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Flipside Crypto FCAS Ratings Now Uses CoinMarketCap API

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Aug 12, 2019
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All the registered users of the CoinMarketCap API will be able to use Flipside Crypto’s fundamental health rating system, FCAS. 

FCAS, the acronym for Fundamental Crypto Asset Score, is a score which allows the measuring the status of cryptocurrency projects.

Since March of 2019 FCAS has been featured on CoinMarketCap’s asset pages.

FCAS is generated by using primarily blockchain transaction data and developer activity in order to assess cryptocurrencies.

CoinMarketCap’s new API version upgrade (v.1.16.0) provided users with daily FCAS Ratings for over 500 cryptos, and the data is available on all pricing tiers, including the free Basic Tier. Also, CoinMarketCap’s new API also offers ROI, ATH, ATL, and other “price performance statistics.”

We couldn’t be happier to announce CoinMarketCap as the first-ever API distributor of FCAS and its subcomponents,” stated Dave Balter, CEO of Flipside Crypto.

“Crypto organizations are maturing, and their ability to develop product and whether they can attract and retain customers are key signals that will impact long term value and price, so it’s only natural to distribute via CoinMarketCap as an industry leader.”

In addition to accessing FCAS, CoinMarketCap API registered users will also be able to use Flipside Crypto’s daily subcomponent ratings for User Activity, Developer Behavior, and Market Maturity.

“We are excited to bring Flipside’s quantitative data to our API, so that users of our API are now empowered to draw ever more accurate conclusions using multiple data points. As we expand future paid offerings on the API in partnership with Flipside, we are confident that these will support even more data-backed decisions, spanning price, volume, and fundamental metrics.” –stated the Chief Strategy Officer of CoinMarketCap, Carylyne Chan.

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