Formula 1 Champion Alonso to Store His Digital Library on a KODAKOne Platform

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Jul 2, 2018
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The Spanish racing car pilot who became famous after winning twice Formula 1: in 2005 and 2006, Fernando Alonso Díaz, has partnered with the KODAKOne blockchain-based company to protect his image.

WENN Digital Inc., the parent company of KODAKOne revealed on 28 June that it has signed an arrangement with F1 champion  Fernando Alonso to protect his personal images and videos by using KODAKOne Image Rights Management Platform.

As reported by the media, the contract between the two will make KODAKOne the “the exclusive image registration, protection and license-monitoring solution” for Alonso’s photos. The blockchain-based company will take care of creating the platform that will allow Alonso’s fans to “upload, register and protect” their imagines and videos. According to the company, supporters will be rewarded for their help.

We live in a world driven by content distribution across different channels, especially during such large events as F1 and WEC. I’m very excited to know that I have the ability to reward my fans and professional photographers for their creativity and that the content they produce can be protected by a single platform,” Alonso stated.

Benedict Dohnanyl, CCO at WENN Digital, Inc., told that the collaboration has been in the bargaining period for several months. Also, Dohnanyl has confirmed that the company aims to sign such agreements with more sportspersons.

We are currently receiving a lot of requests and interest from global brands, content creators and rights holders in these various fields, to whom IP protection is of particular concern,” he said.

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