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How to Buy Amazon Gift Cards with Crypto

How to Buy Amazon Gift Cards with Crypto? 

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Oct 9, 2023
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As cryptocurrencies have gained significant popularity in the past decade, revolutionizing how we perceive financial transactions, you may now wonder how to buy an Amazon gift card using crypto and lock in your digital currencies’ value. 

Well, you’ve come to the right place, as we’ll discuss more on the topic, especially when the decentralized nature of cryptocurrencies offers a secure and efficient alternative to traditional fiat currencies and can be a feasible payment method.

As a result, more people are embracing cryptocurrencies for various purposes, including online shopping and gift cards. So, stay tuned, as in today’s article, we will discuss how to buy a gift card with crypto and address the most frequently asked questions and concerns about using cryptocurrencies.

By the end of this article, you will know the benefits and how to buy a gift card with crypto, discovering how to leverage your digital assets for a convenient and exciting purchasing experience with gift certificates!

Why Buy an Amazon Gift Card with Crypto?

As cryptocurrency payments become more accessible, many businesses, such as Amazon, Microsoft, PayPal, Overstock, Starbucks, and many more, are now accepting crypto payments.  

As Amazon is one of the largest global e-commerce platforms offering a wide array of products and services, purchasing an Amazon gift card with crypto gives you access to a vast selection of items.

You can buy almost anything without using your credit or debit card, thus eliminating some additional transactional costs. Therefore, it provides a seamless way to use your Bitcoins, Litecoins, or other crypto to acquire assets on Amazon to purchase everyday items or the perfect gift for your loved one.   

But why and what are the benefits of purchasing gift certificates with crypto?

Well, many benefits put crypto payments in the spotlight, and to name a few, we have lower transaction fees, instant settlement, reduced fraudulent chargebacks, and better access to an affluent and growing consumer base, besides the fact that it can be a more reasonable second payment method.

Since cryptocurrencies are known for their price volatility, converting some of your Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies into an Amazon gift card can lock in the value of your digital assets at the time of purchase. It can act as a hedge against potential price fluctuations in the cryptocurrency market, and nonetheless, the bought goods can be further sold at a plus value.

However, you must know you cannot buy directly with crypto into your Amazon account. Yet, there are some turnarounds in purchasing gift cards to give you access to order anything from Amazon, as it is the biggest retail seller worldwide, with millions of products sold daily.

As a result, buying an Amazon gift card with crypto could be the perfect way to spend your hard-earned digital currencies without feeling the need to use other payment methods. Thus, you’ll have access to various goods, from e-gift cards and Amazon Prime subscriptions to electronics, toys, and many others.

7 Reasons to Buy Amazon Gift Card with Crypto

1. Broad Usability Through International Transactions

The first and the most important reason to buy an Amazon gift card with crypto is the elimination of converting your crypto into fiat money, thus cutting the cost of taxes. Therefore, Bitcoin, Ethereum, or other cryptocurrencies could be a great and flexible payment method.

As cryptocurrencies operate in a decentralized manner, the transactions are not handled by banks or any government; this may appeal to many crypto holders, giving them financial independence by eliminating unnecessary mediators.

2. Benefit from an Increased Security

The second reason to buy high denomination gift cards with crypto is security, as crypto transactions are decentralized and secure, making them highly resistant to suspect fraud or unauthorized access due to blockchain.

By using crypto to buy an Amazon gift card, you can leverage the security features of blockchain technology, not to mention that all your transactions can be easily viewed within your crypto wallet, thus giving you the opportunity for better budgeting.  

3. Enjoy an Easier Budgeting Strategy

By converting your cryptos into Amazon gift cards, you can better view, manage, and access your expenses, thus allowing you to divide specific amounts for online purchases and other daily crypto investments.

Moreover, depending on your country of residence, there is a convenience in using the Amazon website for your daily purchases, such as toys for your kids, gifts for your friends, and many other retail goods, without using debit cards.

4. Enjoy the Access to a Higher Privacy

Another reason for buying Amazon gift cards with crypto is privacy, as you can maintain pseudonymity during an online purchase session. Additionally, as you access traditional markets and goods, you contribute to the mass adoption of crypto as a payment system.

Since blockchain, crypto, and the decentralized financial system are all about security and privacy, ordering from your account is much more convenient.

5. Increased Flexibility with a Click

The fifth important reason is that you enjoy tremendous flexibility when you buy an Amazon gift card with crypto, and the convenience of converting crypto into an Amazon voucher card will have a significant impact in the future.

