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Free Crypto Sign-Up Bonuses

12 Best Free Crypto Sign-Up Bonus Offers in July 2024

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Jul 1, 2024
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Starting something new in the financial world can be exciting, especially when enticing perks are involved. Did you know that many cryptocurrency exchanges offer free sign-up bonuses to help newcomers get started in the crypto space?

So, if you’re looking for some of the best crypto bonuses, in today’s article, we’ll go through 12 of the best sign-up bonuses available in July for free in the cryptocurrency industry.

How We Picked the Best Free Crypto Sign-Up Bonuses For You

Let’s face it, “free money” often raises red flags. While these offers can be enticing, it’s crucial to look beyond the initial appeal and analyze the true value. 

That’s why we assess free crypto sign-up bonuses based on several factors described below, precisely to increase your chances of not facing any inconveniences and to offer you some of the safest and most lucrative sign-up bonuses of this period:

  • Value vs. Effort – We compare the bonus amount to the minimum deposit required and any additional actions needed to claim it. A large bonus tied to a massive deposit isn’t ideal.
  • True Ownership – Can you move the bonus funds to an external wallet? Owning your crypto and having transferability is crucial. We prioritize offers where you control your assets, not the platform.
  • Coin Preference – While crypto exchange tokens have value, we prioritize free Bitcoin, Ethereum, and stablecoins as security measures.
  • Holding Period – We favor offers with shorter holding requirements, allowing you to access your funds sooner and make your own investment decisions.
  • Platform Reputation – We included only reputable, regulated exchanges with a good track record for security and customer service in this article.

SIDENOTE. To provide you with options and ensure you’re not left with a risky phantom crypto exchange, alongside our list, we’ve also included free crypto sign-up bonuses that aren’t guaranteed, but they offer the chance to win “up to X” as a giveaway or by completing some tasks.

Of course, they are not prioritized at this top, but there is a chance to appear. Be sure to read the details of each free sign-up bonus below carefully.

In a Nutshell: Best 12 Free Crypto Sign-Up Bonuses

In a nutshell, the best crypto sign-up bonuses available at the moment are the following:

  1. BYDFi – Complete the First Deposit & Trade to Get 100 USDT. Get $2888 in Rewards for Completing Tasks
  2. KuCoin – Earn Up to 8200 USDT in Crypto Rewards
  3. M2 – Get 260 USDT in Rewards
  4. HTX Global – Obtain Up to 241 USDT
  5. Coinbase – Spin The Wheel for USD or a Bitcoin Bonus
  6. ByBit – New User Exclusive-Up to $30,000 in Deposit Bonus
  7. OKX – Get a Free Mystery Box Worth Up to 50 USDT
  8. Gate.io – Unbox Your Luck and Get a $6666 Prize
  9. Phemex – Earn Up to 8800 USDT
  10. eToro – Occasionally 10$ Crypto Bonus for Signing-Up
  11. MEXC – Up to 1,000 USDT Crypto Sign Up Bonus
  12. BingX – Up to 5,000+ USDT Rewards

For a better understanding, read the entire description below of the crypto exchanges and how new users can benefit from their welcome bonuses, crypto sign-up bonuses, and other promotional offerings.

Best 12 Free Crypto Sign-Up Bonuses

1. BYDFi – Get $2,888 in Welcome Rewards for Completing Tasks

BYDFi Free Sign-Up Bonus

BYDFi Exchange, formerly known as BitYard, is a secure cryptocurrency exchange founded in April 2020 and rebranded as BYDFi in January 2023 to highlight its dedication to “BUIDL,” fostering new crypto projects and driving innovation in the digital asset space.

BYDFi presents a great offer for new users who create accounts on their platform. BYDFi provides ongoing tasks for new users, allowing them to earn rewards of up to $2,888.

Some of the current tasks include:

  • Linking Google Authenticator to receive a 2 USDT perpetual coupon;
  • Setting an Anti-Phishing Code for another 2 USDT perpetual coupon;
  • Joining community channels for additional coupons;
  • Enjoy a 10% deposit back, up to 50 USDT Perpetual Coupon for your first deposit with Banxa,Transak or Mercuryo;
  • Get a 30USDT perpetual coupon for your first deposit;

Users can also earn bonuses ranging from 5 to 5,000 USDT by submitting valuable feedback.

