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Discover Maya Preferred 223 (MAPR) — One of the Greatest Cryptocurrencies

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Jul 25, 2019
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A product of U.K. Financial Ltd, Maya Preferred 223 (MAPR) is an ERC23 token that operates on the Ethereum Classic blockchain. The coin aims to be the world’s first digital asset to function as a monetary instrument, which individuals can use to transfer money globally.

MAPR will change the way people move money on a global scale by becoming the first digital asset accepted by leading retail outlets. Importantly, MAPR operates on the Ethereum Classic blockchain, which enables it to execute payments and money transfers for a cheaper fee compared to Visa, Western Union, Discover, or MasterCard. The coin will equally be backed with precious metals of gold and silver reserves in Mexico. This makes MAPR the new “gold and silver” standard, which provides the stabilization that currently lacks in the crypto space.

According to its business plan, MAPR aims to add more mining assets for backing, which will gradually add it and increase the stability and ability to have tangible assets backing it for investors.

maya preferred

MAPR Features

MAPR is growing exponentially as a stablecoin, currently being backed by up to 11 gold and silver assets based in Mexico. As of this writing, the price of MAPR against the U.S. Dollar is $21,000. The following are some of the outstanding features of Maya Preferred Coin:

  • Safety and security: No one can access your data on MAPR because you are the sole custodian of your private keys.
  • Most secure wallet: MAPR comes with secure wallets to offer private exchange services using a licensed and regulated bank.
  • Transparency: MAPR offers 100% transparency when it comes to coinage, technical features, and future projects.

MAPR Split

Amidst its record growth, the company behind MAPR recently announced a split of the coin, scheduled on August 15, 2019. This split could lead to a drop in the coin’s price by up to 100 times.

Currently, MAPR is the most expensive stablecoin in the market, being backed with unmatched amounts of gold and silver. Based on its stable value connected to tangible assets, MAPR has the potential to fasten the entire crypto market. Importantly, developers of MAPR already announced that MAPR would back bitcoin, which is another exceptional step in the history of crypto assets.

Some of the advantages of MAPR coin include:

  • Faster processing of transactions;
  • Extra top-level security;
  • Backed by the highest number of precious metals assets of gold and silver;
  • Backed by precious metals;
  • Coin value expected to grow with the addition of new mines.

Currently, the MAPR coin is listed on FatBTC Exchange, Cat.EX Exchange, and CoinMarketCap.

What is U.K. Financial Limited?

Based in the United Kingdom, the U.K. Financial Limited is committed to realizing its objective to become a creator and hold a company for all types of crypto investments. The corporation has in-depth experience in the field of finance, particularly when it comes to mergers and acquisitions. The team is also experienced in dealing with ventures in the retail space alongside great knowledge of the rapidly developing crypto space.

MAPR seeks to combine all the aspects in order to make it a key player in the world of cryptocurrency.

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