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Top 16 Must-Attend Crypto Events in 2024

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Apr 1, 2024
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Crypto is gaining popularity, that is for sure. While investing in various cryptocurrencies is an excellent way of starting your crypto journey, many developers, investors, and crypto enthusiasts constantly look for cryptocurrency events to help them improve their crypto knowledge and reach even higher points in the blockchain world.  

Thus, in this article, we will talk about the top 16 upcoming crypto events this year. While some require your presence to attend their activities, others also allow users to participate online, which is an excellent advantage for worldwide crypto users.  

Let’s see some major events you should attend this year to strengthen your knowledge and see what’s new within the landscape. 

Top 16 Crypto & Blockchain Events You Must Attend in 2024

No. Event When Where 
1. NFT NYC   3 – 5 April 2024 New York, US 
2. Paris Blockchain Week 8 – 12 Apr 2024 Paris, France 
3. Blockchain Life 2024 15 – 16 Apr 2024 Dubai, UAE 
4. Crypto and Digital Assets Summit 8 – 9 May 2024 London, United Kingdom 
5. CONF3RENCE 15 – 16 May 2024 Dortmund, Germany 
6. Blockchain Economy Istanbul Summit 29 – 30 May 2024 Istanbul, Türkiye 
7. Consensus 29-31 May 2024 Austin, Texas, US 
8. Crypto Valley Conference 2024 6 – 7 June 2024 Risch-Rotkreuz, Switzerland 
9. Ethereum Community Conference 8 – 11 July 2024 Paris, France 
10. Bitcoin 2024 25 – 27 July 2024 Nashville, Tennessee, US 
11. Token2049 18 – 19 September 2024 Singapore 
12. Solana Breakpoint 2024   19 – 21 September 2024 Singapore 
13. European Blockchain Convention 25 – 26 September 2024 Barcelona, Spain 
14. Blockchance 16 – 18 October 2024 Hamburg, Germany 
15. Devcon 12 – 15 November 2024 Bangkok, Thailand 
16. Policy Summit 2024 16-18 December 2024 Washington DC, US 

SIDENOTE. The events listed in the table and presented below are chronologically arranged. To form an opinion on which crypto event is the best for you, carefully review each event description provided.


  • Date: 3 – 5 April 2024  
  • Location: New York, US 
  • Participation: In-Person   
  • Tickets: $599 for the General Admission or $1,499 for the VIP Access 

The NFT NYC Conference marks the 7th annual global event and is considered a prominent event within the NFT landscape that covers anything from art, gaming, entertainment, community building, and more. 

With over 1000 Artworks displayed in the rooftop Artists Village, the conference brings together speakers, panels, workshops, and networking opportunities for anyone interested in the future of NFTs and the decentralized web. 

  • Teresa Melvin, Teen Artist and creator of AvaRamona™; 
  • Masako Shiba, Co-Founder and CCO at ONBD; 
  • Gav Blaxberg, CEO at WOLF Financial; 
  • Rick Tapia, Associate Attorney at Bull Blockchain Law; 
  • Kirti Schoener aka NiftySprite, Creative Coder and Writer; 

Paris Blockchain Week

Paris Blockchain Week
  • Date: 8-12 April 2024 
  • Location: Paris, France 
  • Participation: In Person  
  • Tickets: €2900+VAT for Pro Ticket, €4400+VAT for VIP Ticket, €5250+VAT for MAX Ticket 

The upcoming 5th edition of the Paris Blockchain Week will introduce a complete program featuring five tracks delving into various subjects: Open Finance, Tech Builders, Corporate Web3, Public Policy, and Enterprise Blockchain.  

These tracks will cover key discussion points, including macro trends and investments in open finance, artificial intelligence, data management, NFT gaming, the Metaverse, regulatory trends, and more. 

The success of the 2023 edition, which drew over 8,500 thought leaders, innovators, and experts globally, demonstrated the maturation of the blockchain space. With 400+ speakers, including executives from major companies, the event showcased the industry’s evolution. 

As the speaker line-up for the 2024 edition is already shaping up, it’s undoubtedly to say that this crypto event will surely be one of this year’s most anticipated and beloved. 

