payment Platform 

A CBDC system capable of powering an economy, breaking down every barrier preventing mass adoption, such as usability and accessibility. The NPP truly banks the unbanked, from cities to villages without electricity to mining camps in the bush. This is powered by the Apollo blockchain and allows Apollo holders to generate a dividend. Just onboarding one nation could mean as many as 30 million daily active users. This is more than three times more than Bitcoin. 

Apollo E-Government Platform 

The Apollo E-Government Platform offers unparalleled security and efficiency to nearly every department of government. Reducing government costs by as much as 1/16th while increasing transparency and access to services. 

Knox World Pay

Knox World Pay is the first global payment system that allows the genuine mass adoption of blockchain. All barriers to mass adoption are broken down by utilizing technologies such as offline SMS and a worldwide network of agents and sub-agents. Allowing even the most remote sub-Saharan villages access to blockchain technology and banking services.

Knox Wire

Knox Wire is an international bank to bank settlement system that uses a bidirectional signature to remove intermediaries and speed up a three day settlement time to 2 seconds. Speeding up international finance significantly and cutting cash settlement restrictions in half. 


Stratus will be the World’s most expansive social media ecosystem, combining the features and capabilities of many of the most popular social media platforms and services, such as Facebook, Twitter, Tik Tok, Instagram, Youtube, Periscope, Amazon, eBay, PayPal, Travelocity, and many more, in a solution devoted to free speech, transparency and user data privacy.

You can use APL to send and receive both public and private transactions. Built on the first blockchain to add genuine quantum resistance, APL can send sub-second to 2-second transactions. 

Where to Buy APL

Currently, the best exchange to buy APL, at the best rates, is BitMart.com. 

3. Cardano (ADA)

cardano logo

Cardano is an initiative that is developing what could soon become the most secure and scalable platform for smart contracts. The goal is to build a technologically superior platform compared to Ethereum through a collation of the best minds and researchers in cryptography and computer sciences. Cardano’s strength is the perception that they could project academic excellence into a secure, scalable, and working code. ADA is the cryptocurrency that will power this smart contract utopia. 

Use Cases

Cardano’s developers have some hefty goals for the project. This advantageous team seeks to restore trust in global economic systems via the integration of Cardano technologies. Specifically, the platform introduces a more secure, transparent, and sustainable way to conduct business internationally.

Additionally, Cardano’s developers seek to provide the world’s unbanked population access to financial services. Sadly, estimates place the unbanked population at over 1.7 billion people currently. To this extent, Cardano has projects currently underway in Africa and other parts of the developing world. 

The third goal for Cardano is to help stabilize the Dapp sector. The platform has a focus on security and sustainability specifically applied to decentralized applications, systems, and societies. 

Where to Buy ADA

If you’re interested in buying ADA coins, you can find it at most of the exchanges; the Coinbase platform is a good option. It will allow you to buy and sell ADA easily. What is more, even though the company has its own wallet, there are way more secure options, such as Ledger Nano S and Trezor.

4. Tron (TRX)

tron logo png

Content creation and distribution have always been taunted as the most obvious use cases of blockchain technology. Tron is a network that is building a platform that will seamlessly connect content creators to consumers, eliminating intermediaries. This way, the creators will be able to directly collect fees from customers who will benefit from affordable rates for consuming content. TRX, Tron’s token, will power the entire ecosystem. 

What Is TRON (TRX)?

TRON is a decentralized virtual machine that was built to help usher in the decentralized internet. Similarly to Ethereum, TRON enables Dapp developers to create and utilize complex protocols via smart contracts that live on its native blockchain. Today the platform is best known for its transaction speeds and its lively CEO.

Specifically, the platform is capable of 2000 transactions per second. This performance puts TRX on par with major payment processors such as PayPal. Best of all, TRON has zero transaction fees. You can send a million dollars in TRX to anywhere in the world in seconds and never have to pay a fee.

To grasp the monumental task TRON’s developers seek to take on, it’s crucial to understand a little about the decentralized internet. The decentralized internet differs from the internet you are used to in some key ways. Primarily, there are no hosting companies. Instead, the entire internet is run by personal users.

Until recently, the concept of a decentralized web seemed impossible. The computing power of the world was not up to par yet. However, the transparent nature of blockchain networks makes them ideal for just such a task. This is exactly the role TRON seeks to obtain.

