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Top Crypto Airdrops

Free money is nothing new to the astute crypto investor; crypto airdrops frequently happen in the crypto world, that’s why we created a top crypto airdrops that you should look out for. However, it is an exciting occurrence designed to generate excitement around a newcomer, especially when they are so curious to know which is the next cryptocurrency to explode this year.

You don’t have to be in it with a novel approach to make crypto million or a quick buck. If you are already in on crypto and prepared to make a little extra tracking free money, here are the top crypto airdrops you should look out for in August 2021.


1. Cannumo

Estimated value: $0.01474

End date: 10 August, 2021

The marijuana industry is finding growing acceptance among consumers and their elected representatives. This asset class is projected to double in value by 2025, making the Cannumo crypto airdrop worthy of your interest.

Cannumo is in our top crypto airdrops because offers a strategic growth initiative for anyone who wants to participate in the ever-growing cannabis industry. The startup is launching a non-fungible token (NFT) platform for minting new cannabis NFTs.

The cannabis revolution will be powered by crypto. Cannumo will offer investors a chance to level up their portfolio with CBD stacked crowdfunding pools to grow cannabis in Switzerland.

Moreover, the Cannumo wallet will enable traders to sell CBD products with fewer restrictions. The token helps you avoid big commission rates and enjoy the lowest fees in the e-commerce market. There is so much promise.

The incentive is for those who receive the airdrop from participating in the ecosystem rather than sell-off when Cannumo takes off. Stay tuned for Cannumo’s crypto airdrop, which is coming to you on 2nd August 2021.

How to participate:

  • First off, you will need an active Twitter and telegram account,
  • Then, join the Cannumo community on telegram for updates,
  • At the same time, subscribe to the newsletter from the official website,
  • Next, retweet at least two tweets from the Cannumo Twitter page,
  • Finally, invite at least five friends to the airdrop.


  • Twitter
  • Telegram

2. Corgidoge Coin (CORGI)

Estimated value: $0.00007744

End date: 22 August, 2021

From our top crypto airdrops couldn’t miss Corgidoge. For the average Joe, wheeling and dealing in real estate is something in the realm of playing monopoly. However, Corgidoge is launching a crypto airdrop this August to let everyone play tycoon for actual money returns.

Corgidoge is promising to innovate the real estate industry. The idea is to build an ecosystem around a development-oriented cryptocurrency. A real estate application, e-commerce platform, and the best cryptocurrency exchange are created to maximize value creation for crypto.

This startup uses blockchain to transfer value to the coin holder. So, investing in real estate is as simple as owning Corgidoge Coin. The crypto airdrop offers early access to profit from blockchain disruption of real estate.

How to participate:

  • Login to an active Twitter and telegram account,
  • Then, join the CORGI community on telegram,
  • Follow CORGI on their official Twitter page,
  • Next, retweet a pinned tweet on the CORGI Twitter page,
  • Finally, tag at least three friends.


  • Twitter
  • Telegram

3. JustBet (WINR)

Estimated value: $0.001306

End date: 15 August, 2021

The fact that blockchain and cryptocurrencies offer a perfect combination to solve many of the legacy gaming problems is well-documented. This crypto airdrop is designed to propel you to the baller’s table in the gaming industry.

JustBet is dreaming big. The project is not only going after fair gaming but also sharing the wealth among its users. So with that, you have a crypto airdrop that will keep on giving for a long time.

The protocol works on pre-built algorithms. By eliminating human input, the protocol becomes truly decentralized. The result is business and transactional transparency.

The future of gaming is open-sourced and transparent. JustBet is building a self-sustaining playing protocol that maintains games without human interference. The crypto airdrop is launching on 10th August 2021, but until then you can check on some of the other from this top crypto airdrops.

How to participate:

  • First, setup of login to your Twitter and telegram account,
  • Second, join the JustBet community on telegram,
  • Then, follow JustBet on the official Twitter page,
  • Next, like and retweet JustBet tweets while tagging at least three friends,
  • Lastly, invite friends to the crypto airdrop.


  • Twitter
  • Telegram

4. CoinSwap Space (CSS)

Estimated value: $2.48

End date: 22 August, 2021

The financial industry is recognizing the transformative impact of blockchain technology. The CoinSwap Space is a decentralized exchange that provides users with a suite of features to benefit from the increased revenue, operational efficiency, and improved end-user experience of decentralized finance.

It is the perfect ecosystem to create a strong foundation for disrupted finance. CoinSwap is creating a native token that will be used in exchange for products and services offered on its platform. The crypto airdrop is your chance at picking up these free rewards.

With consumers already shying away from the high gas prices of the Ethereum blockchain, the time is ripe for CSS to become the best DeFi platform. You too can be part of this digital finance revolution coming this August, but keep reading this top crypto airdrops to find the others one too.

How to participate:

  • For starters, you will need an active Twitter and telegram account,
  • Join the CSS community on telegram,
  • Follow CoinSwap Space on their official Twitter page and the official page of its co-founders,
  • Next, retweet a pinned post on the official Twitter page,
  • Finally, be on the lookout for the winner’s list on the Twitter page.


  • Twitter
  • Telegram

5. (ASK)

Estimated value: $0.001834

End date: N/A

Last but not least from our top crypto airdrops is Decentralized, blockchain-based internet will soon become a reality. is a project fighting to put an end to the interruptive and exploitive economy built around the internet and digital data.

The tactics used in targeted online advertising have become of great concern lately, so consider this crypto airdrop your chance to fight back. is giving back the masses ownership of their time and data.

The Permission Coin (ASK) enables the proper pricing of an individual’s time and data. The idea is to create an entire decentralized permission economy. It targets online marketers to a transparent market system that seeks to end big tech centralization and data exploitation.

Its value creation is the ability to provide permission visibility, thereby respecting and enabling monetization of individual time and data.

How to participate:

  • You will need an active Twitter and telegram account,
  • Then, join the community on Telegram,
  • At the same time, follow the official Twitter page,
  • Next, retweet a specific tweet,
  • Finally, download and install the browser extension for Chrome,
  • Start earning free crypto.


  • Twitter
  • Telegram
  • browser extension


Participating in a crypto airdrop is not only a good way to earn a quick buck but also a way to show support from blockchain projects. Above all, remember to spread the word to invite more people on this bandwagon. We hope this top crypto airdrops has helped you get great rewards.

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