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McAfee Promises Semi-Anonymous Crypto Card with His Face on It

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May 28, 2019
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Crypto influencer and mogul John McAfee has revealed on his Twitter that he will be launching his own bitcoin debit card which will have his image printed on it.

On May 28, McAfee posted a photo of the debit card with “Freedom Lover” written on the front along with the drink he bought with it.

McAfee claimed that he used BTC from his card to buy drinks for his development team by scanning the code on the back with his wallet.

He also claimed that the debit card will be accepted at all location where Visa or Mastercard is taken. The card’s supported currency or currencies are not mentioned in the post but on the back side of the card, you can clearly see a Bitcoin logo.

Those that are interested in getting a card only have to provide the name they want on the card and the address to which they want the card to be delivered. No other personal information is asked in order to protect user anonymity, said John McAfee.

“One thing I forgot to mention about my upcoming Visa/Mastercard Crypto Debit Card: I retain the privacy and anonymity inherent in Crypto. We ask only what name you want on the card and what address you want it shipped to. P.O. boxes are acceptable,” tweeted McAfee.

McAfee wanted to prove that his wallet address shown on the back is valid and asked skeptics to send their BTC to his address to test the card.

But after getting too many test transactions, the eccentric millionaire asked his followers to stop sending BTC to his card:

“When I suggested in my last tweet that naysayers saying the scan code on the back of my Bitcoin Visa card was not even real, should just try sending Bitcoins and see — sure as heck, the BTC started arriving. I insist this stop. Already the IRS hates me.”

Many have asked him in the comment threat section when will the card be available for purchase, with McAfee responding with a vague ‘soon’.

The former antivirus creator is still residing on his yacht in the Bahamas, still hiding from the IRS due to unpaid paying taxes, but apparently, this will not stop him from running for president in 2020 as he intends on managing his campaign from a boat.

Featured Image: Decrypt Media

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