Moreover, BYDFi’s affiliate program extends up to a 50% commission for all referral trading fees. There are no restrictions on the number of referrals or trades from which users can earn, making it a lucrative opportunity.

Additionally, once you’re done with the new user tasks, you can upskill your passive income by completing different advanced tasks.

BYDFi Advanced Tasks

So, based on our research, BYDFi currently stands out as a platform offering some of the best crypto bonuses in the market.

2. KuCoin – Earn Up to 8200 USDT in Crypto Rewards

2. KuCoin - Earn Up to 8200 USDT in Crypto Rewards
  • Crypto sign-up bonus valid during the period: July 30, 2024

KuCoin is an established international crypto exchange that has gained a reputation since its inception in 2017, ranking among the top exchanges in terms of trading volume.

As part of its user acquisition strategy, KuCoin offers incentives to new users through crypto rewards or bonuses.

As of the current writing, KuCoin provides new users with the opportunity to earn up to 8200 USDT in rewards. To qualify for these rewards, users must:

  • Complete the sign up process: New users can claim a token reward worth up to 700 USDT upon registration;
  • Verify their identity: Completing identity verification unlocks deposit and trading permissions, with the chance to earn up to 8200 USDT;
  • Complete their first deposit/Buy crypto: Users can receive rewards of up to 100 USDT upon making their first minimum deposit or purchasing crypto;
  • Trade crypto: Completing the first trade on the platform also offers the opportunity to earn up to 100 USDT in rewards;
  • Advanced trades could also give you rewards of up to 100 USDT.

Users must complete the required tasks within 15 days of signing up to qualify for the rewards, with each reward only available once per user.

3. M2 – Get 260 USDT in Rewards

  • Crypto sign-up bonus valid during the period: N/A

M2 is offering a bonus of up to 260 USDT in rewards! As a dedicated crypto exchange, M2 emphasizes security, transparency, and innovation. They prioritize the safety of your assets with features like proof of reserves and external audits.

Trade confidently on M2’s secure and reliable platform, offering a wide selection of cryptocurrencies. Kickstart your crypto journey with their exclusive 260 USDT Welcome Bonus. Earn rewards every time you complete a task and unlock more tasks along the way.

4. HTX Global – Obtain Up to 241 USDT

HTX Crypto Bonus
  • Crypto sign-up bonus valid during the period: N/A

At the time of writing, HTX Global (formerly Huobi Global) offers some of the best sign-up bonus offers that are particularly beneficial for beginners joining the crypto industry.

Currently, HTX is promoting a generous welcome bonus of up to $241 for new users who complete these straightforward tasks:

  • Sign-up Reward: Receive a 2 USDT cashback voucher upon signing up;
  • ID Verification Reward: Obtain a 2 USDT cashback voucher by completing L1 KYC verification;
  • Deposit Reward: Win a 5 USDT cashback voucher by making the minimum deposit;
  • Futures Deposit Reward: Earn a 2 USDT cashback voucher by completing the first futures deposit of ≥200 USDT;
  • Futures Trading Reward: Score up to 100 USDT by completing the first futures trade of ≥500 USDT;
  • Spot Trading Reward: Grab up to 100 USDT by completing the first spot trade;
  • Additional Spot Trading Reward: Receive 2 cashback vouchers (worth 10 USDT + 20 USDT) if the total spot trading volume is ≥1,000 USDT.

Furthermore, HTX offers an attractive affiliate program where users can earn up to 30% commission by referring friends. However, when it comes to trading activities, HTX Global has different trading volume milestones that constantly refresh.

HTX best crypto bonus trading

So, these bonuses present excellent opportunities for new and existing accounts on HTX, making them highly worthwhile incentives to consider during this period.

5. Coinbase – Spin The Wheel for USD or a Bitcoin Bonus

4. Coinbase - Spin The Wheel for USD or a Bitcoin Bonus
  • Crypto sign-up bonus valid during the period: N/A

Coinbase is a publicly listed cryptocurrency exchange established in 2012 and is renowned for its great security measures. However, few people know that Coinbase has many bonus offers and promotions for new accounts.

