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Zilliqa Price Prediction 2022: Market Analysis and Opinions

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Apr 4, 2022
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2022 has been a spooky year so far for cryptocurrencies, the market is now off more than 50% of gains made from 2021, but this is further from the case when it comes to Zilliqa price prediction. ZIL crypto has defied the odds and immunized itself from the downturn.

After a bullish 2021 with impressive credentials, ZIL coin price predictions are top on the list of things investors are looking forward to this year. Zilliqa price prediction 2030 is all worth celebrating, probably where you would want to park your money right now.

Zilliqa Price Prediction | Introduction

When making this ZIL coin price prediction, the ZIL coin was trading at $0.1517, according to data available on CoinMarketCap. The crypto has obliterated expectations and secured a mind-blowing market cap of $1.9 billion, fully diluted to nearly $3 billion.

Zilliqa is building a financial system around the ZIL coin, which will allow users to access dApps more easily. The ecosystem brings developers, investors, and consumers into a single network to facilitate the design and development of powerful applications.

Besides dApps, the ZIL coin powers a decentralized financial system that provides users with financial products and services. Add NFTs into the mix, Zilliqa transforms from an innovative startup to a global enterprise – the ideal profile of a bullish Zilliqa price prediction.

Zilliqa Price Prediction: Technical Analysis

Building the case for a Zilliqa price prediction 2030, the recent price action gives insights into the current and future demands for the ZIL coin. With this in mind, here is a summary of the recent price history, which will inform the best points of entry or exit:

MonthOpen PriceClosing PriceMonth High
February 2022$0.044788$0.043099$0.058529
January 2022$0.074828$0.044787$0.077782
December 2021$0.087468$0.074793$0.089926
November 2021$0.112428$0.087664$0.116710
October 2021$0.085824$0.112356$0.124561
September 2021$0.108043$0.085753$0.136081
August 2021$0.083507$0.108191$0.124024

The recent price movements reveal a bullish case for ZIL coin price prediction as the crypto might explode further and attempt to slice through $0.2. On the other hand, the Zilliqa cryptocurrency continues the uptrend if the $0.09 and $0.12 support levels hold.

ZIL price looks ready to stage another market-defying leg-up as it moves above a crucial resistance barrier. This price action development with Zilliqa shows that more gains await ZIL coin long-term investors.

In the last two weekly candlestick closes, ZIL rice rallied 100% after bouncing off the monthly support level at $0.04 to $0.05. The resulting upswing shattered through the highs at $0.12 and $0.13 and pushed past a long-standing resistance level at $0.133.

Although ZIL might face an uphill battle slicing through the blockade at $0.14 to $0.17, Zilliqa bulls must recuperate for the next leg-up. As long as the ZIL price holds above the $0.11 support level, there is a good chance for the next leg-up to be explosive, possibly testing $0.19.

Zilliqa Price Prediction

The first hurdle that ZIL price will face is the $0.13 resistance barrier, confirming a breakout at this blockade will allow bulls to retest the psychological level and the high formed in June of 2021. This move would constitute a 143% gain calculated from the March monthly open.

Zilliqa Price Prediction: Technical Conclusion

While things are looking up for ZIL coin price prediction, the optimism is contingent on bulls holding above the support level at $0.13. A decisive daily close above this level will validate the bullish Zilliqa price prediction and offer enough room for bulls to battle bears.

However, if the ZIL coin produces a candlestick close below this level, it will invalidate the bullish outlook and justify a bearish ZIL coin price prediction. This move will produce a lower low that could be capped at $0.10 before the ZIL coin can establish a directional bias.

Zilliqa Price Prediction

Zilliqa Price Prediction: Market Opinions

Our Zilliqa price prediction 2030 reveals significant downside risk in the coming weeks. In the meantime, market sentiments have generally remained firmer as bulls continue to hold on to hopes of higher ZIL coin price prediction. Here are some predictions to consider:

Zilliqa Price Forecast for March-April



TradingBeasts Zilliqa price prediction sees a lengthy pit stop around the current support level at $0.1256 as bulls contemplate the next step for the crypto. The resistance barrier reveals the Zilliqa price forecast for March – April capped at $0.1570.

Long Forecast

Long Forecast amplifies the bullish reaction to the overhead resistance level by giving a Zilliqa price forecast for March – April of $0.1249. ZIL price will react well to the current critical junction on its journey north in the coming months.

Zilliqa Price Forecast for the Rest of the Year

Rest of the Year:


WalletInvestor ZIL coin price prediction predicts a delay on any further upswing as bulls deal with a significant blockade. The Zilliqa price forecast for the rest of the year identifies signs of exhaustion and a possible retracement to $0.1040, where buyers can recuperate before the next leg-up.


DigitalCoin builds a strong case for a potential surge to see the ZIL coin trend higher than the current price level. The Zilliqa price forecast for the rest of the year sees signs of continuing the uptrend to $0.20, confirmed by converting resistance to support at $0.17 to $0.18.

Zilliqa Price Forecast for the Next Year

Next Year:


PricePrediction Zilliqa price prediction 2030 reveals ZIL coin is on the verge of setting up a significant retracement around a vital support level. Such a move could foreshadow the Zilliqa price forecast for the next year since it predicts a pullback to $0.064.


Gov.Capital is making a final call to buy ZIL coin before it breakout out to $0.1837. ZIL price could extend the upswing further, waving fears of a retracement, allowing for another leg-up in its Zilliqa price forecast next year.

Cryptocurrency Experts and Influencers

Hollowbe ZIL coin price prediction sees a bullish wet dream scenario forming that has the potential of catapulting the coin price by up to 300%. Accumulation at the current trading level could yield maximum results for traders with upside potential capped at $0.5.

TradingShot predicts a strong breakout as the ZIL coin takes on a significant hurdle as bulls continue to propel the altcoin higher. Unlike other barriers before it, Zilliqa will need a massive surge in bullish momentum to overcome it and test $0.25 in the coming weeks.

Latest News and Happenings Concerning Zilliqa

Zilliqa ecosystem has emerged as the blockchain of choice for many enterprises looking to blockchain to expand the capability of their current offering. Lately, the most prominent esports brands have tagged Zilliqa as the blockchain partner of choice.

Zilliqa announced a partnership with multiple esports brands, including Ninja in Pyjamas, RRQ, and MAD Lions. The idea is to facilitate P2E gaming models, NFTs, and Web3-powered fan engagement in the esports market. Additionally, Zilliqa will act as the bridge for gaming communities into crypto.

Some of the crypto exchanges where you can trade Zilliqa are:

  • Binance;
  • Gate.io;
  • KuCoin;
  • Huobi;
  • WazirX.

Zilliqa Price Prediction: Verdict

ZIL coin is a unique cryptocurrency relative to other altcoins in the market. Zilliqa has a grade of A for investment quality, given its resilience in the middle of a bear market. Investors can take a glimmer of hope at the bullish Zilliqa price prediction.

Note: This post was originally published on 20 July 2021 and has been totally updated for the completeness and veracity of the content on 4 April 2022.

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