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Dogelon Mars Phenomenon

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Nov 14, 2023
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The Dogelon Mars (Elon) cryptocurrency is a digital asset that utilizes blockchain technology. It is based on the Ethereum platform and uses the ERC20 token standard. The Dogelon Mars cryptocurrency was created in 2017 and designed to launch an “interplanetary currency”. Of course, it is a decent and even unrealistic idea. The organizers of Dogelon have yet to disclose the plans for the implementation of this idea. So far, this crypto is realized as a certain meme token with a specific “mission”.

The ELON coin is named after the already-known Dogecoin memecoin and Elon Musk, who, however, has nothing to do with this cryptocurrency. Similarly to other meme coins, the founders of Dogelon Mars are unknown. However, Elon has been on the market for some time, making the likelihood of the coin being a scam relatively low.

There is likely trivial speculation going on about Elon Musk’s fame and interest in Mars. But there is no guarantee that Elon Musk is not behind this project and due to its certain “murkiness”, investments in this crypto should be cautious.

Dogelon Mars is an offshoot (fork) of the well-known Dogecoin cryptocurrency. But unlike DOGE, Dogelon Mars has a much larger supply, so it is in surplus. The stock of Elon coins is 1 quadrillion. Some investors consider Dogelon Mars not the best investment because the project does not produce any products, has no advantages over other cryptocurrencies, and the creator of the coin either pretends to be Elon Musk or uses his name for its promotion.

In contrast to the skeptics, many enthusiasts believe that this crypto has a huge investment potential, but the lack of good promotion of the project really raises doubts.

Whether to buy Dogelon Mars depends on your risk appetite. When it comes to Dogelon Mars, everything about the project seems vague, except for the obvious ticker name – ELON. ELON has no practical application at the moment, other than its big dream of becoming an intergalactic currency in the future. For the conservative crypto investor with less risk appetite, large public blockchain projects such as Bitcoin and Ethereum may be more suitable investments.

The Price Prediction Agency estimates the price of Dogelon Mars will rise as more investors get involved in the project. One year from now, in 2024 Dogelon Mars will be worth about $0.00000025 on average. Elon’s value in 2030 may reach a maximum of $0.00000304 at an average price of $0.00000249.

Coin Arbitrage Bot estimates that the price of the coin could reach $0.0000001673 exactly one year from now. According to their calculations, the Elon price prediction for 2024 is expected to be around $0.0000003031, while at the end of 2025, the fee could easily drop to the level of $0.0000005316.

This meme coin has already contributed to several projects since its launch. Most recently, NASA mentioned ELON as a contributor to scientific research on the International Space Station. The vision of the Methuselah Foundation, the main token holder, is to extend human life through various research and experimental projects. This is in line with ELON’s vision of helping humanity’s technological advancement.

Meanwhile, the Dogelon project with its community donated ELON to victims of cryptocurrency fraud and other financial crimes. They pledged to help these victims restore their faith in cryptocurrency to promote the first interplanetary currency and grow the Dogelon community.

We all know that buying meme coins is not as easy as buying meaningful cryptocurrencies in the crypto market like Bitcoin and Ethereum. You can buy and exchange Elon tokens on KuCoin, UniSwap (V2), OKEx, Poloniex,, and Exchange. Although the coin is not yet available for exchange on Godex, here you can exchange many top market players, and other little-known currencies using various pairing combinations, such as e.g. MCO to STX.

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