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Top 8 Crypto Ad Networks for Your Marketing Efforts 

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Nov 29, 2022
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Have you tried advertising a crypto project on major advertising platforms like Google or Facebook and got your ads rejected for no reason? We know the struggle.

If you’re anything like us, you know that advertising plays a huge role in a project’s success, especially during the digital era that we live in. But how can a healthy crypto project advertise itself if even Google shadow-banned crypto keywords on Google Ads and disapproves your ads automatically?  

The answer is simple – crypto ad networks. 

What is a Crypto Ad Network? 

Like Google Display Network, a crypto ad network acts as an interface between the publisher and the advertiser. They connect crypto publishers with crypto advertisers.  

The only difference is that crypto ad networks work with crypto-related projects and helps them advertise on crypto-related blogs, websites, or forums.   

By working solely with businesses and websites that are blockchain-oriented, crypto ad networks understand this market much better and provide well-designed advertising solutions to maximize effectiveness. 

Using a crypto advertising network is vital for each crypto project, being the easiest way to gain visibility and attract desired traffic from your target audience. 

Best Crypto Ad Networks to Join 

Considering that there are tons of crypto ad networks, we want to help you to choose the right one. So, here is the list of the top 7 crypto ad networks for your marketing efforts

1. Coinzilla 

Coinzilla Crypto Ad Network

Founded in 2016, Coinzilla is one of the most trusted crypto ad networks on the market, delivering over 1 billion monthly impressions. Since 2016, Coinzilla has helped more than 20,000 publishers monetize their websites and advertised over 15,000 brands in the crypto sphere. 

Publisher Network 

Coinzilla has a publisher network that provides access to over 650 websites every month, including CoinGeeko, Etherscan,, CoinCodex, TheCrypto.App, Bitcoinist, and many more. On average, Coinzilla can deliver over one billion impressions per month, covering 160 countries worldwide. 

Furthermore, Coinzilla also has a great reputation among advertisers, having worked with various large projects such as, eToro, Bitpanda, 1xBit,, Nexo, BC.Game, and others. 

Advertising Options 

Coinzilla Campaign Types

Coinzilla provides users with three primary campaign types

  • Display advertising; 
  • Native advertising (web or in-app); 
  • Pop-under advertising. 

You can choose between different ad formats, such as static (.jpg or .png) or dynamic (HTML5 or .gif), and advertise based on a CPM payment model, the only payment model accepted by Coinzilla. 

Some of the main features Coinzilla provides for its users when it comes to advertising campaigns are budget throttle, capping, and various targeting options. 

Budget Throttle 

The budget throttle tool allows you to choose how to spend your ad budget: 

  • As fast as possible, which will prioritize getting your ad in front of as many users as possible, until your daily budget is spent; 
  • Spend evenly per hour, which will deliver your campaign evenly throughout the day. 


Coinzilla Capping Option

Capping refers to how often a single user can see your ad in a given interval. 

Coinzilla allows you to set your capping and pick a capping time of 1, 6, 12, or 24 hours. So, for a better understanding, if you put a capping of 6 with an interval of 12 hours, the same user will only see your ad 6 times at most in those 12 hours. 

Targeting Options 

You can select only countries of interest, specific devices, and websites on which to deliver your ads. There is also a global blacklist option, where you can block your ads from being delivered on entire websites or on specific ad zones. 

Coinzilla Advertising Network Targeting Options 

Supported Currencies and Payment Options 

Coinzilla supports deposits and payments using SEPA Bank Transfer and major cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, BNB, ADA, DOGE, and many more through and CoinGate.  

The minimum deposit is the equivalent of €100, and publishers automatically get their payments weekly or monthly, depending on their preferences. 

Other Features 

Their account managers are responsive and very efficient. There is a growing team that can offer great assistance in the setup process, campaign creation, optimization, tracking and delivery, and many other things. Besides, Coinzilla has a dedicated team of graphic designers that can create impressive banners for their customers. 

Coinzilla offers an API & Performance System that will help monitor your advertising efforts. Through the Coinzilla API, you can access data such as impressions, the amount spent, clicks, and estimated CPM based on five primary methods of grouping your campaign statistics by date, country, browser, operating system, and ad zone. 

