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Storiqa platform update

Storiqa Expands Platform Features

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Feb 26, 2019
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Marketplace for craft and unique goods adds fiat payments along with crypto.

Hong Kong, February 2019 Storiqa, a marketplace for craft and unique goods, has expanded payment options. Since November 2018 Storiqa has been testing crypto payments. Transactions were made in STQ token which is one of the means of payment on the marketplace.
Storiqa market
Company’s progress and results
With an unparalleled product offer, Storiqa has listed on its marketplace 80 stores with more than 500 unique goods. The marketplace focuses on craft and handmade items with a variety of product categories. Within the last 3 months, its website — — has already been explored by 100,000 visitors who already conducted more than 400 crypto transactions.

Going beyond crypto
Firstly, Storiqa has already introduced crypto payment options. All crypto transactions are conducted through a separate wallet developed by Storiqa’s team which is deeply integrated into the marketplace’s tokenomics. Technically, if a shopper wants to pay for items with crypto, he is redirected to a ‘crypto card’. Such innovation opens a new chapter in eCommerce – cryptoshopping. Storiqa currently supports 4 currencies — STQ, ETH, BTC, EUR — and the variety of currencies will be greater.

Fiat payments are essential for those who got used to traditional shopping. However,we plan to attract unfamiliar audience to crypto by giving them crypto cashback. STQ token will be one of the main elements in the loyalty program for shoppers on Storiqa. They will be able to earn with STQ cashback. It’s the next step and a new story for us. First, we combine both crypto and fiat payments on Storiqa”, commented the CEO of Storiqa, Andrian Galkin.

Storiqa market


Storiqa marketplace in numbers by February 2019:

80 stores & more than 500 unique goods
100 000 +  visitors on the marketplace within 3 months
408 crypto transactions in 3 months

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