  • Richard Teng, CEO Binance 
  • Denelle Dixon, CEO Stellar Development Foundation 
  • Silvio Micali, Founder Algorand 
  • Yoni Assia, CEO eToro 
  • Mihailo Bjelic, Co-founder Polygon 
  • Mo Shaikh, CEO Aptos Labs 
  • Paolo Ardoino, CEO Tether & CTO Bitfinex 
  • Alicia Kao, Managing Director KuCoin 
  • Alexei Falin, CEO Rarible 
  • Ryan Selkis, CEO Messari, etc. 

Blockchain Life 2024

Blockchain Life 2024
  • Date: 15-16 April 2024 
  • Location: Dubai, UAE 
  • Participation: In Person  
  • Tickets: Early bird – $129 for Standard, $299 for Business, $799 for VIP 

Dubai is home to a lot of crypto and blockchain events. In this case, too, Dubai eagerly awaits the global crypto community for the 12th edition of the renowned Blockchain Life Forum scheduled for April 15-16.   

With a track record of attracting over 8000 attendees from 120 countries, this highly expected event is the ultimate meeting point for enthusiasts and professionals interested in web3, cryptocurrencies, and mining.  

It offers a unique opportunity to transform crypto dreams into reality by connecting with experts who can help turn projects into success stories.  

Blockchain Life 2024 will bring together industry players, government officials, fund leaders, investors, promising startups, and global Crypto Whales as one of the most prestigious events in its category.  

Attendees can expect to meet leading voices worldwide in crypto, explore a global expo featuring the latest Web 3.0 technologies showcased at over 150 booths, and take part in various networking formats.   

To conclude the experience, there’s the legendary AfterParty exclusively for VIP attendees and speakers, adding a touch of exclusivity to this dynamic gathering.  

Featured Speakers: 

  • H.E. Justin Sun, Founder of TRON, Member of the HTX Global Advisory Board; 
  • Yat Siu, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of Animoca Brands; 
  • Sergei Khitrov, Founder of Listing.Help, Jets.Capital and Blockchain Life; 
  • Paolo Ardoino, CEO of Tether and CTO of Bitfinex; 
  • Pascal Gauthier, Chairman & CEO of Ledger; 
  • Dominic Williams, Founder & Chief Scientist of DFINITY (ICP); 
  • Dmitry Fedotov, Head of DLT Foundations at Abu Dhabi Global Markets (ADGM); 

Crypto and Digital Assets Summit

Crypto and Digital Assets Summit
  • Date: 8-9 May 2024 
  • Location: London, United Kingdom 
  • Participation: In Person & Virtual  
  • Tickets: £299+VAT for the Digital Pass, £1495+VAT for Group of 3 Pass, and £1759+VAT for the In-Person Pass 

The Crypto and Digital Assets Summit, a crypto conference presented by the Financial Times (FT), is scheduled to take place on May 8 and 9, 2024, in London, UK. 

This FT-hosted event is set to bring together thought leaders in the crypto sector, featuring the participation of central bank officials, traditional banking executives, and representatives from government regulatory bodies.  

The summit aims to tackle crucial topics, including real-world crypto applications, the integration of distributed ledgers in traditional finance, the significance of stablecoins, crypto regulations, and other pertinent subjects.  

  • Michael Sonnenshein, CEO Grayscale Investments 
  • William Quigley, Co-Founder Tether and WAX 
  • Bim Afolami, Economic Secretary to the Treasury and City Minister UK Government 
  • Jean-Marie Mognetti, CEO CoinShares 
  • Diana Biggs, Partner 1kx, etc. 


  • Date: 15-16 May 2024 
  • Location: Dortmund, Germany 
  • Participation: In Person  
  • Tickets: $89 for Student Ticket, $199 for Regular Ticket, $499 for VIP Ticket 

CONF3RENCE is another premier crypto event gathering for decision-makers and executives across all industries. This event brings together visionary minds and forward-thinking companies at the forefront of Blockchain, Web3, Cryptocurrencies, NFTs, Metaverse, and AI.  

Serving as a crucial conduit for understanding and harnessing the transformative potential of blockchain technology, a cornerstone of Web3, CONF3RENCE features high-profile enthusiasts who share their ideas, innovations, and visions for the future. 

