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November 7th-10th BlockchainWeekend Coming to NYC

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Oct 9, 2019
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BlockchainWeekend NYC is almost here, and everyone is excited. Taking place on November 7-10th (Thursday through Friday), this is a much more personal, and localized take on BlockchainWeek. Supported by NYC’s government (NYC EDC), the initiative raises the curtain on blockchain projects and cases being developed in NYC. There are over 50 of events that are taking place all over the 5 boroughs, and whether you are new to space or a blockchain expert, this 4-day initiative has everything for anyone curious about blockchain futures and opportunities.

“We are super excited to be a part of Blockchain Weekend. This year and in the coming years it will be known as a great way to feature blockchain projects to the NYC tech community and the world.  Blockchain Weekend brings together the NYC blockchain community and highlights projects that are critical to the future. We are very happy to be part of this initiative.”

                                                                   Serger Millman

                                    Managing Director, Starta Ventures

                                                                                                                              BCW Event Host


Blockchain Opportunity

Blockchain growth has been skyrocketing, and BlockchainWeekend offers the perfect opportunity to explore the growth and potential in an industry that’s forecasted to reach $24 Billion dollars by the end by 2025. Great news for anyone looking into blockchain, we are still in the very early stages of this disruptive and industry-changing technology.

Focused on connecting the tech communities across the city, BlockchainWeekend NYC brings together various blockchain events in the five boroughs for the first time this fall. The initiative brought together in partnership with New York City Development Corporation (NYCEDC) was created to be the first of its kind to open its doors and welcome all involved in the New York tech and blockchain space.

BlockchainWeekendNYC is Initiative is taking place across 5 New York City boroughs

  • 50+ Events
  • 200+ Organizations
  • 5000+ Attendees

Event Highlights

The weekend’s lynchpin event, BlockchainWeekend Summit on November 8th, will be a chance to connect with the blockchain community, network with blockchain trendsetters, see new products and projects being launched on the blockchain, make connections with the parties, meet companies and see what they have to offer.

Another great feature is that all the events are curated on one site. You don’t need to look for hidden spreadsheets of events or try to track down what’s coming up, BlockchainWeekend is making it easy to find events you will really want to attend and that aligns well with your interests.


Blockchain event

Designed to be in a decentralized format, there will be educationals, panels, use cases, pilots and big announcements taking place across the entire city. The focus of BlockchainWeekend is to feature this blockchain initiative and projects that are being developed all across NYC. Some of the other featured events include a panel discussing the bridge connecting tech and education hosted by the New York Public Library as well as a tech event hosted by Civic Hall.

“Participating in Blockchain Weekend NYC is an amazing opportunity! Since Blockchain is a nuanced concept, it’s very important to learn and understand the power dynamics at play and what efforts towards diversity this community is focused on”

Curtis Davis,

Senior Marketing Associate, Civic Hall

BCW Event Host 

Blockchain event


As part of BlockchainWeekend, there will be Brooklyn Tech Week Blockchain Day on November 7th. This will be a full-day event featuring blockchain growth companies, tech startups, investors, policymakers, data scientists, gamers and educators converging to share best practices, big discoveries in tech. Spend the day exploring Brooklyn and blockchain.

BlockchainWeekend invites all to participate by hosting a blockchain event, attending events and getting involved with the BlockchainWeekend community.

You can explore and rsvp for upcoming events at, as they are adding more blockchain events every day.

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