Coinzilla also developed a content marketplace that can help advertisers deliver press releases, sponsored posts, or organic articles directly on their publisher network. With Coinzilla Marketplace, you can set up a complete advertising campaign, delivering both ads and content to major crypto websites. 

And to top it all off, they have a dedicated team of content writers who can help you in the copywriting process. 

The main disadvantage 

As for drawbacks, the main disadvantage of Coinzilla is related to its strict website acceptance policy. 

In order to be accepted as a publisher, your website must pass their teams’ evaluation, which will look at your monthly traffic, your content quality, and the user experience. 

2. DOT

DOT is a leading premium Web3 & Crypto ad network UK based offering advertisers direct access to a vast network of over 350 web3 and crypto news sites that attract high-quality audiences of 175+ Million readers interested in Finance, DeFI, Tech, Online Gaming NFTs, DAOs, and other similar blockchain technologies.

It is no surprise that hundreds of crypto brands trust DOT to meet their marketing goals.

DOT offers several key benefits that make it an attractive option for advertisers. These benefits include:

  •  450+ of crypto advertisers choose DOT.
  •  Over 175 million readers monthly.
  •  Self-Serve Ad Platfrom for Advanced targeting and Real time analytics
  •  Flexible pricing that allows for cancellation at any time.
  •  Advanced geo-targeting and contextual targeting options.
  •  Sponsored articles and press releases
  •  Round-the-clock client support
  • Free animated ad design

Self Serve Ad Platform

DOT’s advertising solution is designed to provide conversions rather than just clicks. Return on investment is at the heart of its ad solution, and pricing is designed to reflect this. DOT’s campaigns are flexible, allowing advertisers to start and stop them at any time without any contractual obligations. This gives advertisers full control over their budgets.

DOT’s targeting options allow for one-click audience profiling and geo-targeting to ensure that only relevant audiences are reached. Contextual targeting ensures that ad content is matched with website content to provide the best possible alignment with reader interests.

Premium Publishers

DOT has partnerships with hundreds of premium publishers in the crypto, gaming, finance, and Web3 sectors. Premium ad slots are available in visible positions, providing a clear advantage for the DOT network.

Multiple formats

Do you want a specific format? No worries because DOT has your back! DOT allows you to choose any format according to what you think will work best. Switch between targeted display ads, editorials or even press releases. You are free to pick any format, and change at any time.

Free Ad Design & Free A/B Testing

DOT also offers free creative design, free sponsored articles, and free campaign management designed to maximize your returns. If you are looking for the most comprehensive access to premium crypto audiences, DOT might be your best option. Content is available across all of DOT’s extensive media portfolio.

Crypto and non-Crypto Payment Options

● FIAT (Bank Transfer, Credit card)


With access to over 175+ million crypto-interested individuals monthly via DOT’s extensive list of media partnerships, there is little doubt that DOT is one of the most effective crypto ad networks available. Testament to the power of the technology, DOT has worked with thousands of advertisers from across Crypto, Blockchain, NFT, GameFi, and FinTech. Advanced targeting options, flexible pricing and the ability to pay in Bitcoin and other crypto options makes DOT a

true contender for the #1 spot. Additionally, DOT is the only network offering free ad design with all campaigns, and free campaign management too.

The main disadvantage

Strict websites requirements – Prioritizes crypto websites

3. Bitmedia 

Bitmedia is a popular crypto ad network founded in 2015 to connect blockchain companies with the right crypto audience. Its goal is to make buying and selling online ads more convenient.  

With over 1 billion monthly impressions from over 7,000 crypto websites since its inception, Bitmedia has grown in popularity in recent years because of its high-level of service to its publishers and advertisers. 

Advertising Options 

Bitmedia offers for its user: 

  • Display ads; 
  • HTML5 ads; 
  • Rich media. 
Bitmedia Advertiser Dashboard

Bitmedia offers both CPM and CPC payment model

Speaking of features, in the case of Bitmedia we are dealing with: 

AI Algorithm Displays Ads 

Bitmedia works with AI-based targeting options, including geo device, frequency of posting, and timing. These options ensure users see only relevant ads and have the ultimate goal of creating an ad-serving algorithm that can continuously improve, offering high-quality traffic. 