At CONF3RENCE, attendees delve into the exciting possibilities that arise when bridging the gap between the traditional economy and Web3. This event seamlessly combines the strengths of both to create meaningful applications and support the growth of blockchain technology, laying the foundation for a more decentralized future. 

Featured Speakers 

  • Alan Austin, Managing Director Litecoin Foundation 
  • Tiffany Lai, Head of Growth Ava Labs 
  • Alexei Falin, CEO Rarible 
  • Monique Jeanne Morrow, Independent Board Director Hedera 
  • Dorian Vincileoni, Head of Business Development Europe KuCoin 
  • Dr. Stefan EbenerHead of Customer Engineering Google, etc. 

Blockchain Economy Istanbul Summit

Blockchain Economy Istanbul Summit
  • Date: 29-30 May 2024 
  • Location: Istanbul, Türkiye 
  • Participation: In Person  
  • Tickets: $799 for Standard and $2999 for VIP 
  • Speakers & Agenda: TBA – to be announced 

The Blockchain Economy Istanbul Summit, now in its 7th edition, is targeted as the largest blockchain event in Eurasia, fostering a gathering of key players in the crypto industry and experts to reshape the future of finance.  

Scheduled for May in the historically and culturally rich city of Istanbul, this summit will bring together some of the world’s leading crypto companies and innovative blockchain entrepreneurs. 

Against the backdrop of Turkey’s notable cryptocurrency ownership, with 16% of the population, approximately 13.6 million people, engaged in the crypto space, the Blockchain Economy Istanbul Summit is poised to be a central gathering in the region for the global blockchain and cryptocurrency community.  

This summit will delve into various topics related to the future of financial technologies and provide extensive networking opportunities, drawing participants from more than 80 countries. 


  • Date: 29-31 May 2024 
  • Location: Austin, Texas, United States 
  • Participation: In Person  
  • Tickets: $200 for Explorer Pass, $2799 for Pro Pass, and $9000 for Piranha Pass 

Consensus is targeted by CoinDesk as the world’s largest, most enduring, and impactful gathering that unites all facets of the cryptocurrency, blockchain, and Web3 community.  

This event spans hard-hitting conversations featuring visionary speakers and hands-on workshops to address industry challenges. Attendees, including developers, investors, founders, brands, policymakers, and more, gain valuable tools and insights essential for shaping the foundation of a more decentralized future. 

Named “Consensus” for a reason, this event serves as the primary forum where the industry convenes to delve into pivotal discussions, showcase significant successes, and engage in critical conversations. 

Consensus 2024 offers a unique opportunity to actively participate in the most crucial dialogue within crypto and Web3. 

  • Brad Garlinghouse, CEO Ripple 
  • Sergey Nazarov, Co-Founder Chainlink 
  • Cathie Wood, CEO ARK Invest 
  • Brendan Eich, CEO Brave Software 
  • Rebecca Rettig, Chief Legal & Policy Officer Polygon Labs 
  • Hester M. Peirce, Commissioner SEC 
  • Mathew McDermott, Global Head of Digital Assets Goldman Sachs 
  • Jason Les, CEO Riot Platforms, etc. 

Crypto Valley Conference 2024 

  • Date: 6 – 7 June 2024  
  • Location: Risch-Rotkreuz, Switzerland 
  • Participation: In-Person   
  • Tickets: From CHF 249 to CHF 549 

As the 5th edition of the Crypto Valley Conference is coming up, grab your tickets while they’re hot. At the same time, this event features a 2-day event that brings to the table the most awaited discussion on the current state and the future of blockchain technology and industry. 

Moreover, the event caters for master classes held by industry leaders, with over 40 presentations discussing technology, economy and finance, and legal and regulation so that anyone can enrich their knowledge for the better. 

Crypto Valey Conference Features:

  • 1500 Attendees; 
  • 60+ Speakers; 
  • 7 Masterclasses; 
  • 3 Stages; 
  • 25+ Exhibitors; 
  • 200+ Companies; 

Featured Speakers: 

  • Luc Jodet, Partner at XAnge & Co-Founder of Arianee; 
  • Paula Pettit, CEO at Linum Labs Linum Labs; 
  • Dominic Briggs, Co-Founder & General Partner @ Blockwall Blockwall; 
  • Victor Busson, CMO Taurus of Digital Assets; 
  • Yevheniia Broshevan, Co-Founder and CBDO @ Hacken Hacken; 
  • André Vanyi-Robin, Founder & CEO at; 

Ethereum Community Conference

Ethereum Community Conference
  • Date: 8-11 July 2024 
  • Location: Paris, France 
  • Participation: In Person  
  • Tickets: TBA – to be announced 
  • Speakers & Agenda: TBA – to be announced 

The Ethereum Community Conference (EthCC) is one of the largest annual European Ethereum events, primarily focusing on technology and community engagement.  

