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How to Get Free Bitcoins

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Mar 2, 2019
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Even though it’s true that the Bitcoin hype has toned down a bit over the last couple of years, the cryptosphere is still flourishing, despite the tough time cryptos had gone through in 2018. Nevertheless, Bitcoin is still going strong, sitting wearing the crown, being the world’s most valuable and important cryptocurrency to date.

Hence, it’s still not too late to get your hands on some Bitcoins, especially since 2019 and 2020 are expected to be very good years for the crypto universe. It’s often said that nothing in this world is free.

Be that as it may, it’s possible to get free Bitcoins, without having to invest all your life’s savings. Before we start this general guide, we would like to point out that, even though you can get Bitcoins free of charge, there is still a price you’ll need to pay eventually. It’s impossible to “make it big,” to make an income in Bitcoins (or any other crypto) by doing nothing. Therefore, you’ll still need to invest energy and time into the process.

Get free Bitcoins by accepting them as a means of payment

One of the easiest ways to earn some Bitcoins is to accept them as a means of payment, either for your business or for other personal services. This is especially easy to do if you happen to own a small business. It does not matter what kind of business it is, whether you are selling products or actual services, you can earn Bitcoins by completing a few basic tasks.

The first task is to create a Bitcoin wallet. There are a plethora of good options out there, from exchange wallets (which are not recommended) to online, desktop, mobile, and web wallets. However, if you’re really serious about security and you don’t mind to spend a few bucks, you can get a hardware wallet offering the best, uncompromised security for your funds.

Next, you need to let your customers know that you accept Bitcoin as payment. Either create a big logo for your business’ website or an actual physical logo to display in front of your store.

Look for legit reward programs

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As cryptocurrencies will inevitably become more and more popular, the same will happen to reward programs that use Bitcoin or altcoins. A good example of this type of program is the platform BitcoinGet which has a shopping service dubbed CoinRebates. The service has solid partnerships with American shopping giants, Walmart and Newegg. These reward programs allow you to earn varying amounts of “bits” (100 Satoshi) per dollar spent. 

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Earn free Bitcoins by completing freelancing tasks

It’s often said that the most precious currency nowadays is our attention. With so many opportunities to get information, it might be difficult for retailers to squeeze in some commercials. Nowadays, there are numerous websites that allow you to earn free Bitcoins by simply investing time. Regardless of talking about watching videos on websites (ads4btc), answering forum questions (Bitfortip), reading books (PaidBooks), or installing apps in order to test them on your mobile devices (CoinBucks), the possibilities are there.

Get free Bitcoin from mining

By now, it’s almost common knowledge that Bitcoin mining is not profitable, as it requires hardware-intensive operations which are very expensive. That is why most individual miners join the so-called mining pools.

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Of course, joining a mining pool implies some costs as well, even though they are significantly lower than single-handed mining at home. What we’re proposing is to find mining pools that accept your computing power or places where you can contribute with computing power from your PC or ASIC miner in order to earn Bitcoins from mining.

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Earn Bitcoins as your salary

This suggestion might seem a bit controversial and, to be fair, it may raise some eyebrows in the workplace. However, even though there aren’t many companies and organizations that pay their employees in Bitcoins, this should not put you off. As cryptos will become more and more popular, so will this new-age payment method. For example, being a freelancer might make it very simple for you to accept payments in Bitcoin, just ask your clients if they are willing to. The same goes for the company you work in, especially if it’s a modern one.

Final words

By all accounts, earning free Bitcoins is not a hassle-free process. However, things might change for the better in the near future. Therefore, this should not discourage you to try your best and follow our tips in this guide.

Surely, with a bit of thinking outside the box, you may find better ways to earn Bitcoins for free, than the ones presented here. Other examples of how you can earn Bitcoins for free is either through gambling or through trading (for example, arbitrage trading). However, they are not recommended, especially if you’re not a seasoned trader or gambler. The crypto world is still a somewhat unreliable one.

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