24/7 Support 

Bitmedia has a responsive growing team of account managers who can give instructions about every platform functionality, such as the setup process or campaign creation. 

Responsive Ads/Rich Ads 

A notable feature of Bitmedia is related to rich ad options, offering more complex ads that urge the viewer to participate. You can use different adaptive banners to make the adverts more appealing to users. 

Supported Currencies and Payment Options 

Bitmedia also supports deposits and payments using SEPA Bank Transfer and three cryptocurrencies: BTC, ETH, and USDT

The main disadvantage 

Before, when we said Bitmedia, we said Bitcoin. Now, even though payment is more than just via Bitcoin, only some cryptocurrencies can be used to pay on the platform. Thus, the small number of payment methods is the main disadvantage of the platform. 

4. Cointraffic 

Cointraffic Ad Network

Cointraffic has existed since 2014 as a crypto ad network, and, until now, they have more than 400 publishers and 1,000 advertisers, playing an essential role in the industry. There are important names in their advertisers’ portfolio, including KuCoin, 1xBit, and Bitpanda. 

Advertisers are assured that their ads will only be shown on distinguished websites and reach their target audience. 

Advertising Options 

Cointraffic provides users with following campaigns: 

  • Banner ads; 
  • Native ads; 
  • Pop-under ads; 
  • Press Releases. 
CoinTraffic Dashboard

Cointraffic has various ad formats, such as static banner ads, sticky footer ads, slide banner ads, native ads, mobile or desktop banner ads, and mobile pop-under ads

Cointraffic offers a CPM payment model

Using Cointraffic, features such as the following can be noticed: 

24/7 Support 

They offer personal account managers who can help you to set up your campaign and many more. This can save you much wasted time. 

High-Quality Traffic 

On Cointraffic, not everyone can join the network as they approve only professional and reputable sites with good-quality content related to the cryptocurrency market.  

Multiple Ad Formats Available 

As stated above, Cointraffic has various ad format types, some of them being static banner ads, sticky footer ads, slide banner ads, native ads, mobile or desktop banner ads, and mobile pop-under ads. 

Supported Currencies and Payment Options 

Through the CoinGate system, Cointraffic accepts the most important cryptocurrencies. Besides, any user can deposit money via Bank Wire or Credit Cards

The main disadvantage 

A significant drawback of the Cointraffic platform is related to the weak geo-restriction, meaning that bitcoin advertisements could show up on your site that is not related to your readers at all. That produces unqualified leads. 

5. AdShares 

AdShares Crypto Ad Network

AdShares is another well-known ad network founded in 2016 with over 1,100 active B2B users and 550 publishers focused on crypto, blockchain, and NFT ads. Also, AdShares have more than 140 million monthly impressions

AdShares has its own coin based on dPoS consensus – making it lighter, faster, and greener than PoW chains. It operates as a decentralized platform connecting publishers and advertisers directly, without any go-betweens. 

Advertising Options 

AdShares offers for its user: 

  • Banner ads; 
  • Pop-up, pop-under ads; 
  • Crypto payments; 
  • Very fair CPM due to the lower fees (automation); 
  • AdServer creation. 

Here are the key features of AdShares: 

Reliable and Transparent Payments 

The cornerstone of AdShares is transparency and the payment process. Being blockchain-enabled, all payments are reliable and self-governed. Besides, AdShares platform offers full control for publishers related to which content can be on their websites. 

Low Fees due to the Open Ecosystem 

Their open ecosystem is tailor-made to serve AdTech. $ADS tokens have an average energy consumption per transaction of 0,00002 kW/h and an average fee of $0.065. Also, AdShare is capable of processing over 1 million transactions per second. 

Will Create a DAO 

The forthcoming service of $ADS coin for holders is the chance to vote on ideas and decisions forthe platform development, as AdShares plans to implement in Q4 of 2022 a DAO. 

The main disadvantage 

The main disadvantage of AdShares is that the platform does not require verification or demanding criteria for joining the network. Thus, there is a chance for fraudulent projects to creep in. 