Spanning four intensive days, EthCC offers a platform for conferences, networking, and learning, emphasizing its commitment to being an event by and for the community. As a non-profit initiative, EthCC prioritizes affordability, keeping prices as low as possible to ensure accessibility. 

Transparency is a key principle, with EthCC openly sharing its budget details. Any additional profit generated is pledged to be redistributed within the ecosystem. 

Bitcoin 2024

Bitcoin 2024
  • Date: 25-27 July 2024 
  • Location: Nashville, Tennessee, United States 
  • Participation: In Person  
  • Tickets: $349 Festival Pass, $1199 Industry Pass, and $5499 Whale Pass 

In 2024, Bitcoin is poised to see a monumental year, marked by the predicted next halving scheduled for April. This event carries the potential for a substantial impact on cryptocurrency prices by constraining the supply of Bitcoin, potentially driving an increase in value amid robust demand.   

The Bitcoin 2024 initiative aims to establish core neighborhoods and content tracks to accelerate hyperbitcoinization, particularly in the finance, art, and culture sectors.  

Serving as a nexus for sponsors, businesses, enthusiasts, and open-source contributors, Bitcoin 2024 provides

  • A platform for building networks; 
  • Contributing to the world’s largest Bitcoin platform; 
  • Positioning companies at the forefront of the BTC-focused business landscape; 

Featured Speakers: 

  • James Seyffart, ETF Strategist at Bloomberg; 
  • Phill Zimmermann, Creator of PGP at Phil Zimmermann & Associates LLC; 
  • Dave Smith, Comedian & Podcaster at Comedian Dave Smith; 
  • Michael Saylor, Chairman and CEO at MicroStrategy; 
  • Shawn Baker, Chief Medical Officer at; 
  • Dylan LeClair, Head of Market Research at Bitcoin Magazine; 
  • Fred Thiel, Chairman & CEO at Marathon Digital Holdings; 


  • Date: 18-19 September 2024 
  • Location: Singapore 
  • Participation: In Person  
  • Tickets: TBA – to be announced 

Token2049 is an annual crypto event hosted alternately in Dubai and Singapore. It offers a platform for founders and executives from leading Web3 companies and projects to share their perspectives on the industry. 

Moreover, Token2049 goes beyond being a sheer event, and draws influential figures, projects, and companies, giving rise to many meetups, workshops, and networking opportunities around the two-day main event.  

Scheduled for September 18-19, 2024, Token2049 will serve as the distinguished flagship event of Token2049 Week. This week-long initiative features a variety of independently organized side events around Token2049, including meetups, workshops, hackathons, networking drinks, parties, and even Formula 1 Racing.  

This dynamic week will transform Singapore into a vibrant crypto hub, showcasing the diversity and vibrancy of the Web3 ecosystem.  

Dubai Featured Speakers: 

  • Balaji Srinivasan, Founder, Investor, and Author at The Network State; 
  • Sandeep Nailwal, Co-Founder at Polygon; 
  • Paolo Ardoino, CEO at Tether; 
  • Arthur Hayes, CIO at Maelstrom; 
  • Joseph Lubin, Founder and CEO at Consensys; 

Solana Breakpoint 2024

Solana Breakpoint 2024
  • Date: 19 – 21 September 2024  
  • Location: Singapore, Southeast Asia 
  • Participation: In-Person   
  • Tickets: To be released in Q2 2024 
  • Speakers & Agenda: TBA – to be announced  

One of the most expected Solana events, Breakpoint 2024, is a two-day immersive experience designed to inspire, connect, and empower the global Solana community. Join them in Singapore, explore the frontiers of innovation, and shape the future of web3!  

More details to come. 

