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Top 10 Web3 Job Boards – Find Crypto & Web3 Jobs

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Nov 15, 2023
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In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, Web3 technologies have emerged as a driving force behind the decentralized future. With blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and decentralized applications (DApps) revolutionizing industries, the demand for skilled professionals in the Web3 space is inevitable.   

It’s just that there’s a problem for both people hiring in this area and those looking for Web3 jobs – finding trustworthy platforms focused on Web3 jobs.    

Precisely for this reason, this article delves into the world of Web3 job boards, helping both recruiters and job seekers. We will unveil the top platforms connecting talented individuals like you with cutting-edge companies and organizations offering blockchain and decentralized job opportunities. 

What is Web3?

What is Web3?   

If you’re looking for a job in Web3 but still don’t know exactly what Web3 is all about, well, you should know that the origins of Web3 can be traced back to 1991 when scientists W. Scott Stornetta and Stuart Haber introduced the first blockchain technology, a groundbreaking project aimed at timestamping digital documents. However, amidst the financial crisis, it wasn’t until 2009 that the idea truly gained traction with the launch of Bitcoin by the mysterious figure Satoshi Nakamoto.    

Bitcoin, along with its underlying blockchain technology, operates in the following manner: the ownership of the cryptocurrency is recorded on a shared public ledger, and when a user wishes to make a transfer, miners solve complex mathematical problems to process the transaction, earning newly created crypto as they add a new “block” of data to the chain. While Bitcoin primarily serves as a currency, newer blockchains offer a broader range of possibilities.     

For example, Ethereum, established in 2015, functions as both a cryptocurrency and a platform that enables the creation of other cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects.     

So, after over a decade of development, proponents of a blockchain-based web are now heralding the arrival of a new era called Web3.  

In 2014, Gavin Wood, the co-founder of Ethereum and the visionary behind Polkadot, introduced the groundbreaking concept of “Web3.” Coined by Wood himself, the term encapsulates an extraordinary vision of a decentralized online ecosystem built upon the revolutionary technology of blockchain.    

So, in essence, Web3 represents an expansion of cryptocurrency that employs blockchain in innovative ways to achieve new objectives and incorporates concepts such as decentralization, blockchain technologies, and token-based economics.     

A blockchain can store various data types, such as the digit of tokens in a wallet, the conditions of a self-executing contract, or the code for a DApp. Although not all blockchains operate identically, coins generally incentivize miners to process transactions.     

Web3 and cryptocurrencies operate on “permissionless” blockchains, which lack centralized control and do not demand users to trust or know other users to conduct business. This is mostly what people refer to when mentioning blockchain and Web3.

Top Web3 Job Board in 2023: Best Web3 Job Board

1. Web3 Jobs

1. Web3 Jobs  

And, let the drums beat… No. #1 in our top is Web3 Jobs. Web3Jobs has emerged as the leading destination for individuals seeking employment opportunities within the Web3 industry. With its extensive reach and influence, the platform currently boasts an impressive collection of over 32,000 job postings across 5,700 diverse Web3 projects spanning various industry niches. Prominent players in the field, including Polygon, Ripple, Stripe, Uniswap, UNICEF, and Techstars, have recognized the value of Web3 Jobs and are actively utilizing the platform to scout for exceptional talent.  

Its user-friendly interface sets Web3 Jobs apart, albeit with a sleek and somewhat dark aesthetic. Navigating the website is a breeze, presenting many employment prospects within the Web3 sector.   

Web3 Jobs is a go-to destination whether you’re a seasoned professional searching for paid positions or a dream job as Community Manager, Content Writer, JavaScript Developer, Data Analyst, Smart Contract Developer, Product Manager, Game Developer, or even an aspiring Intern. Furthermore, the platform also caters to entry-level job seekers, providing accessible opportunities for those with limited professional experience.  

To streamline the job search process, Web3 Jobs offers specialized sections that focus on remote positions, the highest-paying roles in the Web3 domain, as well as non-technical opportunities.  

For a company looking to attract top talent, Web3 Jobs provides a seamless job posting experience starting at an affordable rate of $348. For features like sticky posts to the top of the page, logo adding to the job post, or highlighting the job post, recruiters can go as high as $845.  