New users on Coinbase have the opportunity to “Spin the Wheel” to win a surprise reward. These rewards, randomly chosen by Coinbase, can range from $3 to $200, with about 89% of new users receiving a reward between $3 to $5 in either USD or Bitcoin.

Approximately 11% of new users may win rewards ranging from $6 to $200 in USD or Bitcoin bonuses.

Furthermore, Coinbase encourages its users to learn about cryptocurrency, including various assets and trading methods, all for free. Upon completion of these courses, users are rewarded with free digital assets.

Considering this free crypto bonus, Coinbase is an attractive option for newcomers in crypto.

6. ByBit – New User Exclusive-Up to $30,000 in Deposit Bonus

5. ByBit - New User Exclusive-Up to $30,000 in Deposit Bonus
  • Crypto bonus valid during the period: N/A

The next place in our top goes to ByBit, a crypto trading platform based in Singapore specializing in cryptocurrency derivatives worth checking out.

The co-founder of ByBit, Ben Zhou, saw the potential in trading and started the platform in 2018. Before becoming ByBit’s CEO, Zhou worked at XM, a forex brokerage firm, where he was the general manager for Greater China.

Currently, ByBit has some crypto bonus offers worth considering; one of the best is a deposit bonus, which means that users must deposit and trade more to elevate their VIP status and unlock higher-tier rewards.

For instance, if a new user deposits $100 and trades $500, they will receive a $10 crypto reward. However, if they deposit $250K and trade $150M, they will earn a staggering $30,000. The ByBit team promotes this bonus by stating that over 80% of users win $100 or more.

Besides that deposit bonus, ByBit may have one of the industry’s most lucrative referral programs, offering many great referral bonuses.

Also, ByBit has a referral program that offers exclusive benefits. All you need to do is to share the referral links with your friends.

  • 10% permanent reduced trading fee;
  • 1,000 cryptos, low fees, high security;
  • $30,000 deposit blast-off bonus.

7. OKX – Get a Free Mystery Box Worth Up to 50 USDT

6. OKX - Get a Free Mystery Box Worth Up to 50 USDT
  • Crypto bonus valid during the period: N/A

While OKX no longer offers the notable mystery boxes that used to contain a substantial bonus totaling over $10,000, this crypto exchange still provides new users with opportunities to earn free crypto sign-up rewards and effortless bonuses.

OKX is an international cryptocurrency exchange owned by Ok Group and boasts a community of over 18 million users. During this period, this sign up bonus offers new and active traders who join and trade on OKX 2 mystery boxes worth up to USDT 50 each

  • Step 1: Sign up and verify your identity;
  • Step 2: Make your first minimum deposit.

OKX also features a referral program where users can invite friends using a referral link. Both the referrer and the friend receive a Mystery Box when the friend logs in to the OKX app and completes identity verification within 7 days of signing up.

An additional Mystery Box is awarded when the friend buys or deposits more than $50 worth of crypto in a single transaction.

Each Mystery Box contains crypto rewards valued at up to 50 USDT, including BTC, ETH, DOT, and rebate cards, which can be checked in the Rewards Center.

There is no limit to the number of Mystery Boxes one can receive, incentivizing users to invite more friends for greater rewards.

8. Gate.io – Unbox Your Luck and Get a $6,666 Prize

7. Gate.io - Unbox Your Luck and Get a $6,666 Prize
  • Crypto bonus valid during the period: N/A

Gate.io is a high-volume trading platform renowned for its enticing benefits, incentives, and deals tailored for new users. Upon signing up and completing basic ID verification, new users receive a generous $100 welcome bonus.

Additionally, Gate.io offers a Task Center where users can earn up to $6,666 in trial funds by completing straightforward tasks. These tasks may include daily check-ins, P2P trading, copy quantitative strategy, and copy trading.

Gate.io New Tasks

Furthermore, users can enjoy the referral program that offers free credits and 40% commission.

