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The Fun British Dating Scene

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Mar 25, 2019
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London attracts young professionals from all over the country and the globe to accelerate their careers. Moving around in London, it becomes clear right away that there are many young singles. If you’ve made that observation, you hit the mark that around 50 percent of people living in London are single.

Many people will likely have some particularly British traits. For instance, you will be likely to find someone who enjoys football (soccer) a lot. Also, most of the people are fond of beers and drinking beer while talking to each other. Almost every Britisher likes to have cups of tea or coffee.

In British, people don’t really ask people “will you go on a date with me” what actually happens is that you would spend a lot of casual social time together, with other people, in a friendly way and exchange texts and phone-calls etc. As time goes by, you spend more time with them alone in more dating like situation, that is movies, dinners, etc.

In the UK, there are various traditions to meet people. Through friends, colleagues, in bars or clubs, or via growing trend of online dating sites and apps. Dating customs here are not as strict as they might be elsewhere. Initially, people meet with a handshake, although once you know someone well, this may extend to a hug or a kiss on the cheek.

British culture is really close to drinking beer and going to pubs. British pubs are always full of men and women, having some fun with their friends while drinking beer. Dating while drinking a glass of beer is never wrong in the UK.

If you find someone with a sophisticated personality, then you may ask him/her to drink tea together. No Britisher hates tea.

Dating culture in British is as unique as their accent in some way. Most people use dating apps nowadays. But, sometimes, you aren’t looking to date. That is where exclusive escort agencies come in, such as Cleopatra Escorts. These agencies are private and sophisticated. London Escorts are not only about the naughty things you can think of. Agencies like Cleopatra Escorts have ladies you can converse with, take out as plus ones, and of course, the same interest goes if you do have some naughty things in mind after all.

It is somewhat like swiping right on Tinder, just here getting the person is guaranteed, and you don’t have to spend time building a connection. Dating can get hectic for people with a busy schedule. How many pubs can you hang out in, and how many cups of tea can you actually drink without getting bored of it.

People love the accent of Britishers, that can be a huge asset in the dating scene because London is a transient city, it is a temporary home to a lot of people. You can either find a fling there or actually fall in love. No matter what you do, what you prefer; it sure can be a lot of fun, and new experiences in new places is something not many of us can resist.

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