UK Financial Ltd. and Maya Preferred Have Completed DFS Acquisition
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UK Financial Ltd. and Maya Preferred Have Completed DFS Acquisition

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Aug 23, 2019
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UK Financial Ltd. and Maya Preferred 223 have announced that their 51% acquisition of Digital Fantasy Sports (DFS) – a gaming currency that specializes in fantasy sports, esports, & casino play, is complete. On the heels of the finalization, the company will be raising the backing amount of gold and silver of each DFS to $5 from its original amount of $2.50 per token. UK Financial Ltd. will be transferring approximately 8,000 Maya Preferred 223 tokens into a secure escrow wallet, where they will provide a $5 backing for each of the 50M total created Digital Fantasy Sports (DFS) tokens.

The new DFS comes at the heels as the industry advances towards a new wave of adaptation. DFS is not only the world’s first ERC20 gaming token but will also be one of the first tokens on the Ethereum network to feature the all-new, much-discussed ERC865 implementation – allowing DFS & the network to Pay transfers in DFS tokens instead of ETH gas, in one transaction.

Contract upgrades also include:
– Fantasy Sports (DFS) – Contract Name Update
– Updating to the latest ERC20 Solidity (0.5.10)
– Removing ERC827 implementation

Fantasy Sports (DFS) still remains an ERC20 token with 18 decimals featuring the same capability with all major wallets and ledgers, now with upgraded features that will ensure the longevity and strength of the project and financial growth to come. Digital Fantasy Sports (DFS) INC. plans on partnering up with companies within the Fantasy Sports/Esports and companies that will bring tremendous value to the Token. The Fantasy Sports
space is worth over $7 Billion in the US alone, and DFS plans to take Fantasy Sports Global and become the Global leader in Fantasy Sports.

All Digital Fantasy Sports holders are asked to move all of their DFS tokens over to Catex Exchange no later than August 31st, 2019 so that Catex can perform a swap of the old Digital Fantasy Sports (DFS) token for the new Fantasy Sports (DFS) currency. The swap will be held at the following ratio: for every 50 old Digital Fantasy Sports (DFS) token a user will receive one new Fantasy Sports (DFS) token. The company has notified all coin holders that once the swap starts, the price of Fantasy Sports (DFS) will increase by 50 times the current value, so no dollar value will be lost by any coin holder. According to UK Financial Ltd., the token reduction is necessary in order for the token to fulfill certain requirements set by prospective advertisers.

In a statement, Maya Preferred 223 CEO Jim Dahlke broke down the reduction: “This move is going to enhance the trading ability and stabilization of DFS. Following the reduction, the price of DFS will move more swiftly up or down depending on market appetite for the token. With this move and our future plans and sponsors, we anticipate the DFS price climbing substantially in the near future.”

UK Financial Ltd. has been active as of late. This DFS acquisition comes after the company made waves in the crypto world by announcing their independent backing of Bitcoin. In order to stabilize the original cryptocurrency, 21 million MAPRs — an amount equal in value to the total amount of Bitcoin — were transferred to an escrow account by UK Financial.

About Maya Preferred 223:

Maya Preferred 223 (MAPR) is U. K. Financial Ltd.’s ERC-23 token built on the Ethereum Classic blockchain.

About Digital Fantasy Sports:

Digital Fantasy Sports is an innovative fantasy sports token based on blockchain technology and Ethereum smart contracts.

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