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Top Free NFT Airdrops and Giveaways for October 2023

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Sep 27, 2023
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The world has significantly improved ever since crypto made its way to the table. Undoubtedly, through crypto, NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), blockchain technology, and the Web3 universe, users will experience many new things that will change how we look at and use the online space.  

And if you are passionate about NFTs but don’t always feel that it is profitable to buy them, we’ve prepared some NFT airdrops and giveaways taking place in October that might catch your attention. 

NFT Airdrops and NFT Giveaways for October 2023

Cardano NFT Drops

1. CardanoPress Wapuu

1. CardanoPress Wapuu

Sale time: September 28, 2023 – October 5, 2023 

CardanoPress Wappu is an NFT collection of 10,000 uniquely generated Wapuu NFTs encapsulating a vibrant fusion of digital art and blockchain technology that surely captivates art and crypto enthusiasts.   

This unique NFT collection takes its inspiration from the WordPress mascot, Wapuu, and combines it with the innovative features of the Cardano blockchain. Each digital collectible from the CardanoPress Wapuu collection represents a moment of creativity frozen in time, with every pixel and brushstroke offering a sense of playful energy.  

If you want to learn more about the CardanoPress Wapuu NFT collection, do not hesitate to follow the project’s activity on Twitter, Discord, YouTube, GitHub, and WordPress.

Solana NFT Drops

2. Nio Walkers

2. Nio Walkers 

Sale time: September 29, 2023 – October 6, 2023 

Nio Walkers is a place where technology and art come together, creating a lively community dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what NFTs can do. For Nio Walkers, the main focus is recognizing the incredible talent of artists, so they work closely with renowned 1/1 artists who turn each NFT into a true work of art. 

Their goal is to redefine NFTs and ensure their community benefits financially. The team behind the Nio Walkers project values artistic expression and community, but they’re also committed to providing good returns on investment.  

In the coming period, they’ve set aside 27% of their mint funds for a special community treasury, which means they’re actively working on real-world investments that will help you financially.  

If you are interested and want to join this project in order to discover a new way to experience NFTs, you can follow the project on Twitter or join its Discord channel. 

3. Bonkai

NFT Aidrops - Torrino DAO 

Sale time: October 1, 2023 – October 3, 2023 

Bonkai aims to revolutionize the world of cryptocurrencies and the Web3 space through truly captivating projects and products. With a strong belief in the concept of a world where NFTs become users’ best friends, Bonkai is working to develop an NFT collection that will surprise crypto enthusiasts with unique personalities.  

With the power to be on-chain assistants, a digital spokesperson, or many more, the iNFTs developed by Bonkai will surely bring amazing features available for worldwide users.  

To learn more about Bonkai, its work, main projects, and the Bonkai NFT (or iNFT) collection, you can go to the company’s official website or follow its activity on Twitter, Instagram, and Discord.  

Ethereum NFT Drops

4. Provocative Thoughts

4. Provocative Thoughts

Sale Time: September 27, 2023 – October 4, 2023  

Provocative Thoughts is a unique art series by Hallinskidi, offering large-format artworks designed to provoke profound contemplation.  

Each piece of art in this collection is meticulously crafted to inspire deep reflection among collectors. This collection features a monthly release of one exquisite artwork, each created with pure artistry and entirely handmade. 

One of the standout pieces in this collection is “Hope to Grow,” which encapsulates the artist’s aspiration to thrive in a world filled with obstacles. 

You can find this captivating collection on Zora. To discover more about this project, visit their official website or follow them on Twitter.

5. Cunnus

5. Cunnus

Sale Time: October 1, 2023 – October 8, 2023 

Cunnus NFT represents a unique crypto-art collection with a special mission. The Cunnus team is dedicated to transforming social cooperation and progress by partnering and collaborating on projects to address significant global issues. 

This exceptional collection consists of 10,000 distinct NFTs, each created by combining 290 elements. These elements are carefully chosen to embody essential virtues and tackle pressing societal challenges. 

Their commitment extends to supporting societal advancements, improving the quality of life, upholding human rights, and addressing complex issues that transcend national boundaries and require collective effort. 

To stay updated on their initiatives, you can follow the project on Twitter, join their Discord community, visit their official website, or explore its offerings on the OpenSea marketplace. 

