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Airlines that Accept Bitcoin

Top Airlines that Accept Bitcoin as a Payment Method

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Mar 30, 2020
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Bitcoin allows financial transactions on most services and has a significant impact on the tourism industry. The notion that bitcoin is more of a commodity than a currency is false. Many companies have accepted it as their payment method and receive cryptocurrencies in the form of the fund because they are secure.

Most of the airlines have also accepted Bitcoin as a payment method. When you look to travel with family or friends, it’s necessary to make arrangements early enough. If you trade in cryptocurrency, then you will want to know that you can reserve air booking, hotel booking, or car rental with this digital currency.

Below are the top airlines that accept Bitcoin as their payment method.

Airlines that Accept Bitcoin



airBaltic started taking payments in the form of Bitcoin in 2015, which was an innovative approach. Moreover, it is one of the top ten major companies to start this payment system. It utilizes BitPay as their payment processor.

It’s easier to book flights across the continent like Europe and the Middle East. Some countries also restrained from using this payment option, such as Jordan, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Lebanon, Taiwan, Russia, and Vietnam. When this started, the airline received a lot of criticism because of the rates, but it later changed. There’s a fee whenever you make payments on the “miner fee ‘’ section, it accepts after running a QR code. The headquarters are located in Latvia and greatly rely on the services offered by BTC payments.



When you scroll through Bitcoin travel websites, you will stumble on aBitSky. This portal allows people to search for their flights and hotels to various countries. The airline tickets can be booked online, and you are able to use BTC payments.

Their online portal was also made to access these services from any location in the world. Apart from that, their website also educated clients on Bitcoins and how to make their payments successfully. Most of its flights are across Europe.



The airline website has tickets for booking flights, transports, hotels, and accommodation to your destination country. The services are useful to over three million people because of using Bitcoins as a payment method.

On their website, to search for your flight, you just have to click on the preferred airline and continue the process by clicking on “Bitcoin and Altcoins,” it will work out immediately. The company is in the US, and they are flexible enough to use Dash, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash as a form of their payments.



It’s a travel agency with its headquarters in New York. It is considered a crypto community after accepting different wallets, such as GoCoin, Litecoin, and Bitcoin. Martin Fernandez and Yamil are the founders of this website that started in 2013.

On the website, there are listed all their destinations and instructions on how to pay with crypto. It’s also user-friendly in terms of including departure and return dates for your flights. Also, It’s easy for you to book hotels on this site using BTC.


DESTINAIA is a Spanish company that has recently accepted Bitcoin as a form of receiving funds for its services. The BitPay option is now a famous online payment system, and it is one of the companies that process payments in cryptocurrencies. Destinia continues to offer hotel bookings and can easily access approximately 19000 hotels.

Virgin Galactic

It’s a travel company run by Richard Branson as its Chief Executive Officer. The group started back in 2013, where they began processing payments in bitcoins. The company was proud to announce that a customer paid using Bitcoin for a space mission in the future.


Air treks

It’s an online booking portal that accepts Bitcoin payments from their clients. They have a feature that allows the customer to have a crypto wallet, which provides payment purely in the form of Bitcoins. The wallets can be BitPay, Copay, or Edge, so customers should register with them before initializing any payments.



This online booking platform uses the blockchain technology, and its main aim is to decentralize the travel industry. They accept Bitcoins to book your flights and hotels with more than 400 other airlines.

Other forms of payment are Verge, Binance, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Members have to register with a wallet system that will facilitate the transfer of cryptocurrencies when paying for their flights or bookings.

Surf Air


The online travel agency is located in California. They confirmed the use of bitcoin as a payment method in December 2017. The site also accepts various payments like Ethereum, which happens monthly.

On their page, they have a new membership feature that works only if you have registered with a payment wallet. Their site still encourages the use of the credit card.


The travel websites listed above are clear on accepting Bitcoin as their online payment system. The number will keep rising, as customers begin to embrace BTC as a payment method.

Before deciding to trade with them, it’s wise to pay close attention to the site first, and then make a decision. The website has to be authentic and confirm its services through its customers.

Trading in cryptocurrencies can be tricky; you should check the dynamic and how the market is growing. Companies will continue to integrate Bitcoin into their online payment system, making it more comfortable for users. Bitcoin has wholly revolutionized the tourism industry.

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If you are an airline that also accepts Bitcoin as a payment method, then contact us to add you to the list.

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