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Is Telegram Cryptocoin GRAM Going to Replace Bitcoin?

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Sep 26, 2019
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What is Expected to Weigh More in The Near Future: Gram or Bitcoin?

The digital currency realm is loaded with an array of cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin has gained immense popularity across the world among other forms of virtual currencies. On similar lines, Gram also surfaced as a well-accepted in the digital money arena. Developed by Vkontakte Social Network and Telegram messenger, it has been eyed by miners and traders and investors across industry.

Several crypto enthusiasts who also enjoy online gaming scout for top gambling sites where they can make payments in cryptocurrencies. Paying in Bitcoins at premium sites such as the Jackpot Mobile Casino or other top-notch sites is a privilege as the system allows keeping player details anonymous. It is anticipated that Gram would have the potential to raise a huge amount of money and this is where the debate on whether or not it could take over Bitcoins begins.

Why is Telegram Popular?

As a rapidly developing messenger, Telegram provides an edge to its users. These services include a user-friendly interface, uninterrupted high-speed service, advanced security and privacy features, anonymity, unique API among many others. With the news of the launch of the novel crypto platform by Telegram that it will own, security and other opportunities are expected to be enhanced. Nearly 5 billion Gram is expected to be issued where Telegram is expected to reserve around 2.5 billion coins for itself while the remaining will be for sale in fiat currency in the public domain.

Gram, Bitcoin, Ethereum and the Blockchain Technology

Akin to Bitcoin that’s operated by the blockchain technology, Gram is anticipated to be managed by the Proof of Stake technology that will enable growing the crypto. The 2D arrays will be beneficial as it can resolve internal bugs and increase the speed of transactions so that more transactions could be completed within lesser time. As on date, Bitcoin transaction capacity per second is 7 as compared to 25 of Ethereum. The Gram transaction speed aims at enabling money transfer faster than that of existing credit and debit card services.

Telegram has an ambitious plan for the future where it seeks to tighten security with required measures and enable enhanced security for a flawless service. The verification methods used for accessing the Gram Wallet include steps such as passport scanning (Telegram Passport System). Also, as in the Bitcoin Blockchain system, private keys would be used to encode personal data. With a payment mechanism premised on the Telegram Open Network (TON) Blockchain, the storage system of this decentralised currency is predicted to operate efficiently.

An on-going expert analysis offers views. Some say that Gram might experience a crash while others hint on it replacing Bitcoins as it might be open for exchange against fiat currencies such as US Dollars, Euros, Yen, Ruble and a few other top currencies in circulation. Currently, the price is expected to touch a high of $6-10 per coin approximately during public sales according to it a high rank among the highest currencies in the world.

The way its features and advantages are being put forth, Gram’s not far from ruling the digital currency exchange platform.

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