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Coindoo - Best NFT airdrops

Welcome to the greatest top of the best NFT airdrops for April. Over time, airdrops have been gaining steady popularity in the crypto arena. This marketing stunt has been utilized to create awareness of an upcoming crypto project. With emerging and new currencies, it is clear that there will be several airdrops anticipated in the future. 

There are several free NFT airdrops in the coming month. This article aims to find the best free NFTs and the free NFT tokens that will be given out as a reward to qualified winners. 

List of the Best NFT Airdrops for April

Bullit Airdrop

Bullit Airdrop

Bullit is an already ongoing NFT airdrop that is expected to end on April 17, 2022. This blockchain-based technology allows digital files to be encrypted with multiple keys. Besides, only the intended reader can unlock the received files. The Bullit NFT airdrop is giving away 300,000 Bult tokens to 5000 winners. 

To qualify for this airdrop, you will need to visit Bullit’s Airdrop Page. Fill in the required details and register, and then join Bullit’s Telegram Group as well as its announcing channel. Finally, you will be required to follow Bullit’s Twitter Page and retweet their tweet. Submit your wallet details and wait for the announcement date. 

Koi Metaverse

Koi Metaverse Airdrop

The Koi NFT airdrop is another lucrative one to look out for in April. This airdrop belongs to the Koi metaverse, which is a fish-farming blockchain that puts together the economy and NFT assets. The Koi metaverse in its NFT airdrop aims to give away 600,000 Koi tokens in three distributions. 

The first 200k tokens will go to a single winner, the next 200k will be awarded to 5 winners (40koi each), and the third 200k will be awarded to 50 winners (4 Koi each). To be part of this airdrop, you will need to visit the Koi Metaverse Airdrop Page and register. You will then join the Metaverse’s Telegram group and announcement channel

Finally, you will then follow the Koi Metaverse Twitter page and join its Discord Channel. After performing several tasks, you will submit your details on the airdrop page and wait for the announcement. 

Gas DAO Airdrop

Gas Dao Airdrop

Gas Dao is airdropping half a billion tokens to 634,429 wallets. The purpose of Gas Dao is to be the voice behind the Ethereum network. The Gas Dao process involves visiting Gas Dao Airdrop Page and then connecting your Metamask wallet. 

Thereafter, you can claim your tokens by clicking on the Claim Token button. Users will have all the time through April until May 1 to claim the tokens. Any other announcements will be announced on their platform. To know more about the tokens and further airdrops, you can follow Gas Dao on their Twitter, Telegram, and Facebook handle. 

X.LA Creator

X.LA Creator Challenge Airdrop

The purpose of this NFT airdrop is to promote creativity by making smart revenue-sharing contracts for creators all across the world. To participate in this NFT, you will need to express your creativity by either drawing a picture, an NFT, or a meme with the condition that your creation has some sort of connection to X.LA. Learn more about this on the X.LA airdrop form

The next step is to draw your creation in any way whatsoever with the right connections to X.LA. The third step is to tweet the art with the hashtag #XLA on their Twitter account @x_la_official. Finally, you will join all its channels, including DiscordTelegram Group, and Announcement channel, and follow their Twitter page. Winners will be announced after 17 days at the beginning of April. 

Intelly Airdrop

Intelly Airdrop

Intelly is a company that aims to combine real estate with blockchain technology. Through this venture, investors across the world will be able to invest in projects without having to be associated with them. The number of tokens being given away amounts to 110,000 INTL. 

Those willing to participate have 33 days to ensure that they join Intelly’s Bounty Support Telegram Group and choose their favorite campaign where they will collect stakes. The final token will be dependent on (Bounty campaign pool / Total number of stakes everyone earned during the campaign) * Number of stakes you earned. Winners will be announced once the airdrop is over. 

List of the Best NFT Giveaways for April

Most of the available NFT giveaways for April have not been verified, and it is uncertain that they will end up as NFTs. However, this article will look at the already ongoing NFT giveaways that may stretch into April. 

It will also look at the featured yet verified NFT giveaways.

Timeless Ape Club

The Timeless Ape Club is a collection of several automatically generated timeless apes. Their mission is to bridge the metaverse to the physical world with their NFT collection. This NFT giveaway is bound to be launched on April 2 and will therefore be a good fit for an April giveaway. 

The details of the NFT are yet to be released, but it is a possible upcoming reward. However, it is expected that to be part of this giveaway. You will need to join this vast community and promote their existence. 

Comp Giveaway 

Comp is a Chinese NFT giveaway that will run from April until the beginning of August. Comp is a collection of Chinese opera masks that have been designed from traditional opera art. These pieces of art possess random designs on their eyes, colors, and facial designs created with the main purpose of promoting cultural background as well as life experience. 

Each NFT is a unique artwork with intense value. To be eligible for a free Comp NFT giveaway, you will first need to have an $STN on your wallet before visiting their website and making your free claim. It is important to note that there will be a free claim once every four hours. 

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Best NFT Airdrops – Conclusion

Looking at the listed NFT airdrops listed in this article, you can see there are several free NFT tokens to be won from these free airdrops. Those willing to participate in the available contests will have to follow the outlined procedures. For those that need retweeting, it is advised that you do so and invite others to do the same to better your chances of winning. 

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