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About Innova Mine

Innova Mine is an online platform which offers users the possibility to mine and trade with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin. Even though the company has just entered the crypto industry, they intend to become a top competitor in the mining segment in the following year.

Innova Mine has assembled a team of professionals and enthusiasts that have expertise in various crypto fields.

As there is an issue with many cloud mining platforms turning out to be scams, many are wary of trusting a new service. But seeing that Australians Securities and Investments Commissions regulates Innova Mine, this should prove that the business is legit and not out to get your money.

Innova Mine’s Mining Plans

Innova Mine offers mining contracts for the SHA 256, Script and Ethash algorithms. With these, you can mine Bitcoin (SHA 256), Bitcoin Cash (SHA 256), Ethereum (Ethash), and Litecoin (Script).

The four mining plans come with the following specifications:

  • Bitcoin Mining Contract has a minimum hashrate of 1.3TH/s, Antminer s15 hardware, producing up to $153.84 worth of BTC per 10TH/s.
  • Ethereum Mining contract has a minimum hashrate of 5MH/s, Innova Mine GPU Rigs hardware, producing $40.00 worth of ETH per MH/s.
  • Litecoin Mining contract features a minimum hashrate of 30MH/s, Antminer 1.3 hardware, mining coins of $6.66 per 10 MH/s.
  • Bitcoin Cash contract has a minimum hashrate of 5 TH/s, Antminer s9 and s15 hardware, generating coins of up to $153.84 per 10 TH/s.

The mining contracts are active for two years, with the price including the fees for the mining maintenance. Payouts are made on an automated basis in the crypto selected for the mining plan.

Innova Mine uses a special algorithm-based system to pair the miners with the most productive and fastest pools so that any losses from hash drops can be covered. This allows contract users to never lose profit because of hashing fluctuations.

Trading on Innova Mine

In addition to mining contracts, also serves as a trading platform on which users can trade using Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Litecoin (LTC).

The trading section can easily be accessed by going to the account’s dashboard.

Innova Mine will be expanding its list of digital coins available on their trading page in order to cater to different types of crypto traders.

Simplest Way of Trading

There is nothing easier than trading on Innova Mine. Before starting, you have to make a deposit in your account with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash or Litecoin.

Then you just navigate to your account’s dashboard and click the trading button. Next, you have to choose one of the available four cryptos with which you want to make your trade.

Choose the buy or sell option and then type in the amount you want to trade. Then you have to choose if you want to trade from the processing or from your balance.

The profits made from the commissions incurred by the trading system are distributed to the miners of the platform. By not keeping the commissions for themselves, Innova Mine miners will always make a profit no matter the conditions.

Become an Affiliate and Earn a Commission

Innova Mine also features an affiliate program which rewards users if they refer their mining and trading platform to other potential users. Affiliate members are eligible to earn a commission of 5% if they refer their friends or site visitors (if they happen to have their own site or blog) to Innova Mine.

Furthermore, the referral program has a 3-level system, which works like this:

If you bring your friend Sam on the platform, you will earn a 5% commission of what Sam earns. If Sam then brings his friend Mary over, you will earn an additional 2% of Mary’s earnings. Finally, if Mary brings her friend Anna, you will also receive a 1% commission of Anna’s earnings.

Video Introduction

In order to make things as easy to understand as possible for its users, Innova Mine has created an instructional video. Users can access this guide so they can quickly learn how to use the platform’s mining and trading services to generate a profit.

Watch the video to find out details on how you can mine to make money!

Start Mining and Earning Right Away

Innova Mine aims to serve both the mining and trading community through its platform. Its main goal is to ensure the profit of all its users, which is showcased in its unique distribution system of trading commissions.

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