6. CoinAd 

CoinAD Media

CoinAd is a somehow different crypto ad network. It is a rigorous one that only accepts publishers on an invite-only basis. What does that mean? If a publisher wishes to join the network, they need an invite from CoinAd to join the network. Established in 2017, CoinAd is all about connecting trending crypto websites with the sense of selected advertisers. The CoinAd network has a selection of 200+ crypto websites, generating around 100,000 daily page impressions

Advertising Options 

What CoinAd can offer is: 

  • Banner ads; 
  • Articles (Guest posts, Press releases, reviews, news, and others). 

CoinAd supports multiple ad formats, such as 728x90px and 300x250px (HTML5, GIF, PNG), and they follow a CPC and CPM payment model

Also, CoinAd puts into play some prominent features, such as: 

Cryptocurrency PR Story Distribution 

There is a PR Story Marketplace on CoinAd, where you can buy an article that can be published on 50 crypto-related websites and reach your targeted audience. They offer an excellent text design and up to five links in the text. 

Self-service and Customizable Ads 

Self-service allows advertisers to control all aspects of their advertising campaign 24/7 without waiting to talk to the CoinAd team. Besides, they can customize their ads to fit the targeted audience. 

Supported Currencies and Payment Options 

As an advertiser, you can deposit by SEPA Bank Transfers or using BTC, ETH, LTC, USDT, and USDC. Also, publishers can withdraw money via BTC. Besides, you can start from $100. They accept all payments automatically. 

The main disadvantage 

The significant disadvantage that CoinAd has is related to the invite-only policy. There are strict requirements for a publisher to join the CoinAd network, so advertisers have a limited choice of publishers. 

7. A-ADS 

A-ADS Ad Network

A-ADS (Anonymous Ads) is one of the oldest crypto ad networks, founded in 2011, so it has built a solid and robust reputation, being considered a benchmark for Bitcoin in crypto ad networks. 

As its name suggests, the platform promotes one of the basic principles of blockchain: anonymity. So, all transactions, personal data, and verification requirements don’t exist on A-ADS, which is unusual compared with most crypto ad networks.

Looking at the numbers, they can offer over 3.5 million impressions daily for an advertiser at a CPM cost of $2.55. Also, A-ADS has transparent statistics updated in real-time on its website. 

Advertising Options 

A-ADS is focused only on banner ads. This means no pop-ups, no video pre-rolls, and no push-ups. 

The A-ADS primary payment model is a daily budget (the cost per day or CPD). Their system is not based on fixed CPM, which is significantly different from other ad networks. You can also work on CPM bids and CPA. 

A-Ads Network DashBoard

The most remarkable features of A-ADS are: 


You do not need to provide personal data, so you can work anonymously with them without even providing an email. You can create anonymous ad units and campaigns without a user account using a Bitcoin address. 

Does Not Put Cookies on Publishers’ Websites 

For A-ADS, the anonymity principle is valid in any activity, so A-ADS does not track publishing site visitors using cookies. They need to know about publishers’ websites, just the IP. Moreover, ads contain just HTML and CSS with no script or cookies. 

Precise Predictions about Your Campaign 

After you adjust your campaign, you will have a precise prediction of the impressions and the clicks you will get. 

Supported Currencies and Payment Options 

The platform accepts only cryptocurrency payments. You can pay with various cryptocurrencies, including BTC, XRP, ETH, TRX, DOGE, ETC, USDT, and others. Of course, users can withdrawal their money to an A-ADS account or directly to a Bitcoin address. 

The main disadvantage 

Ads may appear on poor-quality or low-quality sites for advertisers. The publisher network is very accessible for each kind of site, except those relating to guns, drugs, or other illegal activities. A-ADS accepts even small publishers, including those with low traffic volume. 

8. Coin.Network 


Coin.Network is a crypto ad network owned by BuySellAds, an AdTech company that has been in the market since 2008. Coin.Network sold its first crypto ad in 2013, and after a year, in 2014, it was the first platform that enabled Bitcoin as an ad payment method. 

Now, Coin.Network delivers more than 1 billion monthly impressions from over 50 million active users

Advertising Options 

Coin.Network is focused only on display and native ads. The display ad stack includes popular rectangle and leaderboard formats, and the native network includes crypto-focused formats. 

