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CoinCodex App – Crypto and Bitcoin Price Charts and Data

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Jun 4, 2021
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If you’re invested in cryptocurrency, you are most likely accustomed to the rapid changes and volatility in the market. The prices of top crypto assets can make drastic moves within minutes, and new coins can reach multi-billion dollar valuations seemingly out of nowhere. It can be hard to keep up with all this action, which is why cryptocurrency price aggregators and mobile crypto trackers are must-haves for cryptocurrency investors.

CoinCodex App Review

One of the main contenders in this sector is CoinCodex, a free platform that provides real-time prices for more than 10,000 different cryptocurrencies. CoinCodex released their mobile app in 2019, and it has since become the crypto app of choice for well over 100,000 users. The CoinCodex app supports both the Android and iOS operating systems.

After installing the CoinCodex app, users are first greeted with a list of the top cryptocurrencies sorted by market capitalization, alongside basic information like prices, volumes and 24-hour performance. Tapping on any cryptocurrency will display a more detailed coin overview page, where you can find more detailed information.

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While this is a nice way to quickly get up to speed with what’s currently happening in the market, most users will likely want to personalize their experience and set up their personal portfolio and watchlist.

Cryptocurrency Portfolio and Watchlist

The portfolio is arguably the centerpiece of the CoinCodex app. Here, you can easily track how your cryptocurrency holdings are performing in real-time. It’s important to note that the portfolio is not a wallet – it doesn’t actually store any cryptocurrency. You simply enter the amounts of the different cryptocurrencies you own, and the app will begin tracking how your cryptocurrency investments are doing in the market. You can add or remove cryptocurrencies from the portfolio as you please.

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The portfolio also features an overview section, where it’s easy to see which cryptocurrencies are pulling their weight in the portfolio and which ones are lagging behind.

Coincodex app portfolio

If you’re using the app in public, you might want to keep the size of your cryptocurrency holdings away from prying eyes. The CoinCodex app lets you toggle on a privacy option that hides the amount of cryptocurrency you own, and only displays the percentage price changes in the selected time period. Under the “settings” tab, you can also set up a passcode to prevent unauthorized access to the app.

Next up is the watchlist, where you can set up the app so you only follow the cryptocurrencies you are interested in. You can add any of the 10,000+ cryptocurrencies listed on the app to your watchlist, and track all your watchlisted coins in one spot.

Crypto Price Alerts and More

The CoinCodex app supports cryptocurrency price alerts. For any cryptocurrency, you can set up a target price denominated in either USD, BTC or ETH. When this price is reached, you will receive an email and app notification. This can be a very handy feature if you think there are strong buying or selling opportunities at certain price points.

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The app also sports plenty of other features – for example, you can browse through the most active cryptocurrency exchanges, and see which of their trading pairs are seeing the most volume. There’s also a converter tool, where you can quickly make price conversions between different fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies.

The CoinCodex mobile app is constantly synced with your account on the desktop version of CoinCodex. You can edit your portfolio or watchlist on either platform, and the changes will be automatically saved to the other one as well. The application also receives regular updates, which include both performance optimizations as well as new features.

The Bottom Line

With its app, CoinCodex has delivered a tool that can provide a lot of utility for both cryptocurrency investors and those who are simply interested in following this new and exciting asset class. It offers a lot of customization options, a huge selection of listed cryptocurrencies and exchanges, as well as a sleek user interface that makes it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for.

The app is a no-brainer for those who already use the desktop version of CoinCodex, but it’s also worth checking out for anyone else that wants to check up on their cryptocurrency investments on the go.

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Jun 4, 2021
Best crypto app out there. I like how it's set up and the features included!
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