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Top NFT Airdrops and Giveaways for July 2024 

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Jul 12, 2024
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The world has significantly improved since crypto became mainstream. Through crypto, NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), blockchain technology, and the Web3 universe, crypto enthusiasts will encounter many new experiences that will change how we view and use the online space.    

And if you are passionate about NFTs but don’t always feel that buying them is profitable, we’ve prepared some July NFT airdrops and giveaways that might catch your attention.   

Ethereum NFT Drops

1. Explode

1. Explode

Sale time: July 11, 2024 – July 18, 2024

Explode is an NFT collection developed by Yiu-Wai-Chu, a Hong Kong artist based in the UK. According to his statement, “living in an unfamiliar environment has led me to rethink and explore my ever-changing identity,” reflecting people’s current state revealing the concept of the inevitable cycles of prosperity and decline.

“In the stillness of calm waters lies the anticipation of the next eruption. This tranquility is but a prelude, a moment of preparation for the forthcoming upheaval.”

To learn more about Yiu-Wai Chu and his collections, visit the artist’s official website.

2. Equinox


Sale time: July 11, 2024 – July 18, 2024

In Asian culture, the equinox symbolizes rebirth and renewal. For Aluan Wang, the artist that created this NFT collection, the equinox has a special meaning as a concept that reminds him of childhood along with its memories and emotions.

In Equinox, Wang designed various interacting systems whose interplay leads to unpredictable outcomes, showcasing seasonal transitions and natural cycles while aiming to capture subtle emotions that are usually easily overlooked these days.

To discover more, you can check out Aluan Wang’s official website and follow the artist’s activity on X (Twitter).

3. Monster Shell Corporation

3. Monster Shell Corporation

Sale time: July 19, 2024 – July 26, 2024

Monster Shell Corporation is an NFT collection consisting of 8,000 digital collectibles developed on the Ethereum network. It is a PFP NFT collection, meaning that the NFTs are suitable for profile pictures on various platforms. The details and backgrounds are stunning, with every little pixel being used as well as possible.

The NFTs from Monster Shell Corporation are generated from a selection of 400 distinct traits, including background elements, color, mouth, eyes, head, body, accessories, and many more. Thus, each Monster Shell has its own combination of unique traits and characteristics, making each NFT a one-of-a-kind digital collectible.

To discover more, visit the project’s official website, follow its activity on X (Twitter), and join its community on Discord.

Solana NFT Drops

4. Dark Elf

4. Dark Elf

Sale time: July 11, 2024 – July 18, 2024

The Dark Elf NFT collection focuses on Elara, who led a band of allies through a world torn by chaos, guided by visions from Lunaris. Together with her allies, strong and fearless fighters, Elara faced twisted. creatures spawned by the labyrinth’s destruction.

Thanks to Elara’s scythe ablaze with lunar energy, she defeated a malevolent entity at the heart of the chaos, fighting it with divine fury.

If this NFT collection intrigues you, visit its official Linktree and follow its activity on X (Twitter).

5. Solamyst

5. Solamyst

Sale time: July 12, 2024 – July 17, 2024

Solamyst is an art and story-focused NFT collection developed on the Solana network. It works as a PFP (Profile Picture) NFT collection, so its digital collectibles can be used as profile pictures on various platforms.

Solamyst has a massive diversity of characters, and instead of traits, there are 18 different Clans with various rarities. There are no generative traits, and all 1,850 NFTs from the collection are unique 1/1 art. Besides, all Clans have their original stories and special abilities.

To learn more, visit the project’s official website and follow its activity on X (Twitter) and Discord.

6. Pitahayas on Sol

Pitahayas on Sol

Sale time: July 12, 2024 – July 19, 2024

Pitahayas on Sol is an innovative NFT project consisting of 10,000 carefully developed NFTs. Their style includes pixel art, bright colors, and a surprising amount of cuteness.

The story behind Pitahayas on Sol is truly intriguing. Andrew Laiho, the creator, and his family are producers of high-quality organic Dragon Fruit, cultivating the fruit for export to several countries, including the US, Canada, and Europe.

