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Coinzilla Just Updated Its Platform – Crypto Advertising at Its Finest

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Nov 9, 2018
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Coinzilla is a well-established platform in the crypto advertising industry. Being the No.1 Crypto Advertising Agency according to ICObench’s rankings, it has successfully carried out advertising promotions for many projects.

Anyone in the crypto sector that was looking to promote a product has probably used their services to bring more exposure to it. So far, Coinzilla has completed more than 100 ICO campaigns, promoted 40 businesses from the crypt field and have generated profits from more than 500 websites from the cryptoverse, according to Stefan, the Coinzilla’s CEO.

The team strives to help each crypto business reach out to them, offering their services to help the client achieve his desired level of exposure and brand status. Stefan’s motto is that the company’s success depends on how wealthy their clients are, and this belief is also on what the businesses’ conduct is based on.

Coinzilla was first established two years ago, in a company conducted by two young and enthusiastic students from the IT field, Stefan and Alex. They forecasted blockchain’s immense potential since the “network” was launched online, and they put in a lot of time and thinking in the blockchain.

Coinzilla’s co-founder, Alex, sees blockchain as the key which will unlock the freedom the world of today so desperately needs. He then reprimanded the big companies for implementing bans for crypto-related content and ads.

He believes that this radical approach was made mainly because of financial reasons which somehow affected the companies in question. He and his associate wanted to show that creating a specialized advertising network was feasible – one which would provide services that have the same quality as the most dominant competitors in the industry.

Coinzilla currently employs 20 skilled individuals who have significant expertise and knowledge in the field of online advertising. All its staff members, starting from the banner designers to the people at human resources have an in-depth understanding of digital advertising. They stated that their company employs only the most professional and competent individuals that have proven their worth in this business sector.

Coinzilla has amassed a great deal of experience in the two years that passed since its founding. They have come across different situations that required them to think of new solutions and approaches. These experiences have been shared with every customer in order to help them and their project surpass difficult moments that arose in their campaign. Now, Coinzilla is beyond a network which offers advertising services.

The CEO gives credit to its team for being the catalyst that drove the business to new heights. As the company is looking for expansion, they will be soon introducing some new services and tools such as Press Release services, an affiliate program, and the newly-created Coinzilla Academy.

Coinzilla Academy’s aim is to become a backbone to the entire crypto community by providing the solutions and guidance needed by blockchain users in their most difficult moments. For this journey, they are drafting the help of their partners.

The Coinzilla Academy represents a project of a large scale, which should bring together the entire crypto community and help all of its members by imparting knowledge and solutions.

“We want to train as many people as possible. We want to answer as many questions as possible because I think we should give more credit to this future technology called blockchain. “– said Stefan.

The Coinzilla Advertising Network intends on having many updates made to its system. this includes the enhancement of user experience, which will require the introduction of new tools. The start of October will mark the release of new automated targeting tools for geo-locations or devices, which will be accompanied by some new capping choices and new stats.

“We will also introduce the native banner advertising, so this means that banners will take the placement body, to look more natural. We foresee that native advertising will boost the conversion rate with at least 35%. Also, we will include new payment methods, SEPA & SWIFT money transfers. Some users requested API’s, and because we love to help our users, there will be multiple API’s available, including for campaign design, optimization and stats. Now we are developing our white labeling service, and we hope that it will be available in November when we will celebrate two years of Coinzilla!”- added Alex, the co-founder.

Coinzilla is the real-life proof that any goal can be achieved when one puts its mind to it and is backed up by a dedicated and experienced team.

The CEO of Coinzilla describes every day at the office as a new search for a specific mission. He concluded that the company’s impetus is driven from their objective and the support of their team.

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