2. Remote3

2. Remote3

Our second choice is Remote3, a premier online destination exclusively dedicated to showcasing remote-only job opportunities within the blockchain and Web3 industry. With a focus on facilitating seamless connections between job seekers and visionary companies engaged in blockchain, smart contracts, DeFi, NFTs, and cryptocurrencies, Remote3 opens up a world of possibilities for professionals seeking remote Web3 roles across the globe.  

You can work from San Francisco, New York, Miami, California, London, Toronto, or any other location because Remote3 only offers remote positions.  

Emphasizing its commitment to providing an exceptional user experience, Remote3 invites job seekers to explore over 2,500 remote Web3 positions from companies at the forefront of the industry. Among the notable organizations leveraging Remote3’s platform for talent acquisition are respected names such as Status, Protocol Labs, Syndica,, and more. While Remote3 may not yet possess the same level of widespread adoption as its competitors, like Web3 Jobs, it boasts an impressive roster of forward-thinking companies actively engaging with the platform.   

In addition to offering companies the ability to post their openings, Remote3 acts as an aggregator, consolidating job listings from some of the largest and most influential companies within the crypto space.   

Also, as an added advantage, Remote3 features an up-to-date list of remote and in-person hackathons hosted by major players in Web3.   

Remote3 delivers a seamless job posting experience for companies, with rates starting at just $199. For added visibility and customization, recruiters can opt for premium features like featured on the front page or featured with custom brand color, and the price can go as high as $345.

3. CryptoJobster

3. CryptoJobster

Another impressive Web3 platform for crypto jobs is Crypto Jobster. Launched in 2022, Crypto Jobster makes finding a Web3 job easier by introducing the tags concept.

The tags basically show you all of the jobs available from a certain keyword, such as “Support” (to find Web3 crypto support jobs), “Community Manager” (to find Web3 crypto community manager jobs) and so on.

You can also filter the jobs by Roles – and the most awesome part is that they have a lot of Nontech available jobs – more than 200. Also, searching for jobs based by location is again something possible.

Crypto Jobster is a top choice if you’re searching for a Web3 crypto job. Even as a non-tech person, it’s possible to find a good paid one.

4. CryptoJobList

3. CryptoJobList  

CryptoJobsList is in third place on our top Web3 job board. It stands as a prominent and highly regarded Web3 job board, serving as a hub for employment opportunities within the industry.    

With an impressive compilation of over 10,000 job postings, 2,456 diverse companies, and salary information for more than 5,499 positions, CryptoJobsList offers an extensive range of possibilities for job seekers.    

The job listings on CryptoJobsList encompass various roles and industry verticals, encompassing vital sectors such as Web3, NFT, Solidity Development, Business Development, Marketing, DeFi, Internships, and others. This comprehensive selection ensures that professionals from various backgrounds and skill sets can find relevant opportunities within the Web3 landscape and even the youngest in their careers who are beginning their Web3 journey.   

CryptoJobsList has garnered the trust and adoption of influential crypto and blockchain enterprises, including notable names like The Ethereum Foundation, CoinMarketCap, Etherscan, and OKX. These esteemed companies actively utilize CryptoJobsList to connect with top-tier talent and fill their Web3 job openings.  

Going beyond job listings, CryptoJobsList ensures that job hunters stay up-to-date with the latest opportunities by offering a weekly Web3 jobs newsletter. Moreover, moving on to other relevant recruitment information, posting a job offer on CryptoJobList can cost you between $69 and $2569 per job posted because CryptoJobList goes on a job budget you must set. Included in this job ad budget, depending on the budget set is:   

  • Prime Placement – The highest budget guarantees your job ad’s top position on the list unless outbid;   
  • Extensive Reach – Benefit from Twitter shoutouts to over 52K followers, newsletter mentions to 78.5K subscribers, and notifications to 81.8K LinkedIn followers;   
  • Community Engagement – Reach over 215.2K+ members across 488 servers through announcements on their Discord Bot;   
  • Dedicated Audience – Engage with Telegram channel followers and tap into their enthusiasm;   
  • Widely Shared – The job offer will be published on crypto subreddits.

