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Lolli Review

Lolli App Review: What is Lolli and is It Legit?

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Sep 9, 2022
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Since its invention slightly more than a decade ago, Bitcoin has gained momentum as the pioneer cryptocurrency. With more than 83 million users across the globe, Bitcoin reached around 400,000 daily transactions in early 2021, and this number keeps growing. Even so, not everyone has adopted cryptocurrency. Many people are willing to start, but they don’t know how. Fortunately, the Lolli app makes it easy for everyone to own a piece of virtual currency.

After crypto rolled out for the first time, there were only a few ways to own Bitcoin. You could either start mining, buy from someone, and later trade on exchanges. 

However, that has changed dramatically over the years. Today, people can earn cryptocurrency through trading, crypto staking, participating in airdrops, buying NFTs, and many more. Besides, several companies across different industries have adopted cryptocurrency as a medium of exchange.

Now, there are quite a few ways to earn free Bitcoin, and the Lolli app is one of the most reliable. 

How does it work? Is the Lolli app legit? Keep reading our Lolli app review to learn more.

What is Lolli?

Lolli is a customer loyalty app that makes it easy for shoppers to earn free Bitcoin when they buy from a partner store. And the list of partners is not limited at all, as there are over 1000 online stores in it that can offer up to 30% cashback in Bitcoin. 

The Lolli app is easy to use; users just need to check their app before shopping or booking a travel ticket. They are rewarded with free Bitcoin for each transaction, and the users can also earn by referring friends.

That’s possible because Lolli’s monetization system works like a commission for directing traffic to a merchant. Each time a customer shops at any of the affiliated merchants, the company gets a commission. Consequently, Lolli shares a percentage of its commission with its customers. The portion is paid directly to the shopper’s Bitcoin wallet, which is already built in the Lolli app. After earning the BTC, shoppers can spend them at Bitcoin-friendly consumer outlets or transfer them to their crypto wallets.

The percentage earned is at the discretion of the participating merchant, which is why it varies from one merchant to another. According to Lolli’s website, the average reward is 7%, and the highest is 30%.

Earning Free Bitcoin With Lolli

How do I start earning Bitcoin with Lolli? Many people are asking this question. So, let’s see what the app allows you to do and what it can offer:

Mobile Shopping

Lolli allows users to earn free bitcoin on their mobiles by just downloading the Lolli app and signing in to their accounts. New users should first create an account. Once the account is up and running, they can select a retailer from a pool of more than 1000 retailers to start earning free bitcoin.

Daily Stacks

This feature is more helpful to new users. They can do Daily Stacks, an interactive game that allows them to earn free bitcoin daily. It’s easy to play the game by just tapping the Daily Stacks loot box to win up to 1 million satoshis (approximately $325) daily.

Apple Watch

The Lolli Apple Watch feature allows users to track the price of bitcoin in real-time. To get started, one only needs to sign in on the phone that’s linked to the watch and download the app.  

Faster Reward Confirmation Times

The Lolli app offers faster reward turnaround times. The mobile app has a built-in higher speed that sends rewards to users’ Lolli wallets in real-time.

Referral Bonuses

Lolli app users can earn more in Bitcoin by referring their friends. Each referral makes $5 back in Bitcoin. The more they share, the more they earn.

See Rewards in Bitcoin or Satoshis

Lolli app users have the option to view their rewards in Bitcoin or Satoshis—the smallest unit of a bitcoin. It suits each person’s style and preference.

Growing Network of Merchants

One of the best features of the Lolli app is that users can choose from 1000+ retailers when they shop with Lolli, and the network is growing daily.

Is Lolli Mobile friendly?

Notably, Lolli is currently available through a downloadable browser extension that works with selected browsers and Operating Systems. Consequently, users can make online purchases on their mobile devices. The app works for both iOS and Android devices. The app’s website is equally mobile-friendly, so users won’t have difficulty navigating it.

The Lolli app is entirely free to users and is currently available only to U.S. customers. However, according to its website, customers outside the U.S. can join the waitlist. This means the company has plans to expand its services outside the U.S.

The Lolli browser extension allows users to earn free Bitcoin from its partner retailers, including Amazon. 

Some of Lolli’s major partners include:

  • Microsoft: Up to 5% Bitcoin Back;
  • Hary’s: Up to 27% Bitcoin Back;
  • Postmates: Up to 0.00005% Bitcoin Back;
  • Adidas: Up to 15% Bitcoin Back;
  • Groupon: Up to 10.5% Bitcoin Back;
  • Cabela’s: Up to 7.5% Bitcoin Back;
  • Up to 6% Bitcoin Back.

A complete list of Lolli’s partners is available here

Additionally, users can shop with their credit cards and still earn bitcoin rewards because the app is not connected to the merchant’s actual payment processing system.

Getting the App and Shopping

The Lolli app works on both Apple and Android devices. Recently, the company launched its browser extension on Safari. Users on this browser can now earn free Bitcoin when they shop at their favorite online stores. The extension also works with Chrome, Firefox, or Edge browsers.

Using the Lolli app or extension is easy, even for beginners. It doesn’t require any technical knowledge. Users require only a valid e-mail address through which they can download the browser extension. Getting started is simple, and it should take only a few minutes using the following steps:

  1. Visit the Lolli website;
  2. Click on “Get Lolli for—–“ This can be Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari;
  3. Install the extension after full download;
  4. Create an account by entering your details (email and password);

Activate Lolli alerts for notifications once you shop at any partner retail outlets.

Upon successful installation, users can receive automatic alerts whenever they visit any retail partner’s website. The app also notifies users of the bitcoin amount they are eligible for after completing the purchase. 

After the above steps, Lolli can track each sale and automatically send the rewards to the user’s wallet. The process is straightforward and takes place in real time.

Is Lolli Legit?

Based on its features, it’s just a normal cashback system that rewards Bitcoin instead of cash. Founded by Alex Adelman and Matt Senter in March 2018, Lolli is a loyalty app that offers Bitcoin rewards each time a user shops at one of its affiliate merchants.

Through Lolli, users have an easier way of owning Bitcoin without using the traditional fiat-to-crypto exchanges. Another way to confirm the legitimacy of Lolli is its partnership with the world’s major and most popular brands like Microsoft, Adidas, Udemy,, and many more. These merchants refund a given portion of their purchased items back in Bitcoin, which Lolli shares with its customers.

Additionally, there are numerous Lolli reviews on major online platforms and news sites like Medium and Yahoo Finance

Also, Lolli uses highly advanced software and network security to ensure that users’ balances remain secure at all times.

This implies that the user’s wallet remains safe and secure as long as it stays in Lolli. However, those who transfer their funds to wallets outside Lolli cannot blame the company for any security breach or loss of their funds. Besides, Lolli doesn’t track any site visited by users, nor does it sell users’ data or personal details to any third party.

What Else to Know

Towards the end of July 2021, Lolli conducted its Series A funding round, which generated $10 million. Acrew Capital led the funding round among social media influencers Chantel Jeffries, Logan Paul, and Sway House. The Bitcoin rewards company now eyes the gaming sector for growth.

Even as it explores other investment opportunities, Lolli’s core objective is to support bitcoin adoption by as many people as possible. The company is currently focusing on U.S. customers, but it’s adding more partners daily. In the words of founder Alex Adelman, investors in the Lolli app help “distribute bitcoin to as many people as possible” while spreading the message of Lolli.

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