When it comes to the payment model, Coin.Network is owned by a leading company in CPM and CPC advertising

The most notable features of Coin.Network are: 

Full-stack Ad Management Suite 

Based on this feature, publishers have maximum control over their ads and can access high-yielding programmatic ads. Besides, they have access to an expert ad ops team, who are there to sustain publishers with managing and optimizing their ads. 

They Show Ads Only on Top-Tier Crypto Sites 

Working with Coin.Network, you will have access to many top-tier crypto sites, like CoinGeeko, WhatToMine, Coinranking, LiveCoinWatch, and others. 

Supported Currencies and Payment Options 

Related to what payments method are available, you can opt for one of the following: SEPA Bank Transfer or the following three cryptocurrencies – BTC, ETC, LTC. Other cryptos are accepted upon request

The main disadvantage 

The main disadvantage of Coin.Network is the high minimum budget for a self-serve ad campaign. Advertisers need a minimum $5.000 budget to start a self-serve ad campaign

Other Crypto Ad Networks  

If none of the crypto ad networks impressed you and you want to look at others, we recommend you look at the following: 


PropellerAds is an AdTech company founded in 2011 that provides robust performance marketing solutions globally. Since the beginning, PropellerAds has been one of the leading popunder traffic networks. Now, besides popunder ads, they have different ad formats, like push notifications and interstitial ads. 

Some of PropellerAds benefits are their multi-language support team, the in-house anti-fraud system, and the CPM, CPC, and Smart bidding models. 

Some of the disadvantages of PropellerAds are the lower revenue for a non-English website, low CPM on low-quality websites, and does not offer header bidding. 

Ambire (formerly AdEx Network) 

Ambire AdEx is a crypto ad network that provides solutions for advertisers and publishers who want to create a decentralized, user-driven advertising environment where fraudulent activity and lack of privacy are impossible.  

The platform supports all classic ad/banner sizes, such as 300X250, 160X600, and 728X90, and follows a CPM payment method. 

Some of the advantages offered by Ambire AdEx are that publishers and advertisers are directly connected, so no additional fees are required. Also, it provides fraud protection, and advertisers can monitor campaigns in real time. 

Disadvantages include that advertisers and publishers must comply with network requirements. In addition, the portion that the network takes is often considerable. 


HilltopAds is another ad network launched in 2012 that helps facilitate a mutually fruitful and satisfying relationship between advertisers and publishers. It serves ads to monetize websites using smart tech solutions on its advertising platform. 

HilltopAds has a popular anti-ad blocker technology that can save publishers and advertisers revenue that is often lost due to ad-blocking software. 

HilltopAds constantly updates its ad formats. Now, it can offer formats such as banner ads, popunder ads, direct links, and video ads, each with different payment methods, some of these being: CPA, CPM, or CPC. 

Speaking about advantages, HilltopAds can offer 0% transaction fees for every partner, 24/7 support from an international team, and a referral program of 5% for all advertisers and publishers. 

On the other hand, there is no self-service panel. A manager must approve any change to a campaign. 


Coinbound is one of the newer candidates in the field. Founded in 2018, the agency boasts a rich network of content creators and influential figures for unique access to the latest trends and updates in the cryptocurrency market. Besides, Coinbound has one of the lowest CPMs of all networks. 

The agency works with a vast network of publishers like ZyCrypto, CoinTelegraph, NullTX, EthereumWorldNews, and more. 

Some advantages of Coinbound include 24/7 customer support, a self-serve platform where publishers can choose which publishers and in which zones to publish their ads, provides analytics reports, and others. 

The main disadvantage of Coinbound is related to beginners, who might find the platform complicated. 


The crypto ad network you pick should greatly depend on your needs. If you are looking for platforms that can help you reach large audiences on significant websites, platforms such as Coinzilla would probably work best. But if you are looking for specific features such as a DAO, you could try AdShares. 

* The information in this article and the links provided are for general information purposes only and should not constitute any financial or investment advice. We advise you to do your own research or consult a professional before making financial decisions. Please acknowledge that we are not responsible for any loss caused by any information present on this website.
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