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Tron Network Welcomes Six New DApps on Board But Loses Dominance

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Nov 5, 2019
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The Tron Foundation has recently been working together with Samsung, a partnership that appears to have given it a much-needed boost. In its weekly report, the foundation has provided a detailed elaboration on the developments that have been taking place in its network in the past week or so.

Tron Network Weekly Report

In its weekly report released via the Twitter messaging platform, the Foundation noted:

“It upgraded 27 SRs to v3.6.5. Tron also noted that the total number of Tron real-time accounts had finally reached the four million mark. The Tron Foundation completed its weekly report by stating that it had been taking part in international collaboration with Samsung. This collaboration was on behalf of all the blockchain-based projects that were based in China.”


According to the weekly report, the Tron’s block height was able to surpass the 14.6 million mark. In addition, the overall number of nodes available on the network currently stood at 946. In what appeared to be a truly fruitful week, the Foundation noted that one of its other highlights was its addition of 57,483 new addresses.

The DApp Space

Thanks to this addition, it means that the total number of real-time accounts in the network now stands at 3,979,624 accounts. Overall, the Tron network was able to register more than 700 million transactions. Of this, 16.17 million transactions were completely new.

In the past few months, the Tron network has continued to enjoy an important dominance in the DApp space. However, according to the latest statistics released by DApp review, the network appears to have been overtaken by EOS. Tron is currently behind EOS in terms of transaction numbers, volume, and user numbers. Whereas Tron has only fallen by a simple margin, ETH appears to be trailing from very far behind.

The data takes into account the events that have occurred in the last 7 days. Despite ceding ground to EOS, the Tron network was able to onboard six new DApps onto its network. The addition means that it now has around 620 DApps in total.

In its technical sector, the network was able to upgrade 27 SRs to version 2.6.5. It also got a chance to work on the standards for its High Definition wallets. When it comes to the issue of its smart contracts, it got to optimize its TVM. In the coming week, the Tron network is expected to test its refactored TVM.

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