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 The most famous website for adult entertainment Pornhub accepts TRON and ZenCash as payment methods.

Pornhub has announced its visitors that it’s accepting two more cryptocurrencies in the near future: TRON (TRX) and ZenCash (ZEN).

As previously reported by Coindoo, Pornhub has had already to deal with the crypto sector. The platform announced on 17th April that it will add Verge as a Premium Service payments. The change was appreciated by the XVG community as well as by the visitors, and it looks like the crypto payment method is successful once the company wants to offer more people holding crypto assets the opportunity to benefit from its services.

Rumors were confirmed on 27th June by Pornhub representative Chris Jackson. The new two crypto assets can be used to buy subscriptions or pay for content on partner websites.

The number of cryptocurrencies owners is growing considerably, that’s why companies are trying to adapt to the market demands regardless of their field of activity. We want to mention that Pornhub aims to add other cryptocurrencies as well in the near future.

Here’s what Corey Price, vice president of Pornhub stated:

Here at Pornhub, it’s important that we cater to our users’ ever-changing payment preferences and, as such, that means accepting cryptocurrencies as a payment method, which provide users with anonymity and security. We look forward to continuing to stockpile our arsenal of cryptocurrencies, providing our fans with more payment methods than ever before. Hopefully we are the precursor for widespread adoption across the industry.

Robert Viglione, co-founder of ZenCash, explained in a statement that the crypto payment option gives “the ability to pay for adult entertainment privately without fear of exposure.

According to CoinMarketCap, ZenCash is ranked 114th by 24-hour trading volume. It has a market capitalization of $ 69,093,500 and traded at $ 16.62, up 2.77%.

On the other hand, TRON enjoys a higher position than ZEN, being ranked 11th by its 24-hour trading volume. The virtual currency has a market capitalization of $ 2,518,974,527 and is traded at $ 0.038313, registering an increase of 0.09%.

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