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“The speed that we are going with at blockchain is phenomenal”, exclaimed the CryptoFund advisor and manager, Rennie S, as he initiated an elaborate discussion on the “Future of Wealth Management with Cryptocurrency” at UCIM.

The United Conference of Internet Money kicked off on a two-day sojourn at the blockchain startup hotspot, Singapore on 26th of November. The event has remarkably slated history with its revolutionary approach towards propagating the essence of the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. With speeches, competitions, and panels shedding light on some of the most pressing issues of late, UCIM took a brave step towards realizing the dream of a decentralized world.

Rennie S, along with Tushar Aggarwal, a Lunex Ventures associate; Tom Harvard from Torian Capital and Seth Melamed, the Global Head of Business Development and Sales at Quoins sat on the panel discussing the future of wealth management with the introduction of cryptocurrency. The interesting exchange of ideas and experience was definitely a treat for the cryptoverse.

The disruption of wealth management is a crucial element to the concept of cryptocurrency. There has been a huge and convenient shift from the traditional to the crypto world for a majority of business classes. “Retailers, for the first time in history, have access to some assets which the VCs are looking at as well,” remarked Tushar.

The panel discussed how the economic business models are evolving and their difference from the traditional. The various kinds of investment theses that one can adopt in evaluating an opportunity in the space, opportunities for scalability, the process of selecting ICOs worthy of investment were among other topics debated through the panel.

Commenting on the adoption of cryptocurrency by the masses, Tom said, “In order for crypto to be a widespread asset that people put majority of their wealth into, we need to see some sort of Black Swan – either a negative Black Swan that happens very quickly or a positive Black Swan which typically happens over a longer period of time but with lasting impact.”

UCIM concluded after several other critical discussions and with answers to questions that remain to be fundamental for the entire community. To extend the same spirit to the new year, UCIM is now hosting Pitcher Perfect in Singapore on 15th February. The sub-event envisions to serve as a platform for investors and blockchain as well as crypto projects to network, engage and unwind in the company of like-minded individuals.

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