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U.K. Financial Ltd. Announces Massive Airdrop Campaign

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Sep 4, 2019
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U.K. Financial Ltd. will grant $500 worth of MYEX tokens used by Maya exchange, the company’s exchange backed by gold and silver. To get the reward traders have to purchase MAPR, Maya Coin and DFS listed on FatBTC and Catex, between September 1st and September 30th, and hold the coins until October 31st.

Also, as previously was reported, from day to day Maya Coin and DFS will be listed on P2pb2b.i.

To receive the new U.K. Financial Ltd.’s exchange token Maya exchange (MYEX), amounting to $500, traders must buy $250 worth of Maya Preferred 223 (MAPR), $125 worth of Maya Coin (MAYA) and $125 worth of Fantasy Sports (DFS) during the period between September 1, 2019, and September 30th, 2019. They also have to hold the coins until October 31st. The airdrop rules do not require users to buy all 3 tokens simultaneously, the purchase can be done throughout the month.

U.K. Financial Ltd. will be using its gold and silver backed Maya Preferred 223 to back MYEX with $1 worth of Gold and Silver per token, giving MYEX a $1 per share book value. Every time Maya Preferred 223 adds more gold and silver Mines to the equation, it not only increases the value of Maya Preferred 223, but it also increases the value of MYEX. By U. K. Financial Ltd. performing this transaction, it will make Maya Exchange the first-ever cryptocurrency exchange backed by gold and silver. Currently, U. K. Financial Ltd. is offering 5 million tokens at only $0.30 per token.

James Dahlke, CEO of UK Financial Ltd., commented on the airdrop:

“Crypto world can witness our business grow along with the number of projects, coins, exchanges and investors who repose their trust in us. Maya trade coin MYEX is a new stage for the whole U.K. Financial Ltd. ecosystem, which includes MAPR, Maya Coin and DFS. We are offering our holders to double their investments with its help. When the 500$ gold strike airdrop comes, it is time to cut the melon!”

MYEX token is a primary exchange pair for BTC, ETH, MAPR, Maya Coin and DFS on Maya exchange. Maya Preferred 223 (currently about 0.045 BTC / $ 468.86 on Cat.ex), Maya Coin (currently about 0.000049 BTC / $ 0.52 on Cat.ex) and Fantasy Sports (currently about 0.0000070 BTC / $ 0.074 on Cat.ex) are owned by UK Financial Ltd., the digital M&A company working in the optimization of private and public companies with blockchain technology. The recently acquired DFS is a gaming currency that specializes in fantasy sports, e-sports, and online casino play.

About MYEX

MYEX is the first-ever cryptocurrency exchange backed by gold and silver owned by U. K. Financial Ltd.

About Maya Preferred 223 (MAPR)

MAPR is U. K. Financial Ltd.’s ERC-23 token built on the Ethereum Classic blockchain. It is backed by $34,000 per token in gold and silver from 11 gold and silver mines in Mexico. MAPR is currently traded on two crypto exchanges, FatBTC and Cat.ex.

About Maya Coin (MAYA)

Maya Coin is brining mergers and acquisitions to the crypto world. Maya Coin uses blockchain technology to perform acquisitions of existing blockchain technology companies. It is also planning to acquire all types of assets including profitable private and public companies that are outside the blockchain technology industry.

About Fantasy Sports DFS

Fantasy Sports (DFS) is a gaming currency and company that specializes in fantasy sports, e-sports, and casino play.


GOATFANTASY.com is the latest game powered by Fantasy Sports (DFS) which allows users to play fantasy sports both in the US and internationally. Users can use DFS to turn their sports predictions into profit against other people around the world.

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