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Here Are the Top 7 Richest Bitcoin Addresses

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Jan 18, 2019
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Out of the 17 million Bitcoins which are currently in circulation, we know that a staggering amount of Bitcoin addresses store less than one BTC, but some have unimaginable amounts of Bitcoin.

Over 10,000 Bitcoin is concentrated in 115 addresses, which makes up 20% of all Bitcoin that are currently available. If we also put into the equation addresses that store around 1,000-10,000 coins, 40% of all BTC holdings are concentrated in the first 1658 addresses or 0.01% of the entire list of addresses.

As one might expect, the top addresses to have the most Bitcoins are currently owned by cryptocurrency exchanges. These addresses represent 3.5 percent of all Bitcoins that are currently in existence, holding a sum of 592,943 Bitcoins, which is estimated to have a value of $3.150 billion.

In today’s article, we will be looking at the world’s richest Bitcoin addresses and its owners.


Binance is the largest crypto exchange in terms of trading volume. Approximately 141,096 BTCs are currently stored in its cold wallet, an amount which is worth $749 million and represents 0.8117 percent of all available BTC.


The second richest BTC address is owned by Hong Kong-based Bitfinex. Its wallet is home to nearly 138,661 Bitcoins, which have a total value of $736 million, signifying a percentage of 0.7977 of all circulating bitcoins.


This Singaporean crypto exchange Huobi is not only third by trading volumes, but it also holds the third place as the owner of one of the richest Bitcoin addresses. The exchange stores approximately 108,135 Bitcoins in its wallet. The amount translates to $574 million and represents a percentage of 0.622 out of all the current bitcoins.


The Seattle-based exchange Bittrex was launched in February 2014, and it ranks the lowest in terms of daily trading volume, currently occupying the fortieth position. But nonetheless, its wallet is the top four wealthiest BTC addresses, currently housing a stash of 107,203 BTCs that are estimated to be worth $569 million. This sum accounts for 0.6167 percent of all BTC in circulation.


Bitstamp holds 97,848 Bitcoins in its wallet, which makes it the fifth richest BTC address form our list. Its value totals up to nearly $519 million, a number which is 0.5629 percent of all existing BTC.

In addition to crypto exchanges, there are several individuals that have also succeeded in gathering a substantial amount of Bitcoin.

Winklevoss Twins

Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, the owners of the Gemini crypto exchange declared back in 2013 to the press that they bought bitcoins worth $11 million. At that time, BTC was priced at a value of $120.

Tim Draper

Ross Ulbricht was at one point in time, one the biggest holders of Bitcoin that ever existed, by collecting fees in the coin on the Silk Road. But then there was Tim Draper. He purchased 30,000 Bitcoins from one of the lots of Ross Ulbricht’s Bitcoins which were sold in a US Marshal Auction. The coins had a market of around $400.

Other notable individuals that are believed to own BTC in substantial amounts are: Barry Silbert, Roger Ver, and Charlie Shrem.

The 321 Very Serious “Hodlers”

There are 321 addresses that over the last 4 years have not made any outgoing transactions. These addresses hold a combined value of 1,091,755 BTC ($7,390,646,225) which account for 6 percent of all Bitcoin available.

The addresses consist of wealthy long-term “hodlers”. There is no certain way of identifying the exact number of Bitcoins which can never be recovered.

Satoshi Nakamoto Does Not Own One of the Richest Addresses

The mysterious and anonymous creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, quite ironically, does not have one of the wealthiest addresses, as he is believed to own an estimated amount of 980,000 BTC. Satoshi mined the first Bitcoins and kept on mining all through the first few years of the blockchain.

But in spite of his massive contribution, Satoshi cannot be found among the richest Bitcoin addresses. However, it is thought that he owns multiple addresses in which he stores each mined block in a different address.

Final Words

We will probably never know all the mysterious entities and individuals that own most of the vast sums of Bitcoin. Some are even probably lost forever. But you now have some idea regarding who are the richest Bitcoin addresses.

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