Invite your peers to sign up and complete identity verification within 7 days and you’ll be rewarded 10 credits. The invitee’s spot trading volume accumulates no less than 10,000 or futures trading volume no less than 50,000 within 60 days from the date of signup, and you’re rewarded with 1,000 Credits.

*Each user can earn a maximum of 50,000 credits through this task.

Be sure to check out Gate.io’s Rewarding Hub and enjoy the multiple bonuses that await you!

Gate.io Redeem Credits

9. Phemex – Earn Up to 8800 USDT

Phemex Rewards
  • Crypto sign-up bonus valid during the period: N/A 

Phemex is one of those crypto exchanges known for providing users with numerous benefits on their platform. One notable feature is the Phemex Rewards Center, where users can view and claim available bonuses.

Currently, new users can take advantage of an exclusive crypto promotion offering potential earnings of up to 8,800 USDT.

Here’s how you can win on Phemex:

  • Registration and Advanced Identity Verification: Claim your reward and stand a chance to win up to 1,200 USDT;
  • First-time Deposit/Coin Purchase: Complete your initial and minimum deposit to receive rewards of up to 1,500 USDT;
  • First-time Trading: Make your first trade to earn rewards of up to 2,100 USDT;
  • Advanced Trading for New Users: Complete the limited-time tasks to potentially receive rewards of up to 4,000 USDT.

Moreover, you can learn and earn additional crypto bonuses, by watching videos and completing quizzes.

10. eToro – Occasionally 10$ Crypto Bonus for Signing-Up

9. eToro - Occasionally 10$ Crypto Bonus for Signing-Up
  • Crypto bonus valid during the period: N/A

eToro (actively in the US under eToro USA LLC) is a user-friendly and straightforward online broker and social trading platform that aids many crypto enthusiasts, regardless of their trading skill level, based on their low trading fees, the possibility to trade stocks, crypto, and many others.

You must know that eToro occasionally offers new customers a bonus for completing their account verification process. If you’re opening an eToro investment account through their website or mobile apps for the first time, you may be eligible for a $10 crypto bonus.

You’ll find out if this offer is available to you immediately after registering a new account, where you’ll be presented with an offer screen. If this screen doesn’t appear, unfortunately, there’s no offer available for your new account.

If you are eligible, you can choose one of nine cryptocurrencies for your bonus: BTC, ETH, DOGE, SHIBxM, LTC, COMP, LINK, BCH, or XLM.

Once your account verification is complete, the $10 crypto bonus will automatically appear in your portfolio. 

11. MEXC – Up to 1,000 USDT Crypto Sign Up Bonus

10. MEXC - Up to 1,000 USDT Crypto Sign Up Bonus
  • Crypto bonus valid during the period: N/A

MEXC Global is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange designed for digital trading with a strong track record of security features, such as SSL encryption, two-factor authentication (2FA), and cold storage for most of your funds.

This crypto exchange was founded in 2018 and, by now, managed to gather a strong community of 10 million active users who aim to easily trade crypto and enjoy other crypto services through a user-friendly platform in more than 170 countries.

Currently, MEXC’s cryptocurrency bonus offers 1,000 USDT upon completing simple tasks, such as:

Deposit Reward

  • Deposit 300 USDT – Receive 10 USDT Futures Bonus;
  • Deposit 500 USDT – Receive 20 USDT Futures Bonus;
  • Deposit 2,000 USDT – Receive 40 USDT Futures Bonus.

Trading Reward

  • First Futures Trade ≥ 2,000USDT – Receive 10 USDT Futures Bonus;
  • Trade ≥ 5,000 USDT Futures Trading Volume – Receive 20 USDT Futures Bonus;
  • Trade ≥ 20,000 USDT Futures Trading Volume within 7 days – Receive random 10-100 USDT Futures Bonus.

Community Reward

  • Receive 2 USDT Futures Bonus or 5 USDT Futures Bonus;
  • Join the referral program, and if your friend has completed KYC and traded≥ 1,000 USDT on Futures with MEXC, receive 10 USDT Futures Bonus;
  • Each user is eligible to claim up to 820USDT for the referral bonus.