Let’s say, for example, that your friends just moved into a new house and wish to purchase a housewarming gift, but you are still determining the best gift. Amazon vouchers could be the way to go, as they are thoughtful gestures that allow them the much-needed flexibility to purchase only what they need. Also, the gift card code doesn’t have an expiration date and can be redeemed for millions of items.

6. Benefit from Potential Discounts to Enjoy Your Shopping

Some websites and applications offer discounts when you purchase an Amazon gift card with crypto, and taking advantage of such offers can provide extra incentives for using your digital coin.  

7. Take Advantage of Traditional Markets

While crypto has gained popularity recently, government authorities still question its acceptance as a direct payment. Thus, converting your digital coin into high-denomination gift cards could be a better alternative to access traditional markets and goods, and why not offer Amazon gift cards to someone you love?  

Ultimately, when you buy gift cards with crypto, you help promote and support the broader adoption of cryptocurrencies. It contributes to the growth and further development of the cryptocurrency ecosystem, encouraging more businesses to accept crypto payments and thus expanding the use cases for digital assets.  

How to buy Amazon gift cards with crypto?

Now that we understand the benefits of buying Amazon gift cards with crypto, it is time to move along and see how you can buy them. Since many platforms offer the possibility of purchasing Amazon gift cards with crypto, you must know how easy this works, without stress and in less than an hour.  

Generally, these platforms are user-friendly and secure so that you can enjoy the benefits of Amazon shopping. Usually, if you wish to buy an Amazon gift card with crypto on CoinsBee, you first need to select the type of card you want, for this instance, an Amazon gift card, and then the amount you wish to buy, your country and the cryptocurrency you want to use for payment.  

Buy Amazon Gift Card with Crypto

These platforms usually support around 100 coins you can choose from, making this process easy and convenient. All you need is a valid email address to receive the Amazon gift card code, either as a voucher code or a link to the gift card code. Additionally, you can send the code to your friends and family as a gift without redeeming it beforehand.

Last but not least, remember to enjoy your Amazon gift card and start shopping for various products. No registrations, additional fees, or personal data are required if you stay within certain purchasing limits, for example, a $1000 per purchase with a 10K total, but this depends on what you wish to buy from one platform to another.

Moreover, if you have bought more than you require and want to sell Amazon gift cards, many marketplace platforms could help you without worrying about price fluctuations.

3 Aspects to Know Before Purchasing a Gift Card

Upon purchasing a gift card, and depending on your platform of choosing, it is essential to know three critical aspects that could directly impact your overall experience:

  1. To redeem your gift card, it is necessary to confirm your identity and have a second payment method, such as a credit or debit card, into your Amazon account, as it could lead to suspension. If you’re using, you’ll need a verified USA address.
  2. Be sure to use a VPN if you’re outside your country of residence, as Amazon may flag your account and lock your Amazon balance.
  3. Purchasing too many high-denomination gift cards from a new account may trigger Amazon, and it might become suspicious.

Is it Worth it to Buy Amazon Gift Cards with Bitcoin?

Yes! Besides the many beneficial aspects of this, such as avoiding unnecessary taxes, security reasons, and many more, the main reason could be that you support the crypto ecosystem the same way others did, allowing you to mine or receive different cryptocurrencies.  

Buying Amazon gift cards with crypto is convenient and can be quickly done with the right platform. So, do not wait any longer and enjoy the decentralized shopping experience with gift cards and lavish your loved ones with anything from clothing, games, music, and everyday items.  


As we end our guide for buying Amazon gift cards with Bitcoin, we invite you to delve into the most frequently asked questions and learn more.

Can you Pay the Amazon Voucher with Bitcoin?

Yes. On a specialized platform such as CoinsBee, you can select Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, or other cryptocurrencies and enjoy the many benefits of an Amazon gift card.

It is important to understand that Amazon doesn’t directly accept crypto as a payment method. Thus, using a 3rd party platform could be the way to go.

Where to Purchase Amazon Gift Cards with Crypto?

Nowadays, many platforms offer you the possibility of purchasing an Amazon gift card with crypto. One notable aspect is to ensure the platform is secure, and you can do this by analyzing other users’ reviews.

How to Buy Bitcoin with an Amazon Gift Card?

A couple of P2P Crypto Exchange platforms on the market allow you to purchase Bitcoin with an Amazon gift card. Moreover, such media will enable you to sell your Amazon gift card balance for crypto, probably getting the most of its value.

Do Amazon Gift Cards have an Expiration Date?

Usually, the gift card doesn’t have an expiration date. However, certain countries have a 10-year limit. Be sure to check the official website for more details.

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