The Smart Interactive Node and the Find the Hash integration

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Jun 25, 2019
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Arian is the blockchain of the Arian Coin cryptocurrency, powered by the Proof of Achievement protocol, which has allowed the creation of its Smart Interactive Node and the integration of the Find the Hash videogame to mine arians. 

Arian gathers all the conditions to be an innovative blockchain, all this thanks to its Proof of Achievement protocol and its main feature, the human-machine symbiosis. This allows it to implement different tools for its mining process to power up any activity that a miner performs through a simple device.

These basic conditions of the Arian blockchain are what allowed the creation of its Interactive Node, with some benefits like the easiness to download, no need for sophisticated equipment or hardware, nor expertise in the cryptocurrency mining subject. This is a node that works by only downloading it onto a conventional computer, which doesn’t require high energy consumption either.

The main objective of Arian Coin is to keep intact the fact of being a crypto-asset accessible for everyone. In order to achieve this, its mining protocol should be very innovative and accessible, as it is indeed, but the tools it uses should be likewise attractive and very easy to use.

It’s precisely the innovative conditions of the Proof of Achievement (PoAch) protocol, which supports the Arian blockchain and is the result of an excellent fusion between the PoW and the PoP, what led the developers to create Find the Hash, a videogame that allows the user to mine arians while participating in a rapid race.

As the Arian Interactive Node was designed to preserve the features of the blockchain, and thus its protocol, developing the right mining instrument was a challenge for the Arian Coin developers. This element would have to allow the performance of smart mining with the lowest energy consumption possible, the least equipment investment, and most importantly, the maximum exploitation of the interaction between users and their device.  A perfect human-machine symbiosis.

Each of the steps in the development of Arian from the implementation of its protocol to the creation of its Smart Interactive Node have allowed the integration of a game like Find the Hash to be possible. A protocol like PoAch unlocks a great variety of possibilities for the integration for the Node in multiple activities through the use of a device linked to the network.

Find the Hash fits easily into the Arian Interactive Node, as mining time adjusts according to the autonomous miner’s ability with a maximum time frame of 3 minutes to close the block, while others adjust mining time according to the number of nodes in the blockchain. This allows the participation in a game—where the player’s ability to reach a goal is the objective—to be integrated perfectly with the characteristics of a miner in the Arian Node. Additionally, a videogame like Find the Hash fulfills the other features of the PoAch perfectly: interactions between users and their device, minimum energetic consumption and no need for sophisticated equipment.

A unique blockchain and protocol, a Smart Interactive Node accessible from any device and a very attractive tool for its mining, these features make Arian Coin one of the most innovative crypto-assets in the digital ecosystem.

Each of the steps in the development of Arian from the implementation of its protocol to the creation of its Smart Interactive Node have allowed the integration of a game like Find the Hash to be possible. 

If you are interested in knowing more about Arian Coin, you can go to the website and download the Interactive Node by clicking on By just creating the account you can experience the mining adventure playing Find the Hash.

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