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The Best Crypto Podcast: Top 5 to Check

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Sep 12, 2022
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When it comes to the channels users gain information from, counting them is useless–we already know there are more than we could think. And while this is a good thing, choosing a source that will deliver reliable news and information is essential. 

This also happens in the crypto industry, as more and more users are starting to talk about the field. Blogs, news, social media posts, or podcasts are just some of the places where you will find crypto-related content. And today, we are going to focus on helping you find the best crypto podcast for your needs.

What is a Crypto Podcast

A crypto podcast is a series of audio episodes streamed online, publicly available, or to paying users, depending on the podcast. A podcast is usually focusing on some industries, thus being able to create and raise a community interested in that particular topic. 

The main benefit of podcasts is that they can be listened to at the audience’s convenience, as they are posted on several specialized platforms and kept there for users to access anytime.

The best crypto podcast needs to…

…be objective

When entering the crypto space, users need to learn things just the way they are, without being influenced by others’ opinions. For sure, taking advice from experts is for the best, but it is essential to check objective sources to make your own idea of what crypto is.

When it comes to podcasts, the best ones deliver objective ideas without letting the content take a subjective turn.

…be in touch with the market

Users listening to crypto podcasts are there to find news about the industry or to learn more about digital assets. This is why the best cryptocurrency podcasts deliver up–to–date information that the audience can use to act in the markets.

Recent content will always help creators rank higher than their competitors, as this is the information most users seek.

…deliver content fast

Not only do content creators need to be up-to-date, but they also have to achieve that on time. If someone talks about crypto-related events after two weeks, it is highly possible that they will not be as relevant anymore.  

Once some piece of news comes out in the cryptocurrency space, investors and crypto enthusiasts will talk about it as soon as possible, not the day after or a week later. Opinions based on that event should be posted more quickly than ever to keep the audience interested.  

At best, a podcast can talk about past events to take an educated guess about the outcome of something that is about to happen.

Top 5 best crypto podcasts

Indeed, there are hundreds or maybe thousands of crypto podcasts. And most of them have something valuable to offer, but we have gathered a selection of 5 of the best crypto podcasts you can find on the internet. Take your headphones and let the listening begin!

Crypto News Alerts

Crypto News Alerts is all about delivering correct information fast, and Justin Verrengia always makes sure all of his followers find something new and valuable in his content. Justin posts daily, and his episodes do not go over 30 minutes; therefore, they are pretty easy to digest. 

In his podcast episodes, Justin aims to deliver the latest news in the crypto world, designing the content to be understandable by anyone, regardless of their knowledge about cryptocurrencies. 

When you find yourself looking for news about Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other popular cryptocurrencies, Crypto News Alerts is the place to be. Moreso, Justin is always managing to deliver relevant news to his followers. Thus, if something new needs to be spread among crypto enthusiasts, Justin will indeed manage to fill you in.

Crypto News Alerts can be found on platforms such as Apple, Spotify, Deezer, Audible, or TuneIn.

Crypto 101

Started in 2017 and hosted by Aaron Malone and Bryce Paul, Crypto 101 has become one of the most viewed podcasts in the crypto world. The two hosts are talking about the basics of crypto and not only, and their effort has brought remarkable awards for the podcast, too. 

Crypto 101 is a perfect fit for newcomers to the crypto industry, as it provides data-rich information about topics that can easily get misunderstood, such as blockchain technology, NFTs, cloud computing, or bear and bull markets.

Bryce and Aaron have also published a book called Crypto Revolution, in which they talk about the cryptocurrency and blockchain worlds in both informational and instructional ways. Furthermore, the podcast had several remarkable partners, such as Binance, eToro, and Aelf. 

You can listen to Crypto 101 on Apple, Spotify, and Google Podcasts.

Crypto Casey

Another podcast that is right for newcomers is the one hosted by Casey Leigh Henry. Also known as Crypto Casey, she is a blockchain expert and cryptocurrency educator aiming to inform worldwide crypto enthusiasts how things are working in the industry.

Casey has been investing in crypto for more than ten years and talking about this topic is even more accessible and helpful for users listening to her podcast. Moreover, Crypto Casey talks about crypto reviews weekly; thus, experienced investors can also learn new things by following her online activity.  

The crypto basics, how-to’s, and reviews Crypto Casey talk about can be listened to on Apple, YouTube, and Spotify.

Markets Daily Crypto Roundup

Adam B. Levine and Adrian Blust are hosting a daily podcast to inform their followers about the latest crypto-related events, and they are here to stay.  

The CoinDesk podcast has many followers waiting to listen to each day’s episode, saying that if the two hosts don’t cover for a day or publish late, “it feels nothing has happened in the crypto world.” With such support from their followers, it is no wonder that Levine and Blust are covering as many stories as possible in their short yet valuable episodes.  

Both Markets Daily Crypto Roundup hosts are talking objectively about the chosen topics while ensuring that their content suits experienced investors and newcomers.  

Markets Daily Crypto Roundup can be listened to on Apple, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and many more.

The Breakdown

Also, a part of the CoinDesk Podcast Network, The Breakdown is hosted by Nathaniel Whittemore, and users enjoy his “intellectual analysis of current situations.” Whittemore talks about topics such as bitcoin analysis, crypto in general, geopolitics, and macroeconomics, always trying to keep his content interesting, up to date, and timely.  

With nine episodes per week, each lasting around 20 minutes, the host of The Breakdown ensures he tackles news and educational content while adding an objective perspective to the overall conversation.  

The Breakdown podcast can be found on platforms such as Apple, Spotify, and Google Podcasts.

In conclusion

Crypto-related information can be found almost anywhere on the internet, and each user can choose the channels they will use to discover new things about the cryptocurrency industry. 

Podcasts are one of the many options for crypto enthusiasts, but it is essential to remember that not all deliver the correct information.  

Usually, users looking for the best crypto podcast can check if the ones they have chosen talk objectively while being up to date and delivering news at the right time for them to be relevant.  

Which cryptocurrency podcasts are you recommending?

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