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A New Outsourcing Platform for Crypto-Enthusiastic Recruiters

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Apr 4, 2022
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Dubai UAE, 2nd March, 2022 – 2021 was labeled the “great resignation” year. Countless employees left their companies searching for better opportunities, money, and freedom. Unfortunately, this left employers lacking high-quality workers and many have to deal with a dwindling workforce. 

Many of these ‘resigners’ left their jobs and joined the world of freelancing and gigs, creating a large influx of talent up for grabs. While this may have been an initial loss for companies, it opens up new avenues to working with high-quality freelancers with its own benefits and perks.

The Rise of the Gig Economy

In January 2021, 34% of workers reportedly participated in the gig economy. That number is up 2% in 2022 as more workforce migrates to gig-based work. While most gig workers work a part-time and full-time jobs, there has been a recent rise in the number of full-time gig workers. This sudden influx of workers has resulted in the development of several new platforms to facilitate and coordinate interactions between freelancers and businesses, one of which is GigEcoin.

How the Gig Economy Benefits Employers

At first glance, employers may feel disappointed in this trend and perhaps even worried. However, there are some advantages to this shift in employment. Freelancers aren’t paid benefits, and project-based work means that employer costs are greatly reduced due to not paying a full-time salary, health insurance, or a retirement plan. It can also be quite beneficial if a fluctuating workload may demand a varying schedule. 

GigEcoin Changes Freelancing

While there are many benefits for employers, certain risks are involved when hiring through a freelancing platform. Many may find it difficult to decipher which are high-quality workers and which are simply not interested in working full-time. Additionally, many freelancing platforms charge an additional fee in service charges that can add up quite quickly. 

GigEcoin was founded to provide a new innovative platform and solution to appease employers’ and employees’ needs. One way GigEcoin differentiates itself from other outsourcing platforms is its support of cryptocurrency. Buyers can pay in cryptocurrency, which allows for lower fees and faster transactions. 

The platform also supports multinational tax compliance, making it easy for companies to do business around the globe. GigEcoin helps to remove a middleman from the equation, allowing for a more transparent process without any hidden service charges. This ensures buyers have a reliable platform that can be utilized without significantly cutting into their bottom line.

How It All Started

The project was started by Neil Saggar, who as a CEO of two other companies, was familiar with recruitment firms and their strategies, and saw the industry’s inherent flaws. Biased hiring decisions were unavoidable, as these were humans making these employment decisions. Saggar finally founded GigEcoin in order to promote a fair way to hire gig workers that could benefit businesses, while also supporting the gig economy. 

Final Thoughts

Freelancing platforms are popping up everywhere, and with that quality isn’t assured. By creating a blockchain-based platform utilizing smart contracts, both the buyer and seller are protected, which is something that has been missing from these outsourcing platforms so far. 

GigEcoin’s innovative approach to freelancing platforms makes it easy for recruiters to find who they need, when they need it, without destroying a budget. The platform ensures that both businesses and freelancers can benefit and enjoy a mutually beneficial relationship, highlighting the many advantages the gig economy has to offer. 

For more information on GigEcoin, visit their website or join the GigECoin Telegram group.

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