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Top Crypto Conferences to Look Out for in August 2019

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Aug 1, 2019
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The season for crypto conferences and events never ends, and the month on August looks just as busy as the rest of the year.
Here are some of the most interesting crypto conferences which are scheduled to take place in August.

Blockchain 2.0 Singapore

Event date: 1 August 2019
Event location: Singapore

This one-day conference in Singapore will be discussing the impact on blockchain and how it will disrupt industries.
Here you will be able to find out how blockchain technology can be used to create more efficient and frictionless ways of transactional processes across industries, and how it can enable faster, safer & more effective implementation of businesses.
The event will welcome global blockchain and tech figures from this space, as well as up and coming startups with regional businesses and IT leaders from important industry segments. The program will include challenging keynotes, panel discussions, workshops, tech talks, real-life use cases and a number of network opportunities.

The crypto conference will have the following speakers:

• Alexander Kech, CEO Onchain Custodian
• Kishore M, Founder & CEO if Future1Exchange
• Luke Jones, CEO of Fortifex

Blockchain FUTURIST Conference

Event date: 12- 14 August 2019
Event location: Toronto, Ontario

Futurist Conference is an event hosted by Untraceable, and it will be the biggest and most prominent blockchain event that will take place in Canada.
More than 2300 attendees from all over the world will be present at this event to discuss emerging technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, and other disruptive tech sectors.
The schedule of the conference will include tech start-up announcements, investments, partnerships, research, and future trends and forecasts.
There will be 3 stages and over 80 presentations and panels as well as an entire room for their Blockchain Bootcamp program which will promote education and mass adoption for the technology. More than 100 press and media representatives will be holding interviews, and the event will have a press conference of their own.

Futurist will have the following speakers taking the stage:

• Roger Ver, CEO of
• Rachel Siegel, Founder of Crypto Finally
• Justin Hartzman, CEO & Co-founder of Coinsmart

ELEV8 New York

Event date: 13-14 August 2019
Event location: New York, NY USA

ELEV8 is an event where companies that have implemented blockchain will present how they will improve industries. The 2000- attendee event will put emphasis on efficiency, security and transparency in blockchain –based businesses, as well as educate industry participants on the adoption and implementation of this technology.

These will be some of the speakers that will attend the event:

• Pascal Couturier, Partner at Yellaw
• Gil Beyda, Managing Director of Comcast Ventures

Bloconomic Expo

Event Date: 15–16 August 2019.
Event Location: Bangsar KL Malaysia.

BLOCONOMIC EXPO will bring in August the biggest blockchain expo in Malaysia. The topics discussed at the expo will include the real applications and the future prospects of blockchain in various sectors such as finance, travel, healthcare, energy, electronic record authentication, IoT, supply chain management, online KYC procedures and many other. Other topics of debate will be the opportunities offered by this technology and what obstacles it will face in the future. Nearly 3000 people are expected to attend.

The keynote speakers are:

• Josh Choi, Director of Public Affairs at ICON
• Reymond Cheong, CSO at Onchain Custodian
• Da Hongfei, founder of NEO

Blockchance Conference 2019

Event date: 16-17 August 2019
Event location: Hamburg

The Blockchance Conference will feature debates on the future prospects of the economy and society.
The main theme will be how to innovate, harmonize and adhere to the socioeconomic changes that will come along with blockchain. Blockchance will serve as a platform through which people can share their experience, knowledge, and insights into the sector of distributed ledger technology.
For two days, corporate partners, tech leaders, developers, investors, politicians, and media representatives will be participating in compelling debates, panel talks, breakout sessions, exhibition zones, cultural programs, and networking opportunities.

The announced keynote speakers at this event will be:

• Tom Lyons, Exec Director at ConsenSys
• Dr Jukie Maupin, Director at IOTA, Chair of the Board at INATBA
• Marjan Delatinne, Global Head of Banking at Ripple

Bit Block Boom Bitcoin Conference

Event date: 17-18 August 2019
Event location: Dallas, TX USA

BitBlockBoom! is a Bitcoin-only event. Here there will be discussed about all things bitcoin. The event will welcome top leaders and prominent figures which are involved with Bitcoin, as well as people that are eager to find out more about the world’s number one cryptocurrency.

The top speakers at the event will be:

• Michael Goldstein, President at Satoshi Nakamoto Institute
• Pierre Rochard of The Bitcoin Advisory
• Co-Founder of Satoshi Nakamoto Institute
• Matthew Aaron, Host of CRYPTO 101 Podcast
• Tone Vays- Bitcoin Consultant
• Mike Schmidt of Blockstream

Blockchain Training Conference

Event date: 28- 30 August 2019
Event location: Denver, CO

The first of its kind, The Blockchain Training Conference 2019 (BTC2019) is a top educational Blockchain Training Conference which initially started out in Toronto, Canada in 2016.
BTC2019 prepares its participant for exams, by offering training and all exam fees in order to become a Certified Bitcoin Professional (CBP) and it also holds the first training workshop for the new CryptoCurrency Security Standard Auditor (CCSSA).
BTC2019 only serves as an educational event, not as a platform where companies network or pitch their ICO. The course session comprises of 16 hours of educational content, practically compressing an entire college course in three days.

Some of the renowned speakers that will be attending are:

• Andreas M. Antonopoulos, Blockchain Entrepreneur & Author
• Pamela Morgan, Blockchain & Crypto Attorney
• Michael Perklin, CISO, Bitcoin Foundation board member

FiNext Awards & Conference USA 2019

Event date: 29-30 August 2019
Event location: Orlando, FL

FiNext Awards & Conference is a global platform where people from the finance and tech sector, where start-ups, SMEs, tech and crypto investors, financial institutions and others form the industry will gather to network and share ideas. The event will also feature the FiNext Tech Awards which will be awarding the innovators and great leader of the FinTech industry.

The crypto conference will welcome the following speakers:

• David Galvan, VP at MasterCard
• Craig Cecilio, CEO & Founder Dof iversyFund
• Thierry De Gorter, Managing Partner, Jet Class Group at Blockchain Bank
• Alex McDougall, Co-Founder, Bicameral Ventures


Whether you want to learn or network, there are plenty of crypto conferences that you can attend this August.

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