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Top 10 Cheap NFTs for October 2023

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Sep 27, 2023
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The cryptocurrency world is offering us truly intriguing projects that aim to revolutionize how we perceive and use the internet, assets, and basically everything happening online. Among so many projects being developed and launched, NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) may be among the most popular concepts we work with daily.   

If you are passionate about NFTs and are planning to diversify your digital collectibles portfolio with little investment, we’ve prepared a list with some of the top cheap NFTs you should look into this October.  

Before we dive into our selection of top cheap NFTs for sale, we must understand the criteria guiding our choices. We’ve meticulously followed these guidelines to ensure a list of promising picks:  

  • Affordable Price Range – Each NFT in our list is priced at a maximum of $140;  
  • Reasonable Collection Volume – We’ve focused on NFT collections with a sensible volume, balancing scarcity and availability;  
  • Positive Price Evolution – The selected NFTs have shown favorable price trends since their launch, indicating potential for future value appreciation;  
  • Trusted Creators – We’ve handpicked NFTs from known/reputable authors;  
  • Community Approval – The NFT projects we’ve included have garnered positive feedback from various communities, including platforms like Twitter, attesting to their overall credibility and potential.  

Now, with these key criteria in mind, let’s explore the top cheap NFTs that have the potential to be gems in your collection. 

Coindoo’s Picks of Top 10 Cheapest NFTs with Profit Potential in October 2023

MegaForce Sentinels

MegaForce Sentinels
  • Launched: April 2023;  
  • Chain: Ethereum;  
  • Minimum Price: 0.037 ETH (≈$58.84);  
  • Maximum Price: -.  

This month, we’ve conducted some research, and we’ve identified an NFT known as MegaForce Sentinel that still maintains an affordable price but possesses significant potential for growth.  

These Sentinels serve as the original avatars within the MegaForce gaming universe, a project developed by Fragment Studios with guidance from Richard Garfield, the creator of Magic the Gathering. 

We’ve ranked MegaForce Sentinel as the top choice for this month due to its recent impressive growth and considerable potential. Notably, this project has grown in interest, resulting in a remarkable 229% increase in value over the past 30 days.

The Uncanny Country Club

The Uncanny Country Club
  • Launched: May 2022;  
  • Chain: Ethereum;  
  • Minimum Price: 0.024 ETH (≈$38.23);  
  • Maximum Price: -.  

In the second position, we have The Uncanny Country Club project, which serves as a precursor to Uncanny Editions, another highly successful endeavor by TheUncannyTeam.  

The Uncanny Country Club comprises 5,000 hand-drawn NFTs, each featuring over 300 unique trait pairs. Owning an Uncanny NFT allows the owner to vote for various experiences and proposals funded by The UCC Trust.  

Additionally, Unlisted Uncanny NFTs passively generate income through $UCC tokens and accumulate rewards in the Lounge.  

You can find more details about this project on OpenSea. Over the past 30 days, this project has witnessed a remarkable 55% increase in value.

Stoner Cats

Stoner Cats
  • Launched: July 2021;  
  • Chain: Ethereum;  
  • Minimum Price: 0.0739 ETH (≈$120.01);  
  • Maximum Price: -.

Stoner Cats is a unique adult animated series that offers an exclusive viewing experience through ownership of Stoner Cat NFTs. The sales of these collectible NFTs directly support the creation of the mini-pilot and all forthcoming content.  

The storyline revolves around five ordinary house cats who, through a mysterious turn of events, gain sentience and realize their owner is in dire need of rescue from various perilous situations. 

This creative venture originated from the collaboration of three experienced creators, Ash Brannon, Chris Cartagena, and Sarah Cole. Inspired by Sarah’s personal journey with her mother’s use of medical marijuana to alleviate early Alzheimer’s symptoms, Stoner Cats delves into the heartwarming tale of a woman and her devoted feline family determined to protect her.  

Recognizing the potential of this intimate and humorous story, Mila Kunis and Orchard Farm Productions joined forces with a talented collective of voice actors, animators, and technology experts, including the minds behind CryptoKitties, to bring Stoner Cats to life using NFTs. 

A total of 10,420 unique NFTs were created, each representing a character from the show, and were made available to the public on July 27, 2021. These NFTs granted their holders exclusive access to six episodes of Stoner Cats, forging a pioneering connection between content creators, top-tier Hollywood talent, and the NFT community.  

In the last 7 days, this NFT collection’s sales increased by 2289% on OpenSea.

Coolman’s Universe

Coolman's Universe
  • Launched: December 2021;   
  • Chain: Ethereum;   
  • Minimum Price: 0.059 ETH (≈$93.83);   
  • Maximum Price: -.   