6. FarWestDigital

6. FarWestDigital

Sale Time: October 2, 2023 – October 9, 2023 

FarWestDigital is a groundbreaking venture in NFTs dedicated to the thrilling world of collectible cars. Their NFTs showcase various vehicles, from iconic classics to modern high-performance cars. Each NFT represents genuine digital art, meticulously composed with exceptional attention to detail. 

With an impressive catalog of over 5,000 NFT cars, the time behind this project invites you to engage yourself in a universe of elegance and speed. Experience the thrill of becoming the virtual owner of these extraordinary vehicles and embark on a one-of-a-kind journey in the NFTs industry. 

The collection comprises four rarity levels: Common, Rare, Very Rare, and Extremely Rare. The rarity of each NFT significantly influences its market value.  

Two exceptional graphic artists have meticulously designed these stunning cars. 

So, if you’re interested in staying updated on FarWestDigital and its latest developments, visit the project’s official website, follow it on Twitter, join their Discord community, and explore this remarkable collection on OpenSea

7. Shiba Crypto NFT

7. Shiba Crypto NFT

Sale Time: October 3, 2023 – October 10, 2023 

Shiba Crypto Club represents an NFT project featuring various characters inspired by Shiba Inu dogs, renowned for their loyalty. 

The Shiba Crypto NFT collection comprises 8,888 unique and stylish NFTs meticulously crafted as code and registered on the Ethereum blockchain for authenticity. 

These charming Shiba Inu dogs aim to introduce their owners to the intriguing Metaverse within the Shiba Crypto community. Interested individuals can become owners of these loyal Shiba Inu NFTs and embark on a journey into the digital realm. 

The project has several objectives: 

  1. Dedication to project development across various domains, such as the Metaverse, Play-to-Earn (P2E), and token development, with a commitment to seriousness, potentially increasing the value of Shiba NFTs for investors. 
  2. The team strives to build and expand the brand while continually seeking ways to enhance the value of the investment, ensuring a positive and long-term experience. 
  3. The focus is on fostering a vibrant community that spans both the real world and the emerging Metaverse. 
  4. The project offers the opportunity to explore and enjoy the immersive Shiba Metaverse world. 

For more in-depth information about the utility and roadmap of this initiative, individuals are encouraged to join the project’s Discord server or Twitter account. 

8. Xylocats Eclipse

8. Xylocats Eclipse

Sale Time: October 14, 2023 – October 21, 2023 

The Xylocats are an ancient and enigmatic race of space cats who seamlessly blend advanced technology with mystical powers to journey across the cosmos. Their celestial home world, created by the mysterious Ancestors, remains shrouded in mystery, even modern Xylocats knowing little about their origins. 

The Xylocats Eclipse collection consists of a total of 10,000 unique artworks.  

These captivating artworks showcase the mystical space cats adorned in intricate armor and costumes, each with motifs that symbolize their specific regions within the vast Xylocat home world. 

An intriguing twist to this collection’s backstory is set in the year 2400 when The Archeologists were unintentionally transported to the distant Xylocat Home World, situated halfway across the galaxy. The images featured in this collection originate from a sub-space transmission sent by The Archeologist, adding a unique dimension to the NFTs’ narrative. 

Learn more about this project on OpenSea, Twitter, or Discord.

9. Injured Punks

9. Injured Punks

Sale Time: October 23, 2023 – October 30, 2023 

Injured Punks is a distinctive NFT collection that pays homage to the renowned CryptoPunks, now on the Ethereum blockchain. This collection presents an unconventional portrayal of the original CryptoPunks, depicting them in a state of adversity marked by their challenges. 

In a world filled with copies and imitations, these NFTs capture the essence of the original punks, revealing the scars of their enduring struggle. Once trailblazers of a movement, they’ve come to symbolize a crypto community frustrated by the proliferation of fakes. 

The story behind their weathered appearance originates from the shared frustrations of the crypto community. Disheartened members, tired of the erosion of authenticity, channeled their discontent through these punks. 

However, the power to shape their destiny now lies with the audience. Each individual becomes a decision-maker, facing the choice of perpetuating their suffering or extending a compassionate hand to rescue a punk in distress. The question remains: Will the cycle of harm continue, or will empathy prevail to free a punk from torment? 

