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VeChain Price Prediction 2022: Market Analysis and Opinions

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Mar 21, 2022
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The number of institutions turning to blockchain to solve real-world economic problems is poised to rise, which is good news for VeChain price prediction 2022. In addition, VeChain is seen as a unique crypto offering that could give stability to investors in a volatile market.

While cryptocurrencies are flush with risks that are not for the faint of heart, this VET price prediction offers a rather compelling bullish case. So, for those willing to stomach the uncertainties and volatilities of the market, here is a VET coin prediction to play with. 

VeChain Price Prediction | Introduction

When making a VET coin prediction, the VET price traded at $0.04729 according to data available on CoinMarketCap. The market cap of the VeChain ecosystem tallied at around $3 billion, fully diluted to just over $4.1 billion. 

As crucial as BTC issues are, the crypto community – and the blockchain community – is heavily focused on applications of blockchain and digital currencies in solving real-world economic challenges. VeChain is a blockchain unicorn with an entry in the institutional blockchain products pool. 

Institutional products in the blockchain might be the edge tactical investors and traders need to navigate any crazy market environment. This feature makes VeChain must-have crypto by design and an iron-clad case for a bullish VET price prediction. 

VeChain Price Prediction: Technical Analysis

Looking at the recent price action and historical trading patterns of the VET coin, we can identify the point of strength, weakness, opportunity, and threats for our VeChain price prediction. Here is a summary of the historical trading price of VET crypto: 

MonthOpen PriceClosing PriceMonth High
February 2022$0.053796$0.051867$0.069173
January 2022$0.082781$0.053795$0.095823
December 2021$0.119017$0.082803$0.125566
November 2021$0.132940$0.119090$0.187511
October 2021$0.095927$0.132731$0.147673
September 2021$0.122777$0.095127$0.157033
August 2021$0.089583$0.123084$0.144196

VET price shows no sign of slowing down as it teeters on the last meaningful support cluster. Therefore, investors should watch its reaction on this level to indicate the direction of VET coin prediction. The chances of accumulation at this price are also high. 

In any case, from a short-term perspective, VET seems likely to drop lower. VeChain crypto price flipped a demand zone, extending from $0.045 to $0.056 into a breaker as it slid below it. The newly formed breaker is a hurdle, so the recovery faced rejection, and immense selling pressure set VET downwards. 

The resulting move set a swing low at $0.040, kick-starting a consolidative phase. As VET began coiling up, it created another equal low, suggesting the presence of sell-stop liquidity keeping it from falling further down. 

So, investors can expect the VET price to sweep these lows before establishing a directional bias. The bears are likely to take control of VeChain price prediction to push the forecast down to the immediate support level at $0.0247.

VeChain Price Prediction

This bearish move will constitute a 12% downswing and is where VeChain price prediction will find stability before re-evaluating its strengths and weaknesses. By this level, the VET crypto price will have arrived at a make-or-break point where investors will re-evaluate the VET coin price prediction. 

VeChain is hovering around the last meaningful support area, where the start of a record-setting bullish run was last sealed. So, VET crypto is likely to head lower but witness palpable bullish pressure as it approaches the $0.056 barrier. 

VeChain Price Prediction: Technical Conclusion

While things look slightly risky for VeChain price prediction, investors need to note that a recovery above $0.056 will invalidate the breaker. The VeChain price could run at the $0.70 monthly resistance barrier in such a scenario.

VeChain Price Prediction: Market Opinions 

Making a trading decision based on technical formation alone is not wise. It pays to become a knowledgeable investor, starting by gauging the overall attitude of the market towards VeChain price prediction. 

VeChain Price Forecast for March-April


TradingBeasts determines that VET price needs to revisit $0.068 for investors to recover losses and allow a bullish mood to set in before kick-starting the journey to a bullish VET coin price prediction. According to the VeChain price forecast for March – April, a retest of $0.086 is likely.

VeChain Price Prediction

Long Forecast

Long Forecast hints at VET crypto staging a solid recovery. With the bull rally in the works, this VeChain price forecast for March – April sees a bullish outcome coming after investors re-evaluating their outlook on VET crypto and initiating a corrective change to $0.050. 

VeChain Price Forecast for the Rest of the Year


WalletInvestor offers a bullish VET coin price prediction that reveals a plan to test the limits of the resistance barrier hanging above. Setting its sights on $0.09292, this VeChain price forecast for the rest of the year hangs on to the bullish thesis despite the prevailing bearish hold.


DigitalCoin sees VET’s price continuing its bullish journey to $0.0668 even though the coin has lagged in its recovery, and lately, an uptrend seems so far off. A continuation from the current support level for a bullish attempt at the resistance barrier seems plausible under bullish conditions. 

VeChain Price Forecast for the Next Year


Gov.Capital VET price forecast for the next year is $0.1686. VeChain price could go against the wind to retest the crucial resistance barrier and clear the path for a VET price prediction that will hit a reset fortune on VET fortunes.


PricePrediction describes the current bearish condition as a passing cloud, giving VeChain price prediction that VET crypto is setting the stage for a solid breakout in 2022. This VeChain price forecast for the next year eyes $0.074 with reliable support t $0.061 and $0.064. 

Cryptocurrency Experts and Influencers 

Crypto Rover VET price prediction is a wild one. While a test of $1 is precisely every investor’s dream, VeChain lacks the kind of directional bias to set up a winning formation of the kind that will see it break past its all-time high but could materialize under the right market conditions. 

VETPricePrediction outlook on VET in 2022 should VET play right within schedule to meet VeChain price prediction that could see the crypto hit $2. First, however, the coin needs to convert vital support levels before rethinking its allegiance for bullish recovery.  

Latest News and Happenings Concerning VeChain

VeChain is currently developing digital tools to enhance how businesses strengthen their brand identities online and offline. These blockchain-powered products will allow corporate partners to improve the service offering and promote operational efficiency across multiple aspects of their business. 

Micromation – an IT consulting company – is among the companies that have seen the opportunity here and partnered with VeChainThor, an innovative contract platform, to launch a traceable tool called TrueStoryTeller. The project will harness blockchain for data transparency and supply chain management.

If you are interested in trading VeChain, you can do it on Binance,, KuCoin, and others. Unfortunately, VeChain is not supported on Coinbase.

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VeChain Price Prediction: Verdict

The average VeChain price prediction is bullish. Investors will feel a compounding effect from the broader market to spill over to VET price prediction. VeChain already enjoys fundamental solid and technical formations shaping up to see its price takeoff. 

Note: This post was originally published on 16 July 2021 and has been totally updated for the completeness and veracity of the content on 21 March 2022.

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