Coolman’s Universe is an NFT collection crafted by Danny Casale, a self-taught artist from New York known for creating positive and distinctive artworks.  

With Coolman’s Universe, Danny Casale has expanded his art and brand into the realm of NFTs, fostering a closer connection between his artistry, his admirers, and now, collectors. 

This collection comprises a total of 10,000 unique NFTs, and their ownership can be forever verified on the Ethereum blockchain, ensuring their perpetual existence. The collection centers around Spesh, who embarks on a quest to find his closest companion within Coolman’s Universe. To navigate this vast cosmos, Spesh relies on a surfboard and a mystical compass, leading him to venture into uncharted realms he has never encountered. 

Notably, over the past 30 days, sales of this NFT collection have surged by an impressive 127% on OpenSea.

Bulls and Apes Project – Apes

Bulls and Apes Project – Apes
  • Launched: February 2023;   
  • Chain: Ethereum;   
  • Minimum Price: 0.088 ETH (≈$139.95);   
  • Maximum Price: -.   

Apes is a special set of digital art made by the Bulls and Apes Project (B.A.P.), a Web3 team that explores new tech and builds with help from the community.  

B.A.P. Apes gives you the power to control your online self. You don’t need luck to get your favorite NFT, and you won’t have to worry about someone selling it quickly. Their Apes can change. This means you can pick from lots of different parts to create a fabulous 3D picture that’s just right for you. With more than 700 choices and even more coming, you can let your imagination run wild.  

In the last 30 days, sales of these digital artworks have increased by 73% on OpenSea. To learn more, visit their official website or catch up with them on social media.


Cheapest NFT - Punks 2023 
  • Launched: July 2023;  
  • Chain: Ethereum; 
  • Minimum Price: 0.023 ETH (≈$36.57); 
  • Maximum Price: -.

The Punks2023 collection is the debut launch from Unfungible Labs and consists of 10,000 pixel art NFTs. The digital collectibles are loosely inspired by the original CryptoPunks collection that has become extremely popular in the industry.   

Being considered an impassioned tribute to the pioneering work of Larva Labs and their revolutionary creations and innovation, the Punks2023 NFT collection offers users the opportunity to


5. Gemesis 
  • Launched: April 2023; 
  • Chain: Ethereum; 
  • Minimum Price: 0.0125 ETH (≈$19.87); 
  • Maximum Price: -.  

Consisting of over 94,700 digital collectibles, the “Gemesis” NFT collection was developed and launched by OpenSea Pro, formerly known as Gem. The collection is currently among the most popular on the NFT marketplace, with over 7,500 ETH in total volume and almost 50,000 owners.  

OpenSea Pro unlocks a new level of optionality, selection, and control for all experienced NFT collectors. The platform has been developed to become the most powerful NFT marketplace aggregator, and with the popularity of the main platform, it is highly possible that OpenSea Pro will also be among the top choices for NFT enthusiasts.  

Gemesis is a “thank you” to the Gem community members who have “steered the ship” with the OpenSea team. The limited-edition collection encapsulates the evolution of the NFT marketplace, celebrating its growth and community and encouraging users to stay close for what is to come. 

In the last 30 days, this NFT collection’s sales increased by 89% on OpenSea.


  • Launched: February 2022;  
  • Chain: Ethereum;  
  • Minimum Price: 0.017 ETH (≈$27.03); 
  • Maximum Price: -.  

Deadfrenz presents a collection of 13,000 distinct NFTs, a creation of Deadfellaz that complements their original collections by adding a unique blend of aesthetics and utility, with a special emphasis on gaming. 

Within Deadfrenz, you’ll find 13 different species, each characterized by its own set of traits and variations. Similar to the original collections, the rarity of these NFTs is determined statistically, and some traits remain hidden, waiting to be discovered rather than being openly listed. 

Deadfrenz is an exciting addition to the world of NFTs, offering both visual appeal and potential uses in gaming. With a diverse range of species and traits, collectors have the opportunity to explore and uncover the hidden gems within this collection.

heart + craft by Snowfro + Jordan Lyall

Cheapest NFT - heart + craft by Snowfro + Jordan Lyall
  • Launched: August 2023; 
  • Chain: Arbitrum; 
  • Minimum Price: 0.005 ETH (≈$8.12); 
  • Maximum Price: -. 

What could be better than having the opportunity to choose from 19,000 unique NFTs revealing unique square combinations in the form of hearts? “heart + craft by Snowfro + Jordan Lyall” is an NFT collection available on OpenSea that currently gathers over 6,000 users around a simple, yet truly intriguing concept: hearts. 

Just like our hearts can differ and can feel, decide, and control things differently, so did the creators of this NFT collection shape the 19,000 digital collectibles to obtain a truly stunning work of art.