Andrew Laiho wanted to share his passion with the Web3 community and combine it with blockchain technology to receive passive income from his investments in the family dragon fruit farm. The profits from the NFT collection will be used to improve the plantation and increase profits for the farm’s investors through bonuses and airdrops.

To learn more about Pitahayas on Sol, check out their website and follow them on X (Twitter) and Discord.

Polygon NFT Drops

7. Visions of Infinity

7. Visions of Infinity

Sale time: July 15, 2024 – July 22, 2024

Visions of Infinity is “a sublime manifestation of digital art,” according to the artist. It combines advanced graphic design techniques and the magic of AI (Artificial Intelligence). Each digital collectible showcases a unique visual story that also acts as an invitation to be part of a vibrant and ever-expanding NFT community where artists and collectors give it all to become better with every passing day.

To discover more about the Visions of Infinity NFT collection, visit its official website, follow the project on X (Twitter), and join its community on Discord.

8. Crypto Robots City

8. Crypto Robots City

Sale time: July 30, 2024 – August 6, 2024

Crypto Robots City is a newly launched NFT project consisting of 1,565 digital collectibles minted on the project’s website. The non-fungible tokens are created in a vibrant vintage anime style, each one representing a genuine masterpiece in digital art.

After all the NFTs are sold, the project aims to launch a staking app and offer an initial bonus which will be used to earn interest. The monthly interest rate will be 17%.

To discover the Crypto Robots City ecosystem, check the project’s official website, follow it on X (Twitter), and connect with the team on Discord.

Base NFT Drops

9. Waves of Lumina

9. Waves of Lumina

Sale time: July 11, 2024 – July 18, 2024

According to its creator, Waves of Lumina is algorithmic art. Symmetry, asymmetry, continuity, and discontinuity lead to the harmony of ever-evolving shapes. In this NFT collection, cubic shapes seem to flow like water, burst like fire, or break like crystals.

Depending on the user and their experience, they might perceive a landscape, a mountain, a star, a building, something organic or that could be alive, or a simple shape. It’s all about perspective.

Discover more about Waves of Lumina and its creator by checking out the official website and following them on X (Twitter).

10. Base Agent Hackerdashery

Base Agent Hackerdashery

Sale time: July 17, 2024 – July 24, 2024

Base Agent Hackerdashery is an NFT collection consisting of 4,000 unique images generated with the help of artificial intelligence. The project’s creator wanted to add a certain level of realism to the images while also providing unique and truly intriguing artwork with randomly chosen traits.

The NFTs will have 8 traits each, chosen from 58 options. Thus, there are countless opportunities when minting each NFT, and users can end up with surprisingly powerful combinations.

To learn more, go to Base Agent Hackerdashery’s official website and connect with it on X (Twitter) and Discord. The collection will be available on OpenSea.

NFT Airdrop FAQ  

What is an NFT airdrop?  

NFT airdrops are events organized by various companies to promote themselves among crypto enthusiasts. Those who register for these airdrops have a high chance of winning one or more NFTs.   

How to get free NFTs?  

You can now check the airdrops and giveaways and register on their official websites for free NFTs. Some projects list their NFTs on an NFT marketplace where users can learn more about digital collectibles. 

How to do an NFT airdrop?  

To organize an NFT airdrop, you must develop an NFT collection. Afterward, you can give an airdrop on specialized websites and promote it on various channels.     

How do NFT airdrops work?  

NFT airdrops usually have limited sale time and supply. Those aiming to register in NFT airdrops or giveaways can check a project’s social channels or official website to learn more about how to register.     

While some NFT airdrops allow users to register by performing various tasks, others organize free minting events and require crypto enthusiasts only to connect their wallets.     

Final Thoughts  

NFTs are unique art pieces, and thanks to their designs, they can also be intriguing and accommodating.

If you are passionate about NFTs and are always eager to find new digital collectibles to buy and hold along with the rest of your collection, NFT airdrops and giveaways might be the best option.    

We hope our list of the best NFT airdrops and giveaways will help you find artwork you are eager to store and admire.   

* The information in this article and the links provided are for general information purposes only and should not constitute any financial or investment advice. We advise you to do your own research or consult a professional before making financial decisions. Please acknowledge that we are not responsible for any loss caused by any information present on this website.
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