5. Cryptocurrency Jobs

4. Cryptocurrency Jobs - Web3 Jobs

Cryptocurrency Jobs proudly positions itself as a leading job board dedicated to blockchain and cryptocurrency roles. While exact metrics may be challenging to quantify, it undeniably stands among the most sought-after platforms for blockchain job seekers.   

Setting itself apart from other crypto job boards, Cryptocurrency Jobs prioritizes user-friendly functionality, ensuring a seamless experience for both job seekers and employers.    

Cryptocurrency Jobs has earned the trust and adoption of numerous influential companies within the crypto and blockchain industry. Esteemed organizations such as MAPLE, Polygon, AAVE, Algorand, Argent, Synthetix, UMA, and others rely on Cryptocurrency Jobs to attract top talent.    

The platform caters to various roles: Account Executives, Community Managers, Ecosystem Leads, Blockchain Engineers or Developers, Marketing Specialists, other non-tech and tech positions, and more.

Recognizing the value of salary information for job seekers, the site also provides average salary insights for each major job role within the industry, empowering candidates to make informed decisions about their career prospects.   

While Cryptocurrency Jobs boast numerous benefits, it is important to note that the current job listings on the site are relatively fewer than some other job boards, with just over 666 positions currently available.    

For listing a recruitment ad on Cryptocurrency Jobs, they charge a fixed fee of $299, which includes numerous features, including a 30-day live job post, top placement on the front page, top placement on filtered search results, highlighted listing, company logo branding, featured in the newsletter, volume discounts up to 20% off and more others.   

SIDENOTE: Please ensure that you do not confuse, the esteemed web3 job board mentioned in this list, with It’s crucial to distinguish between the two to avoid any confusion or potential mix-ups.

6. RemoteOK

5. RemoteOK  - Web3 Jobs Boards

While not exclusively focused on Web3 recruitment, this site undoubtedly deserves recognition as one of the top contenders in the field because its Web3 jobs page gathers hundreds of thousands of users.   

RemoteOK prides itself on being the internet’s foremost destination company for remote job seekers (so, your location doesn’t matter), based on their remote positions and a staggering user base of over 2.6 million remote job seekers worldwide. We don’t know if that’s true, but one thing we do know – RemoteOK has solidified its position as a trusted platform.   

Their esteemed partnerships include giants like Amazon, GitHub, Stripe, Shopify, Upwork, and Coinbase. 

While RemoteOK caters to remote jobs across diverse industries, they have created a dedicated space for Web3 opportunities. Their specialized Web3 page currently features many enticing positions, totaling over 200 job listings. Prominent companies such as Kraken, Rarible, OpenSea, and Polygon also embrace the trend alongside numerous innovative crypto startups.

On RemoteOK, the cost of posting a recruitment job varies, offering flexibility to suit different budgets, with prices ranging from $99 to approximately $2040.

7. CryptoJobs

6. CryptoJobs  

CryptoJobs is proudly recommended to be the “fastest-growing crypto jobs portal for talents & companies.” Although we didn’t consider it the best based on this top, it certainly deserves a reasonable sixth place in our best Web3 job boards article.   

Their mission is clear: to foster connections between talented individuals and the most innovative blockchain projects, ultimately propelling the advancement of a decentralized world.    

With a vast network of over 140 active companies at the time of writing, esteemed employers, including renowned names like Binance, BitPanda, CoinGape, Bitfex, Gemini, Luna PR, Consensys, Ripple, and others, provide unparalleled opportunities for job seekers in order to apply to a job at a top-tier company.   

On this job board, you can find various jobs, from tech games like Polygon Blockchain Developer and Solidity Developer to non-tech jobs like Community Manager, Content Writer, and even internships for beginners.   

For posting a job ad, CryptoJobs offers a basic job ad package with limited functionality, and others that involve more functionalities start at $40 and go up to $125.

8. Wellfound (formerly AngelList Talent)

7. Wellfound (formerly AngelList Talent)  

Does the name Wellfound mean anything to you? Well, it didn’t to us either. That’s because Wellfound is actually the new, rebranded form of AngelList.   

So, Wellfound (formerly AngelList Talent) is one of the preeminent and highly regarded online platforms for hire, catering specifically to startups and technology companies.

