Exarpy Wallet Review: Learn More About the Ripple Wallet

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Nov 28, 2018
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What is Exarpy?


Exarpy wallet was developed specially for Ripple (XRP) owners. The wallet is popular for being incredibly fast, reliable and secure online storage option for XRP ( you can check this article on Best Ripple Wallet ).

At present, Exarpy is just a platform which enables the conduction of Ripple transactions from an independent digital wallet. As opposed to conventional banks, this platform does not hold any user funds. Instead, it just serves as a bridge between the user and the global Ripple network through an interactive interface.

Moreover, Exarpy does not store user information upon registration, as the platform does own a database. Furthermore, the platform does not monitor its customers through back-end analytics tools such as Google analytics. By opting not to keep such records, they decrease the risk of being exposed to cyber-attacks.

In spite of the not having a database, Exarpy features a transaction history when the user accesses their account. This information is taken from the Ripple blockchain ledger which records all XRP transactions worldwide.

Exarpy XRP Ripple Crypto Wallet Features

Ease of access

The Exarpy digital wallet can be accessed anywhere, regardless of location, with the only requirements being a web browser and a stable internet connection.

Safety and Reliability

Exarpy does not disclose important user information to other third parties since it does not have a database. Transaction records are provided directly by the Ripple blockchain when the user logs in to their wallet. The records are only held temporarily without being stored.

Exarpy implements SSL encryption to transfer data between the user’s browser and the platform’s API.

Complete Fund Control

In order to access a wallet, a user must have a unique address and a private key. Exarpy doesn’t store any of them, giving full control over their accounts. While this significantly diminishes the risk of losing confidential data to malicious attacks, it also implies that the data cannot be recuperated if lost.

Therefore, the company recommends users to uninstall browser plugins which might spy on the computer, as well as avoid writing down log in credentials.


Exarpy charges a flat fee of 0.0025 XRP for each transaction regardless of the amount sent. These fees are inclusive of the transaction fees of the Ripple network.

Irreversible Transactions

Transactions made to and from the wallet cannot be reversed, so users should verify and recheck Ripple recipient addresses every time before sending funds. Should money be sent to a wrong address, the only way of gaining back the funds is by making a request and hope that the recipient will be cooperative enough to send them back.

Exarpy Wallet Registration Process



Anyone is able to register and use the wallet, and after completing the simple steps featured below, you too can have a Ripple wallet within seconds.

Step 1: Access exarpy.com

Step 2: Click on “Create Your First Wallet”

You will be sent to a page that features the following message: “To continue, please disconnect this device* from the internet, Wi-Fi, and, if applicable, its cellular network.”

Step 3: Disconnect your internet and WiFi in order to secure your PIN from outside threats.

After disconnecting, you will automatically be directed to a page where you will have to “Choose your PIN”.

Step 4: Select 16 numbers and store them somewhere safe, because they will be required later on to access your wallet. You will also receive a PIN and Secret Key.

Step 5: Login using your verification code and PIN.

As with all wallets that support Ripple, a minimum of 20 XRP is required by the Ripple network to activate a new wallet; sending anything less than 20 XRP will be bounced back.


Exarpy wallet is a popular choice for XRP owners, and it has a good reputation so far, being praised for being a fast and secure storage option for Ripple coins.

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