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The Use of The Latest Technology in Security

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Nov 14, 2019
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People today are opting to become “smart” around the house or workplace, especially when it comes to security. In fact, a recent study has reported that residential CCTV installation in London has gone up significantly, especially in the last decade and people are continuing to look towards the latest technology to keep their homes, offices, places of business and whole neighborhoods safe. In fact, law enforcement officials, as well as home security experts, are of the opinion that new technology has actually made neighborhoods a lot safer.

Use of Modern Technology in Security 

People today are being serious about their security, whether it is domestic or otherwise. Rather than stop at CCTV installation, people are looking for and using new ways to keep their homes safe. In response to this demand for new and innovative security solutions new and latest technologies are being used to create new products that make homes and other building a lot more secure. Let us take a look at some of the most popular technologies that are being made available to help with security:

1. The use of AI

Whether you recognize it or not AI or Artificial Intelligence is everywhere. Devices that we use these days are smart; right from the coffee machine, we use in the morning to the door that we lock as the last thing before leaving the house can be made ‘smart’. AI today is being used in multiple capabilities and at multiple levels; you can have anything from a smart door to smart alarms, smart keypads and more.

Smart gates or doors are currently a very popular and much-used idea. Homeowners today prefer to use smart locks that can identify the key that is being used to access the gate. Hence this is a digital check to miscreants well versed in the art of lock-picking!

Another way in which AI makes accesses secure as well as convenient is through smart doors that can recognize vehicles and people. Having a garage door that automatically recognizes your vehicle and unlocks by itself is a great convenience as well as a good security measure.

2. Restricting access smartly

AI has occupied not only the domestic space but for industrial security as well. Offices and businesses are using the concept of AI to provide or restrict access to its personnel especially to secure locations. There are two ways in which access restriction works; one is biometrics or the use of fingerprint, and the other is a simple key card to swipe an ID card or keypad to type in the code, etc.

3. Remote access to security

Thanks to the high-speed internet we enjoy today the concept of remote access and remote security is a reality. People aren’t required to be physically present to manipulate or monitor any situation. Everything is captured through smart devices, stored on the cloud and can be accessed through mobile devices like smartphones. Thus, technology today allows for making security devices smart, helps with personalization of security and makes security accessible remotely too.

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