With an extensive repository of over 130,000 job postings, it encompasses numerous opportunities within the crypto, blockchain, and Web3 domains. It is worth mentioning that while the job quality on Wellfound is exceptional, the search functionality may pose some challenges for users.

9. Web3Creators

9. Web3Creators

While not as widely recognized as platforms like Web3 Jobs or Remote3, Web3Creators, despite its relative youth, holds a noteworthy position in this space. 

Web3Creators serves as a versatile platform, offering opportunities for individuals to both seek Web3 employment and hire talent for Web3-related roles. Whether you’re looking for positions in legal, IT, marketing, human resources, or other fields within Web3, you can find them here. 

Renowned companies such as Chainstack, Refinable, Gnosis, ParaSwap, Celo, The Graph, and many more actively recruit through this platform. Given its relatively recent inception, Web3Creators provides advantages for posting job listings, making it a platform worth considering for your hiring needs.

10. MyWeb3Jobs

10. MyWeb3Jobs

Last but not least, let’s remember MyWeb3Jobs, a Web3 resource platform with enticing opportunities for both experienced professionals and newcomers. 

MyWeb3Jobs allows you to post positions for interns, seasoned experts, and everyone in between, making it a valuable resource, especially for those launching their careers. 

Furthermore, posting a job on this platform is cost-effective for recruiters, priced at just $50.

Top Web3 Job Boards for Beginners

The magical thing about Web3 is that you can find a job regardless of your field experience. Web3 companies are in to teach you what Web3 is about and how you can help them. So, you can find entry-level jobs on many Web3 job boards for beginners.

While you can look for entry-level jobs on the platforms we already talked about, let’s give some more examples so that you can have as many options as possible.  


8. Remotive - Web3 Job

Remotive is a Web3 job board designed to help users find remote positions. It offers jobs from all over the world and plenty of fields, including software development, customer service, design, marketing sales, legal, human resources, writing, and many more.  

On Remotive, you can look for jobs that require you to be based in various locations, but you will also find plenty of options available worldwide. The job offers are carefully described so that everyone can clearly understand what their tasks would be.

Crypto Recruit

Web3 Job for Beginners - Crypto Recruit

Crypto Recruit is a top choice when it comes to finding the best jobs in the Web3 industry. The platform has worked with major companies, such as Binance, The Sandbox, or ConsenSys. Crypto Recruit gathers jobs from multiple fields, including executive management, accounting, marketing, IT, sales, human resources, and legal. 

About Web3 Internships

If you want to enter the Web3 sector through an intriguing job, it is a great idea to try an internship. There are plenty of such programs you can apply for, and most of them also offer a full-time job after the end of the internship. All you have to do is rock at what you do.  

About Web3 Internships

If you’re looking for the best Web3 internships, you can check out the Web3 Internships platform, which is part of Remote3. Web3 Internships lists various programs from fields such as audit, software development, and many more. You may also find internships on other renowned platforms by simply searching for them through filters. 


What is a Web3 job board?

A Web3 Job Board is an online platform connecting individuals seeking employment in the Web3 industry with companies and organizations offering job opportunities. It is a centralized hub where job seekers can browse and apply for various blockchain-related roles, cryptocurrency, decentralized finance (DeFi), non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and other Web3 technologies.    

What are the best Web3 job boards?

Based on our research, the best Web3 job boards are Web3 Jobs, Remote3, CryptoJobList, Cryptocurrency Jobs, RemoteOK, CryptoJobs, Wellfound (formerly AngelList Talent), Remotive, Web3Creators, and MyWeb3Jobs. 


The rapidly evolving Web3 industry demands skilled professionals, but finding reliable platforms for Web3 job opportunities can be challenging. This article has highlighted the top Web3 job boards, including Web3 Jobs, Remote3, CryptoJobList, Cryptocurrency Jobs, RemoteOK, CryptoJobs, Wellfound (formerly AngelList Talent), Remotive, Web3Creators, and MyWeb3Jobs.  

By bridging the gap between talent and opportunities, these platforms play a vital role in shaping the decentralized landscape and facilitating the growth of the Web3 industry. 

* The information in this article and the links provided are for general information purposes only and should not constitute any financial or investment advice. We advise you to do your own research or consult a professional before making financial decisions. Please acknowledge that we are not responsible for any loss caused by any information present on this website.
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