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Crypto airdrops

Airdrops are an easy and free way to get some cryptos. These can be existing cryptocurrencies or new ones issued by new projects during ICOs. Either way, you can get a fair amount of cryptocurrencies during airdrops if you meet the requirements to take part and actually benefit. This article discusses the top crypto airdrops to look out for in January 2021 with details on how to participate in order to get some free crypto. So what are the top crypto airdrops to look out for in the coming new year?

crypto Airdrops

YFST Protocol

Estimated value: $25

End date: 15 February 2021

YFST Protocol is a project that aims to help businesses work with developers to solve various problems, such as lack of transparency, high transaction fees, social and economic inclusion, and to ensure environmental sustainability. YFST Protocol token was built on the Ethereum blockchain as a decentralized token that gives value to all users. As part of its ICO program, the project is giving away its tokens to airdrop participants.

How to participate:

These are the requirements:

  • Telegram;
  • Facebook;
  • Twitter;
  • YouTube;
  • Ethereum wallet address.

When completed, you will receive 0.05 YFST worth about $25. You can also get additional 0.005 YFST (~$2.5) for every friend you refer to the airdrop.



Estimated value: $70

End date: 30 May 2021

YFIMX is a fintech platform that allows users to build wealth through its AI platform. The project will create a simple user experience that combines decentralized finance and traditional investment. Users will be able to use the cash they receive due to their growing wealth for their daily spending. MAXCoin is airdropping tokens to interested participants who will form the community around the project.

How to participate:

These are the requirements:

  • Twitter;
  • Telegram;
  • LinkedIn;
  • Facebook;
  • Email address.

You will be given 3,500 YFIMX worth ~$70 after completing the tasks. See the airdrop page for more details.

crypto airdrops

Binereum (BIETH)

Estimated value: $30

End date: 23 January 2021

Binereum is a staking platform that rewards users for staking Ethereum (ETH) and Binereum (BIETH). BIETH is a token used for staking, and it allows multi-asset rewards. The token is also meant to bring the benefits of ERC20 staking and validation. On this platform, users can stake on ETH 2.0 for two years without locking their ETH. The project is doing an airdrop for its community.

How to participate:

After you have completed all these steps, send your details to the Binereum Airdrop Telegram Bot. When completed, you will be sent 480 BIETH worth ~ $30. You can also share your referral link with friends to earn 80 BIETH tokens (~$ 5) for every referral. Token distribution will be done on January 31st.

top airdrops

Yield Finance Farm

Estimated value: $60

End date: 10 January 2021

Yield Finance Farm provides high yield farming for DeFi farmers. It seeks to bring real value to yield farming by allowing them to lend, borrow, and earn. YIF, which is the native token of the project, will be used to reward yield farmers. You can get some of this token for free through the project’s airdrop.

How to participate:

  • Join the Telegram channel;
  • Then, join the Telegram Airdrop bot and follow instructions on how to claim your tokens;
  • Follow Yield Finance Farm on Twitter.

These are the requirements:

  • Twitter;
  • Telegram.

After completing the tasks, you will receive 0.1YIF worth about $60.


Estimated value: $100

End date: 15 January 2021

Zoomy is a trading platform that combines DeFi, VR, AR, and P2P technologies into one online trading platform. It is a decentralized platform based on the blockchain, which allows sellers and buyers to interact directly. 5000 ZMY tokens will be distributed to 1000 participants at the end of the ICO. Below are the instructions you need to follow to participate in one of the best crypto airdrops.

How to participate:

  • Register cabinet;
  • Follow Twitter and retweet pinned message;
  • Comment with your email address.

These are the requirements:

  • Twitter account;
  • Email address.
one of the best crypto airdrops

DeCEX Finance

Estimated value: $15

End date: 12 January 2021

DeCEX Finance is a project that combines DeFi and NFT farming. Built on the Ethereum blockchain, the project aims to digitize artwork investment to make it easier and more accessible. The project is doing an airdrop for the community for carrying out a few tasks.

How to participate:

  • Start a chat with the DeCEX Finance Telegram bot;
  • Pass the human test to proceed;
  • Join the official DeCEX Finance Telegram group;
  • Then, join the official Telegram channel;
  • Follow DeCEX Finance on Twitter and retweet the pinned Tweet message;
  • Submit your ERC-20 wallet address and other details to the bot;
  • 1,000 lucky participants will receive 10 DCX tokens each, worth approximately $15.

These are the requirements:

  • Telegram;
  • Twitter;
  • Email.
one of the top airdrops


Estimated value: $18

End date: 9 January 2021

BeforeCoinmarketCap is an information gathering platform for tokens. You can easily find the latest information on your favorite tokens on this platform. The project hopes to save its users time by bringing them high-quality information filtered from the pile on the internet. The project is airdropping its token, BCMC1, to airdrop participants.

How to participate:

These are the requirements:

  • Twitter;
  • Telegram.

You will receive up to 1800 BCMC1 ($18) tokens if you complete the tasks. You can also earn more by referring your friends to one of the best crypto airdrops. You get 250 BCMC1 ($2.5) for each referral.


These are the top and best crypto airdrops for free crypto you can look forward to in January 2021. You can find one or more that suit you and get some free tokens. They have also been selected for their ease of participation so that you can easily take part and get some free tokens for yourself.

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