Top & Best Ethereum Wallets 2017

Top & Best Ethereum Wallets 2017

Lorena Boanda - October 18, 2017

How to use Bitcoin in UK

The fear of many of us is that we’ll have Bitcoins in our digital wallet, but we’ll not be able to spend them, for example, if we go on vacation. That’s because this currency has developed a few years ago. Wrong. Bring it to UK!

These are the things you can do with Bitcoin if you arrive in UK:


  1. Do you have a big heart and you like to give away things?

In the UK you find a church where you can donate Bitcoins now. The name of the church is St Martin’s Anglican Parish Church and is in Gospel Oak. The one who came up with this idea is Parishioner Andrew Harrison, who also said that: “No one knows who is making the donation, which is the way it should be. Only God knows.”


  1. Study and pay with Bitcoins

It seems that the UK also has good news for its students. They can now pay their faculty fees with Bitcoin. This opportunity was given by Cumbria University.


  1. Are you craving to eat something?

If you want to have a delicious meal, then offers you the opportunity to choose from thousands of restaurants in the UK. You’ll pay your order with Bitcoins!


  1. Have fun in british pubs!

A while ago, payment with Bitcoins was accepted for beers. The first pub that took this step is called The Pembury Tavern, and is in Hackney. This possibility exists in its other pubs from Cambridge, Norwich and Peterborough. Stephen Early, who owns these pubs, said that Bitcoin payment is more advantageous, especially as it is tax free.


  1. Hire a lawyer

If you want to hire Media law firm Sheridans, besides quality services, it also offers you the ability to pay them with Bitcoins.


  1. Do you enjoy traveling by plane?

If you want to fly and pay with Bitcoins, then Private Private Firm “Privatefly” helps you. The first person to pay Privatefly was the belgian tech entrepreneur Olivier Janssens, who paid 7 700 euros in Bitcoin to fly from Brussels to Nice Cote D’Azur.


  1. Learn how to make shushi

We don’t think there’s any person in this world who doesn’t like sushi. But what if you’d learn how to make it? “Your Sushi” in Bristol offers sushi courses that you can pay with Bitcoins.


  1. Drink and eat delicious food

If you get to Stratford, you have to go to Saw Mill Cafe. Here you will be served with tasty cakes and you can enjoy all sorts of drinks. You can spend your Bitcoins on getting fat!


  1. Do sport

Of course, after you’ve enjoyed all kinds of meals really high in calories, it’s time to get rid of some kg. How else than to ride the bike? 8 Ball Bikes website is selling everything you want, and it also accepts Bitcoins.


  1. Travel by taxi

If you are not a big fan of the sport but you want to go through the city then Herefordshire’s taxi driver Daniel Hart offers you a ride in exchange for Bitcoins.


Don’t be afraid to use technology, because it becomes more and more powerful.  Payment methods are advancing and it seems UK is very Bitcoin-friendly!