History of TRON (TRX)

The history of TRON begins in early 2017. At that time, the firm’s CEO Justin Sun officially launched the Singapore based non-profit organization known today as the TRON Foundation. The mission of this organization was to build the infrastructure for a decentralized internet and provide a democratic system to manage the new network.

Notably, Sun isn’t a stranger to the FinTech sector. For one, he is a protégé of Alibaba founder, Jack Ma. Amazingly, he graduated from Ma’s Hupan University and within months made his way onto Forbes “China 30 under 30” and “Asia 30 under 30” lists. Keenly, prior to the introduction of TRON, Sun had already made a name for himself in the blockchain sector.

Where to Buy TRON (TRX)

While you can’t just go to your local gas station and grab some TRX just yet, it’s still easy to attain this futuristic token. Thankfully, TRON is available on some of the largest exchanges in the world. One of the easiest ways to get TRX tokens is through the Binance exchange.

Binance is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world in terms of market cap. The platform currently offers a variety of TRX trading pairs including BTC/TRX. As with most altcoins, you will need to first convert your fiat currency over to BTC or ETH. Once you complete this task, it only takes a click of the mouse to convert BTC to TRX.

You can also buy it with your credit card from one of these exchanges.

5. Stellar Lumens (XLM)

stellar lumens logo png

Contrary to the view many people have about cryptocurrencies; Stellar was never built to replace the current money transfer system. Instead, by design, Stellar integrates the nature and benefits of cryptocurrency into the financial system to make it more efficient and streamlined. The network is well adapted to allow merchants to trade any currency on the platform, rather than rely solely on XLM. Even its software has been developed in a way that only enhances the existing financial infrastructure.

What Is Stellar Lumens?

Unlike its main competitor in the market, Ripple, Stellar focuses on the needs of the individual rather than large financial institutions. In this manner, the platform is able to seamlessly connect individuals, institutions, and payment systems throughout the world. Today, the platform consists of an international consortium of individuals and entities located in every region.

How Does Stellar Work?

Stellar leverages decentralization to improve on the current transfer systems in use. The platform incorporates a distributed ledger to improve efficiency and transparency for users. This ledger maintains all of the network’s data including its transaction history to transfer systems in use. This ledger maintains an unbroken record of all transactions since day one.

Using the Stellar platform is easy. Similarly to popular payment processors such as Paypal, the process begins when you upload funds on the network. In the Stellar ecosystem, these funds upload to Anchors. The anchor functions as a medium between fiat and Stellar’s distributed ledger. In this way, Anchors serve a critical purpose in the Stellar ecosystem.

Once your funds are available on Stellar’s distributed ledger, it’s easy to send anywhere in the world. For example, let’s say you wanted to send $1000USD to a friend in the EU. You would just upload your USD to a Stellar anchor to receive a USD credit on the network.

Next, you could transfer your credit over to your EU companion. At the moment of transfer, Stellar would automatically convert your USD credit over to EUR. Importantly, the platform automatically seeks out the lowest exchange rate. Once the funds are converted they deposit in your friend’s account. Here they can withdraw the funding directly.

Amazingly, this entire process takes place in seconds and completely behind the scenes. In this way, Stellar is able to fulfill its goal to simplify money transfer systems for the average person. The platform provides a truly streamlined approach to the market.

How to Buy XLM Tokens

Investing in Stellar Lumens is easy when you know where to look. First, it’s key that you understand that Lumens trade under both the XLM and STR ticker depending on the platform you are on. The firm decided to change its ticker from STR to XLM years ago, but some exchanges decided to keep the original ticker regardless of the choice.

The majority of XLM trading volume originates from three main exchanges – Bittrex, Poloniex, and Binance. Crucially, all of these platforms support XLM to BTC trading pairs. If you want to convert USD to XLM, you must first purchase BTC from your favorite exchange and then convert it over to XLM. If you want to purchase XLM directly with USD, you will need to head over to the exchange Kraken to make your purchase.


While you can point out the fundamental factors that fuel Bitcoin’s rise, the vision and value proposition of all the cryptocurrency mentioned earlier make them the best investments. 

* The information in this article and the links provided are for general information purposes only and should not constitute any financial or investment advice. We advise you to do your own research or consult a professional before making financial decisions. Please acknowledge that we are not responsible for any loss caused by any information present on this website.
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