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XRP.IO Wallet Review | Features, Pros and Cons

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Dec 7, 2020
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In the last few months, new solutions were released to help the Ripple community. In this article, we will make a full XRP.io wallet review for users to learn more about it. We will explain what XRP.io is, how it works, and many other interesting details. 

XRP.io became one of the most useful ways to send, receive, and store Ripple, which is one of the largest and most popular cryptos in the market. If you read the entire XRP.io wallet review, you will get a better idea of how it works. 

XRP.io Review: Wallet Overview


This is one of the newest and most interesting XRP wallets in the market. XRP holders have been waiting for different ways to handle their virtual currencies over time. Now, with this easy to use and user-friendly wallet, sending, spending, storing, and receiving XRP has never been easier. 

The wallet was launched at the end of the last year, and it has been growing since then. Nowadays, they have processed over 122.300 transactions, and almost 18.300 wallets have been created. In addition to it, more than 346.676,623733 XRP has been processed since it was launched.

The interface seems very user-friendly. When you enter the app, you will see your account balance. This will provide you with the necessary information about your funds. At the same time, you will have the price of each XRP in both Euros and U.S. dollars. Below this tab, you will see the list of top referrals. Finally, you will have your historical transactions of XRP using the wallet. 

XRP.io Wallet Review – Inside the app

As this is a new wallet, you will see that there are no transactions (yet). Nonetheless, all the transactions should be displayed there. This would provide you with great control over your funds and how you use them over time. 

It is worth mentioning that they are running a Ripple server, which allows the whole ecosystem to be protected and supported. These companies running validators help the network become more decentralized over time. Thus, XRP.io does not only offer XRP services to users, but they are also actively supporting Ripple. 

The wallet includes a support section in which you will be able to chat with a representative. This is very useful, considering that many of us can have some issues while managing our funds. If we have been for a long time in the crypto market, we may have experienced delayed transactions. 

The referral section is also very important for making this XRP.io wallet review. Indeed, it is possible to send a referral link to friends and family. Users that share the link will get a 10% referral bonus. However, it is not correctly explained, which is the bonus they will receive. It is not clear whether the 10% bonus applies to funds received, sent, or held. 

Many companies have been promoting their services through referral links. It is always very good for firms to have an engaged community spreading the word about the services offered. In this case, the only issue is the fact that it is not clear which are going to be the benefits received.

Send and Receive Funds Through XRP.io


In order to send funds, you will have to add some money to the account (XRP). Once you have done so, you will be able to select the XRP destination address. The address is a long string of characters that belongs to yourself or another person. Be careful not to make a mistake while completing this box. Even a small mistake would send the funds to another account. 

The destination tag, which is an optional field, will be useful in some circumstances. Remember to always ask the user you send the funds to if it is necessary to fill this box. You will then have the possibility to add the amount of XRP you want to send. After selecting this amount, you will see its value in USD and the fee you will have to pay. If we want to send 100 XRP ($25.52) it will have a fee of 6 XRP. 

To receive funds, the process is going to be the inverse of the one described above. You will have to go to the “Receive” tab on the application. In this section, you will have all the information about your account. This includes your XRP address and the destination tag, which is required for receiving XRP. 

This is the information that you will have to provide to the sender. If you are the person in charge of sending the funds to yourself, be careful while copying this data. You will also have a QR code with the necessary information about your account. If you want to receive funds, other users can simply scan it and send you some XRP. 

XRP transactions tend to be very fast. Fees are also very low compared to other virtual currencies. While Bitcoin (BTC) or Litecoin (LTC) transactions take a long time to be processed, XRP arrive in just a few seconds. Using XRP.io would be very useful if you want to save money when processing crypto transactions. Be sure that you send XRP to the addresses mentioned before and to this crypto wallet. If you send Bitcoin or any other digital asset besides XRP, you will not receive the funds. That means they can get lost forever. 


In this XRP.io wallet review, we aimed at showing you which are the main characteristics of this XRP wallet. Basically, they offer a very easy to use and simple user experience. This is going to be a good wallet for beginners who want to understand how the crypto market works. 

While using the app, you will feel that it is a very simple experience. Nonetheless, this simplicity empowers users. They will know that they can send and receive funds no matter where they are. Moreover, XRP.io provides information about the fees paid, which will reduce uncertainty. 

Although the best thing to store large amounts of XRP is to do so in a hardware wallet, XRP.io helps newcomers. In the future, it will be interesting to see new solutions and services provided by this company. Now, it is possible to enjoy the XRP community growing and enjoying new and high-quality services. 

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