European Blockchain Convention

European Blockchain Convention
  • Date: 25-26 September 2024 
  • Location: Barcelona, Spain 
  • Participation: In Person  
  • Tickets: $1999 for General Pass, $2999 for VIP Pas, $5999 for Tiger Pass 
  • Speakers & Agenda: TBA – to be announced 

The European Blockchain Convention (EBC) started with a goal to boost the growth of the blockchain community in Europe. 

 Since its kickoff in 2018 in Barcelona, EBC has brought together thousands of people, featuring talks from hundreds of experts and showcasing the best startups in the blockchain and crypto world. 

Each year, EBC attracts a diverse audience, including founders, investors, regulators, developers, and businesses, creating a space for everyone to learn, find inspiration, and make connections in the ever-changing blockchain field.

London Featured Speakers: 

  • Anthony Scaramucci, Founder & Managing Partner at Skybridge Capital; 
  • Anatoly Crachilov, CEO and Founding Partner at Nickel Digital Asset Management; 
  • Gautam Sharma, CEO and CIO, Brevan Howard Digital; 
  • Barbara Schlyter, Head of Xtrackers Digital Products and Partnerships at DWS Group; 
  • Yves Choueifaty, President and CIO at TOBAM; 


  • Date: 16-18 October 2024 
  • Location: Hamburg, Germany 
  • Participation: In Person  
  • Tickets: TBA – to be announced 
  • Speakers & Agenda: TBA – to be announced 

Blockchance holds its position as a prominent blockchain event in Europe. It has consistently provided a platform for education and networking, facilitating connections among individuals, businesses, entrepreneurs, investors, and institutions to drive the successful adoption of blockchain technology. 

The previous edition featured extraordinary and well-known speakers from the industry, making it a notable event.  

While details about the 2024 edition, including speakers, are currently awaited, there’s an expectation that Blockchance will once again attract top-tier speakers or even boost its standing in the industry.


  • Date: 12 – 15 November 2024 
  • Location: Bangkok, Thailand 
  • Participation: In-Person   
  • Tickets: TBA – to be announced  
  • Speakers & Agenda: TBA – to be announced  

Considered Ethereum’s most influential annual conference, Devcon makes a remarkable comeback in which the Ethereum Foundation takes Devcon to Southeast Asia. Moreover, Devcon aims to make Ethereum more accessible by inviting key speakers and leaders to give back to its communities worldwide and strengthen the Ethereum position on the market. 

Join them and participate in workshop rooms, dedicated co-work areas, bookable meeting spaces, and other networking opportunities to discuss the industry’s future.

Policy Summit 2024

Policy Summit 2024
  • Date: 16 – 18 December 2024    
  • Location: Washington DC, US   
  • Participation: In-Person     
  • Tickets: TBA 

The Blockchain Association’s Policy Summit 2024 is an exclusive event reserved for members only, offering invaluable discussions with influential policymakers, regulators, and industry leaders. 

As the collective voice of the cryptocurrency industry, the Blockchain Association comprises leading investors, companies, and projects. Together, they advocate for a forward-looking, innovation-driven national policy and regulatory framework to nurture the growth of the crypto economy. 


What is a Crypto Event?

A crypto event is a meeting or conference that revolves around cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. These gatherings bring together experts, enthusiasts, investors, and influential figures to discuss trends, innovations, and advancements in the crypto industry. Participants typically network, attend talks, and stay updated on the latest developments in cryptocurrencies. 

Why You Should Go to a Crypto Event?

Attending a crypto event is crucial for staying updated on the latest trends and technologies in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. It offers opportunities to network with industry professionals, learn from expert speakers, explore potential investments, and engage with the crypto community. These events provide valuable insights, foster collaborations, and serve as a platform for showcasing projects and discovering new opportunities within the dynamic crypto ecosystem. 

In Conclusion

The crypto industry has a lot to offer, and while performing your own research can improve your crypto knowledge, many investors and developers consider attending crypto events such as crypto conferences, summits, and many more. Besides the events we have discussed in this article, you can also look for others that will take place. 

We hope that our list of the best crypto events will help you find your go-to for this year. 

* The information in this article and the links provided are for general information purposes only and should not constitute any financial or investment advice. We advise you to do your own research or consult a professional before making financial decisions. Please acknowledge that we are not responsible for any loss caused by any information present on this website.
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