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Best EOS (EOS) Wallets for 2018

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Dec 5, 2018
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To help you in your quest with finding the best EOS wallet, we have compiled a list of promising wallets that offers storage for the EOS coin.

About EOS

Even since its launch, EOS has slowly but surely carved its way at the top of the cryptocurrency market through its outstanding innovations and more social media presence than most other projects of this sort.

Commonly nicknamed “Ethereum Killer,” EOS was designed to be the primary competitor for the said platform, acting more as a third-generation cryptocurrency platform. Created by a smart fellow called Dan Larimer and the team, EOS is a project with a strong focus on scalability, speed, and top-notch user experience.

Despite the bearish crypto market of 2018, the EOS token has done decently well when compared to its main competitors. At the time of this writing, EOS is ranked 7th on CoinMarketCap with a market cap of $2,565,606,798 which makes it one of the strongest coins to date.

Predicting how things will turn out in 2019 is nearly impossible, but it’s quite clear that EOS has a very good chance to evolve even more. If EOS wasn’t in your scope as an investor until now, then you might consider investing in the project from here on out.

If that’s the case, among other things, you will require a good, secure, and sturdy wallet to store your private keys. There are numerous aspects that should be taken into account when it comes to EOS-compatible wallets.

Things to look for in an EOS wallet

For starters, you have to check if the wallet supports EOS mainnet coins (EOS launched its mainnet in the summer of 2018, parting ways to Ethereum, hence, its token is no longer an ERC-20 one). In short, ERC-20 compatibility should no longer be a relevant criterion for an EOS wallet.

Secondly, a good crypto wallet allows you to be in control of your private keys at all times. Make sure your future wallet has two-factor authentication, various encryption features, and possibly even backup-restore options.

Customer support is yet another issue that you should look out for. If there’s any problem with your wallet and funds, you want to be able to contact the team as quickly as possible.

Best EOS wallets

To help you out in your endeavor, we created a list with some of the best EOS wallets. Our list includes mobile wallets, as well as desktop, hardware, and online wallets.

Atomic Wallet

Atomic Wallet is a great combination of features that make it a suitable EOS wallet option. The wallet features a built-in mechanism that enables atomic swaps, hence the name of the wallet. This implementation allows users to exchange coins between them at fast speeds.

Atomic Wallet also supports fiat purchases of coins with credit cards from Visa and Mastercard.

There are more than 300 cryptos supported, and aside from NEO, you can also store Bitcoin, Ethereum, Stellar Lumens, Ethereum Classic, Ripple, Litecoin, and many others.

The wallet can be used on both desktop and mobile devices, compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux, Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, Android, and iOS.

Both desktop and mobile apps give users full control over their cryptos, as private keys and transaction records are all kept on the users’ PCs or mobile phones and not on the wallet’s servers.

Infinito EOS Wallet

Infinito is a versatile, universal mobile wallet that allows you to store and manage a wide range of cryptocurrencies. It allows you to store Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Ethereum, NEO, Dogecoin, and all ERC-20 tokens. However, what’s more, important is the fact that it’s compatible with mainnet EOS tokens as well.

It’s available for both Android and iOS, it has one very modern and functional GUI, and comes with support for 12 languages. The wallet doesn’t store your private keys on servers, as it fully encrypts them on your device. Last but not least, the wallet also comes with support for Touch ID, which is a very important security feature for today’s mobile wallets.

Guarda EOS Wallet

Guarda EOS Wallet is a different type of EOS wallet. It comes in three forms: either a web wallet, a desktop wallet, and a Chrome extension. Besides its platform compatibility, Guarda EOS Wallet also has the advantage of supporting multiple coins and tokens like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Zcash, Ripple, DASH, as well as EOS.

It’s one of the most secure EOS wallets to date as it doesn’t store any client information, wallet data or private keys on servers. Instead, your private key is stored directly on the device’s secure memory and deletes itself when you log out from the wallet.

SimplEOS Wallet

SimplEOS Wallet is a modern desktop wallet designed specifically for the EOS ecosystem. It allows you to store and manage EOS tokens as well as to interact with the EOS network directly from your Windows, Linux, and macOS (Mac) computer.

The wallet comes with support for multiple accounts, it’s compatible with EOS airdrops, and it even provides its users with access to a voting portal. The wallet has very good reviews within the crypto community and is developed by a company that puts your privacy and security at the top of its priority list.

Scatter EOS Wallet

The Scatter EOS wallet started in life as a Google Chrome extension. Even though it boasted new-age security technology under its hood such as Single Sign On (SSO) and asymmetric encryption, it soon evolved into a full-fledged desktop wallet. With Scatter EOS, all your private keys and important data are stored directly on your computer, and even though the wallet sends data to the blockchain, it transmits it using a “hashed fingerprint.”

The wallet supports mainnet EOS tokens as well as ETH and all types of ERC-20 tokens.

GreyMass EOS Voter Wallet

GreyMass EOS Voter Wallet is another desktop wallet designed specifically to provide its users with a quick way to interact with the EOS blockchain in the form of smart contracts. It’s available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

All transactions are signed within the application, meaning that your private keys are never transmitted as they are encrypted using the AES-256 algorithm. However, it’s not the most user-friendly wallet out there, as it has a plethora of tools for managing EOS tokens, and comes with full integration with the EOS blockchain.

Ledger Nano S

Our list wouldn’t have been complete without a hardware wallet. Hardware wallets are the most secure form for storing your private keys and ensuring that your funds are well beyond the reach of thieves or hackers. The Ledger Nano S is one of the most popular hardware wallets currently on the market (sharing the market with other leading wallets such as Trezor, KeepKey, and CoolWallet S) and it boasts support for over 700 coins and tokens, including EOS.

The wallet is easy to set up, has multiple security features such as account encryption, full backups, and PIN code. The only downside of this wallet is the fact that it costs money.


Since EOS is a very popular project, there’s no surprise that there are plenty of wallet options to consider. Our list contains but a few, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find alternatives that work way better for you. To end with, don’t forget that picking a good wallet is paramount to ensuring the security of your funds. However, it’s just as important to have healthy security practices. Good luck!

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