  • Launched: August 2022;   
  • Chain: Ethereum;   
  • Minimum Price: 0.010 ETH (≈$15.9);   
  • Maximum Price: -.   

Valhalla is a unique anime collection that strives to unite gamers from all corners of the globe, fostering a vibrant community. In a series of tweets, the founder described the Valhalla NFT project as “a crypto-native brand designed for gamers.” 

This collection comprises five core character types, each possessing its distinct personality traits: 

  • Human (8510 NFTs) – The primary inhabitants of Valhalla, known for their friendly and cooperative nature, are always ready to team up and play together. 
  • Toxic (645 NFTs) – Toxic players are responsible for making gaming experiences challenging, often exhibiting disruptive behaviors like instantaneously locking in popular characters or frequently initiating early defeats, leading to frustrating matches. 
  • Mech (647 NFTs) – These characters come with built-in aiming assistance, employing advanced neural networks to dominate their opponents efficiently, possibly even designing themselves using cutting-edge technology. 
  • God/Eternal (99 NFTs) – These exceptional NFTs possess the skills to trade cryptocurrency profitably while concurrently excelling at competitive gaming, particularly in titles like League of Legends. 
  • Demon (99 NFTs) – Born in internet cafes and primarily active during late hours, these players display incredible gaming prowess, akin to being on performance-enhancing substances, all while maintaining an organic gaming style illuminated by the glow of their computer screens. 

The artwork for this project was skillfully crafted by Hicham Habchi, a renowned concept artist with a portfolio that includes collaborations with gaming and comic industry giants like Marvel, DC Comics, and Blizzard. 

Over the past month, the value of this NFT collection has seen a notable 19% increase, indicating a potential for further growth, and it’s certainly a cheap NFT at the time of writing. 


What is the Lowest Price of an NFT?

An NFT’s price strongly depends on the market conditions and many other details about the digital collectibles. While some NFTs can be earned for free through various NFT airdrops and giveaways, others might have really high prices.  

However, it is essential to note that NFTs with surprisingly low prices may not change their value in the near future. Of course, there are some exceptions, but they rarely occur.    

Can NFTs Be Created for Free?

Yes, NFTs can be developed for free on certain platforms.  

Platforms such as OpenSea and Rarible allow users to mint NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain without any initial fees. This process is called “lazy minting,” where you can create an NFT and put it up for sale without it being immediately written to the blockchain. When a buyer shows interest and purchases, the fees for writing and storing the NFT on the blockchain are combined with the fees for transferring it to the buyer.  

However, it’s important to note that both platforms take a percentage fee from any sales you make, and this may affect you over time. So, if you want to make a significant profit from minting NFTs, we do not recommend using lazy minting.  

How Much Does 1 NFT Cost?

NFTs can range from just a few cents to millions of dollars. The cost of one NFT can vary significantly depending on several factors. The price of an NFT is determined by the digital asset being sold, the platform or marketplace where it is listed, the artist or creator’s reputation, rarity, demand, and current market conditions.  

Are Cheap NFTs a Good Investment?

Investing in cheap NFTs can be riskier compared to higher-priced ones. While some cheap NFTs may potentially gain value over time, they are generally considered more speculative and may not always result in significant profits. If you’re considering investing in NFTs, it’s essential to thoroughly research the options available, assess the quality and demand of the NFTs, and be prepared for potential market fluctuations.  

What are the Cheapest NFT Collections?

Given the multitude of existing projects, it is impossible to know precisely which are the cheapest NFTs on the market. Still, you may find the cheapest NFT collections at newly launched crypto projects and new NFT creators that are still hardly working to become popular and are holding various events where users can purchase NFTs for pretty low prices.   

What are Blue-Chip NFTs?

Like blue-chip cryptocurrencies, blue-chip NFTs are also quite expensive, and we do not recommend getting into them. However, if you have the financial means, you do have the option to buy them. Some examples of blue-chip NFTs are those included in the CryptoPunks or Bored Ape Yacht Club collections. 

Conclusion – Top Cheap NFTs – October 2023 

As we mentioned before, the number of NFTs available on the market is so big that no one wastes their time counting them; instead, they choose to buy some. Considering that there are plenty of platforms listing NFT collections, you can easily find some digital collectibles that you like and would want to become part of your portfolio. 

We hope that our list of the top cheap NFTs for October 2023 helped you find your go-to for the next month.

* The information in this article and the links provided are for general information purposes only and should not constitute any financial or investment advice. We advise you to do your own research or consult a professional before making financial decisions. Please acknowledge that we are not responsible for any loss caused by any information present on this website.
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