Find more about this project on Twitter

Polygon NFT Drops

10. ArtsyApes x MetaBrew

10. ArtsyApes x MetaBrew

Sale Time: October 5, 2023 – October 12, 2023 

ArtsyApes, hailing from Austria, presents one of the earliest NFT projects in the region. Their partnership with MetaBrew and Jägermeister underscores their belief in the future of NFTs and blockchain technology. They aspire to lead the way in this emerging field. 

This unique collection of fine art Profile Picture (PFP) NFTs is a true embodiment of traditional artistry. Each trait is meticulously hand-sprayed and painted on real canvas, bearing the unmistakable marks of its physical creation, including visible paint drips and a tactile, matte, woven texture. 

ArtsyApes’ NFTs are characterized by their independence and unrepeatable nature, making them stand out in the digital art world. 

For further insights, you can follow their updates on Twitter and engage with the community on Discord

11. 3D Paleto

11. 3D Paleto

Sale Time: October 13, 2023 – October 20, 2023 

The 3D Paleto collection has debuted on the Polygon blockchain, presenting a fusion of delectable flavors and a cache of NFT rewards contributed by various Polygon projects.  

This collection boasts 444 Paletos for interested participants to explore, with over 2000 Matic tokens hidden within the mint, offering an element of surprise during the acquisition process. Impressively, 10% of the proceeds from this venture will be dedicated to supporting a children’s hunger organization, demonstrating a commitment to philanthropy. 

Moreover, token earnings, including liquidity, are integrated into the experience, and participants can engage in weekly Discord games, vying for a chance to secure complimentary NFTs. NFT raffles add an element of anticipation, while each Paleto serves as a scratch ticket, promising potential rewards after minting.  

Active members and game winners can earn ICE tokens, facilitating NFT transactions on the marketplace and participating in auctions. This initiative, nestled within the Polygon blockchain, embodies community-driven engagement, offering both entertainment and an opportunity to contribute to a noble cause. 

You can find more information about this collection on their official Twitter account and engage with their Discord community. 

Base NFT Drops

12. Unicow

12. Unicow

Sale Time: October 3, 2023 – October 10, 2023 

Unicow introduces a pioneering concept as the world’s first transferable passive NFT income pool. This innovative pool system offers rewards to pool owners and straightforward, robust incentives to referrers, ensuring a well-rounded experience for its participants. 

Unicow is a KYC-verified and audited project emphasizing transparency and security. 

One of the primary advantages of holding an NFT within this ecosystem is the opportunity for daily rewards. Even if you haven’t minted an NFT yourself, you can still receive daily rewards of up to 3% by staking $MILK tokens to NFTs created by other participants. This approach democratizes the potential for passive income, making it accessible to a broader audience. 

To delve deeper into the Unicow community and its offerings, you can find additional information on Twitter, Discord, or the OpenSea marketplace.

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FAQ NFT Airdrops and NFT Giveaways

What is an NFT Airdrop?

NFT airdrops are events organized by various companies to promote themselves among crypto enthusiasts. Those who register for these airdrops have a high chance of winning one or more NFTs.   

How to Get Free NFTs?

To get free NFTs, you can now check the airdrops and giveaways and register on their official websites. Some projects list their NFTs on an NFT marketplace where users can learn more about digital collectibles.    

How to Do an NFT Airdrop?

To organize an NFT airdrop, you must develop an NFT collection. Afterward, you can give an airdrop on specialized websites and promote it on various channels.   

How Do NFT Airdrops Work?

NFT airdrops usually have limited sale time and supply. Those aiming to register in NFT airdrops or giveaways can check a project’s social channels or official website to learn more about how to register.  

While some NFT airdrops allow users to register by performing various tasks, others organize free minting events and require crypto enthusiasts only to connect their wallets.  

Conclusion – Top Free NFT Airdrops and Giveaways for October 2023 

NFTs truly are amazing pieces of art, and besides being intriguing, thanks to their designs, they can also be extremely helpful. If you are passionate about NFTs and are always eager to find new digital collectibles to buy and hold along with the rest of your collection, NFT airdrops might be the best option for you.  

We hope that our list of the best NFT airdrops and giveaways will help you find artwork that you are eager to store and admire. 

* The information in this article and the links provided are for general information purposes only and should not constitute any financial or investment advice. We advise you to do your own research or consult a professional before making financial decisions. Please acknowledge that we are not responsible for any loss caused by any information present on this website.
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