The bonuses can only be redeemed by new Futures users and existing users who activated the Futures account before but never traded on Futures or have yet to make any transfer of funds to their Futures account.

12. BingX – Up to 5,000+ USDT Rewards

11. BingX - Up to 5,000+ USDT Rewards
  • Crypto bonus valid during the period: N/A

BingX is a FinTech company that entered the market in 2018, offering crypto services for spot and derivatives trading.

This crypto social trading platform boasts multiple beneficial features, such as instant trading, access to a free demo account, and automated trading.

When creating a new account, users are rewarded with a sign up bonus of 30 USDT, then a first deposit bonus of up to 500 USDT, and lastly, 500 USDT for the first trade.

Other Methods to Earn Crypto Bonuses

Learn-to-Earn & Airdrops

Beyond sign-ups, you can earn crypto through learn-to-earn programs and airdrops. Platforms like Coinbase offer opportunities to earn crypto by completing learning tasks.

Moreover, airdrops reward you with crypto for completing tasks or showing loyalty to a platform.


Crypto lending, a feature of decentralized finance (DeFi), functions similarly to traditional lending but without human intermediaries.

Loans are granted based on collateral requirements, facilitated by smart contracts. Some platforms offer cashback rewards and attractive interest rates.


Crypto staking is crucial for proof-of-stake blockchains, securing networks, and generating new coins. Users lock their assets for a period to support blockchain functionality and earn additional cryptocurrency as a reward.


Can I Get Free Crypto?

Yes, any crypto enthusiast can earn free crypto coins by completing tasks, taking advantage of some of the best crypto sign-up bonuses and offerings, using crypto cards, staking crypto assets, learning about crypto, or joining airdrops.

These methods offer opportunities to accumulate crypto generally without investing money directly. However, in some cases, a referral code is required to unlock new opportunities.

Which App Gives Free Crypto?

Numerous apps offer free crypto sign-up bonuses when you create an account and execute trades. Among the popular options are BYDFi, KuCoin, HTX Global, Coinbase, ByBit, OKX, Binance, Gate.io, Phemex, and eToro.

Can I Withdraw the Free Crypto Sign-Up Bonus Instantly?

No, in most cases, you cannot withdraw the free crypto sign-up bonus instantly.

These bonuses typically come with conditions and restrictions. They may be in the form of vouchers, fee rebates, or platform-specific tokens, and you may need to fulfill specific requirements, such as trading, staking, or holding a specific amount of cryptocurrency, before being able to withdraw them.

What Crypto Exchange Has the Best Sign-Up Bonus?

Currently, the best sign-up bonus you can get is offered by BYDFi.

However, you should know that there are many apps that offer free crypto for signing up, including those offered by crypto exchanges KuCoin, HTX Global, Coinbase, ByBit, OKX, Gate.io, Phemex, and eToro.

Are Free Crypto Sign-Up Bonuses Available to Everyone?

Free crypto sign-up bonuses are generally available to new users who haven’t registered with the platform or don’t have an existing crypto trading account. Existing users may not qualify for these bonuses.

Furthermore, specific platforms may impose geographical restrictions, meaning the bonus may not be available in all countries.

It’s important to verify if the bonus is accessible in your region before attempting to claim it.

Do I Need to Provide Personal Information to Get the Bonus?

Yes, most cryptocurrency platforms do require users to provide personal information as part of their Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) procedures.

This information is necessary to verify users’ identity and maintain the security and integrity of the platform and its users in order to receive the crypto bonus offers and promotions.

Final Thoughts

Many companies offer worthwhile crypto bonus offers and promotions that serve as an excellent entry point into the world of cryptocurrencies, thus being a low-risk opportunity to explore the market.

They provide an immediate return on your investment and help you familiarize yourself with how cryptocurrency exchanges operate.

However, remember that these offers are subject to change frequently. We’ll update this page to ensure you have access to the latest information, but please check the information twice.

* The information in this article and the links provided are for general information purposes only and should not constitute any financial or investment advice. We advise you to do your own research or consult a professional before making financial decisions. Please acknowledge that we are not responsible for any loss caused by any information present on this website.
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