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Where to Spend Your Bitcoins in Greece

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Oct 1, 2017
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Although Greece has had quite a lot of economic problems lately, it seems that in terms of cryptocurrency and the trading of digital coins, especially Bitcoin, she’s not behind at all. The number of businesses that are Bitcoin-friendly is increasingly high, so if you’ve ever thought about spending your digital money there, go for it!

Below, you have some of the stores that accept Bitcoin in Greece:

The Cube

If you’re ever thinking of renting a place for a special event, for starting a business, or for developing one that you already have, they can help you! They are always open to new ideas and are waiting forward to new collaborations! The best part is that they are also Bitcoin-friendly.

Omega Gaming Center

Of course, Greece can be funny, too. Omega Gaming Center is a place that provides hi-tech hardware and a lot of computer games. They also have a website that can help you in taking the best decision. Use your Bitcoins with confidence!

TicTac Laboratories

If you’re having problems with your computer, they’re your doctors. TicTac can solve different problems regarding your data, such as restoring deleted files, recovering hard disk data, recovering data from USB Flash, memory card, SSD disk or Server/RAID/SAS/SCSI, from a mobile phone, and much more! More than that, they can repair your Dard Drive. You can pay them in Bitcoins! How cool is that?

Tsurapa furniture

Anyone who wants to renovate her/his house or workspace, can use Tsurapa’s services. They provide different products, from several chair models to some amazing furniture.


Daskaloi is happy to give you private lessons in order to help you achieve higher goals. All you have to do is to apply on their website, communicate with a teacher, and start learning! They are Bitcoin-friendly!

Malcobiological Medicine Of Kalyvia-Lagonisiou

The Malcobiological Medicine Of Kalyvia-Lagonisiou is a laboratory that can inspect and give you some of the best results regarding a patient. They offer several services, like confirmation of blood test results in all samples, molecular disease control or cultures of all biological materials, and sensitivity tests. They have the “Bitcoin accepted here” sign on their website.


Mysunshine is a lovely website that provides all kinds of products for your baby. From food to bags, to toys, to baby car seats, and muuuch more! You can reach them with confidence and pay your order in Bitcoins!

Savvas Sandals

Savvas Sandals is a shoes-related website that offers you all kinds of women’s and men’s sandals, shoes for children, different belts, and bags. They have leather products and handmade products, so don’t worry about their quality! Savvas Sandals is Bitcoin-friendly.

Priona Resort

If you’re in need of accommodation when you arrive in Greece, search no more! Priona Resort is here to give you an amazing and relaxing experience. Their offers start from € 35/day but their services are priceless! You can, of course, pay in Bitcoins! You can also check gaming monitor reviews here.

These are only a few of Greece’s best Bitcoin-friendly locations, but you can find a lot more once you arrive there. Have no worries, in this country, technology is pretty advanced!

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