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TrustMoon Bounty Campaign Is Live with 25 Trillion Tokens

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May 24, 2021
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TrustMoon is happy to announce their Bounty Campaign is live with 25 Trillion tokens. The team has also announced the presale program to start from 1st June 2021 with 25% tokens availability. Also, they will offer the user a chance to earn free $TrustMoon tokens rewards.

Get Ready to Fly 10000X with TrustMoon Token

TrustMoon announces its 25 trillion Bounty Campaign from 13th May 2021. Now, the user can attain remuneration to participate in the ongoing bounty program. The user can support the team to unite every crypto enthusiast and elevate awareness to recognize ourselves with the community, better.

The traders can earn up to 1.5% worth $TrustMoon tokens. The TrustMoon team is all set to distribute tokens with free rewards for everyone. They have made 2.5% tokens currently available out of the total supply worth 1 Quadrillion. Around 25000000000000 worth $TrustMoon tokens are allotted to marketing and bounty.

According to the CEO of TrustMoon, “This program is to encourage more investors to join our TrustMoon community. We have announced the TrustMoon Community Bounty Program to cheer every interested issuer, customers, and investors to participate in the upcoming events and program. Now, we offer everyone user a chance to earn contribution rewards and points to win $TrustMoon tokens.”

TrustMoon has invited all early community members to earn TrustMoon tokens by completing specific tasks related to posting, social media activities like retweets, comments, and drive-in engagements on a variety of social media.

This reward program will end soon after the particular goal is achieved. There is up to 25000000000000 $TrustMoon available throughout the program. So, Hurry Up!

How to Participate?

The procedure is very simple:

1. Social Media Contribution

The user needs to follow TrustMoon on social media channels like Twitter, Telegram, Medium, and other mentioned media on the website.

After joining the platforms, they need to do some positive engagement activities like comments and retweets.

2. Content Development Contribution

The interested user can create and publish the guide or videos or informative article on their channels with rightful and positive content aspects.

3. Influencer Contribution

If the user has an influencer following with a good volume, they can publish content on the respective channels or groups, or blogs to encourage other members to join the TrustMoon community.

Note – Please submit your work to claim bounty tokens:

The customers can also buy TrustMoon tokens on BSC Scan and PancakeSwap. The link is given below:

About TrustMoon and Its Tokens

TrustMoon ($TrustMoon) is specifically a blockchain network that intends at offering Decentralized Financial banking solutions. They are rewarding facets like LP acquisition tools, static rewards, manual burn, and variant other decentralized protocols.

Some of the protocols and blockchain applications are in progress and will be added soon for public use. They offer a community-driven, high-yielding, and liquidity generation protocol where every individual can happily invest and trade their assets. TrustMoon network enables every user to innovate Defi banking solutions.

$TrustMoon is a freshly created BSC-20 token working on the Binance Smart chain network. It tokenizes the operability of the TrustMoon decentralized finance banking development and transactions. TrustMoon works on a layer 2 network to provide a prominent auto-liquidity mechanism that will gather huge demand with an incoming token economy in the future.  

Also, every exiting $TrustMoon token is added to PancakeSwap and BSC scan explorer exclusively respectively for the community members. It is powered by Binance Smart Chain (BSC), 1icnh, BSC Scan, PancakeSwap. Check out the $TrustMoon token distribution:

  1. Liquidity fee- 7%
  2. Distribution fee- 3%
  3. Initial Burn- 50%
  4. Presale- 25%
  5. Liquidity- 20%
  6. Marketing and Rewards- 5%

$TrustMoon Tokenomics and Details

  • Token Name: TrustMoon
  • Symbol: $TrustMoon
  • Total supply: 1Quadrillion $TrustMoon Tokens
  • Expected Holders: 4050000
  • Estimated Growth: 5000%
  • Market Cap: $8.9B
  • Referral Bounty: 25% of the total supply

Other Updates

  1. Presale Program will start on 1st June 2021 where 25% of TrustMoon tokens will be distributed.
  2. $TrustMoon Bounty is live from 13th May 2021 with a distribution of 25 Trillion tokens.
  3. TrustMoon tokens will be released approximately a few weeks after the closure of the bounty campaign.
  4. Next Event is Add Liquidity | 04 JUNE 2021 to list on PancakeSwap and 1icnh.

If you have any questions, please pitch us on any social media platforms mentioned below. More tasks and events will be added soon. To receive your TrustMoon token rewards, the user needs to open an account with TrustMoon Network.

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