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The Ultimate Secalot Hardware Wallet Review

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May 15, 2019
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What Is Secalot?

Secalot is an all-in-one hardware wallet which was designed to ensure the security of crypto funds and sensitive user data. Secalot is an open-source platform which is available in both software and as hardware form.

Supported cryptocurrencies

The wallet can be used to store various cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and all tokens that are based on the ERC20 standard.

System Compatibility

All the applications found on the hardware wallet are compatible with computers running on the following systems: Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. Mobile users can access their wallet through the Secalot mobile application which is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Payment methods

The wallet can be paid using Bitcoin, credit cards and Paypal.


The Secalot wallet has the appearance of a regular USB stick, having a size of 60x15x10mm, and a cap for the USB-A connection.  Two silver stripes are printed on the front and behind them, you can find two touch buttons.


Depending on the wallet you need, you will be required to perform different setups.

1. Set up Bitcoin Wallet

For Bitcoin, you will have to set up a modified version of the Wallet Electrum software.

  • Download it from the Secalot download area.
  • Start the initialization by accessing the menu File > New Wallet.
  • Select a name to for your Bitcoin Wallet.
  • In the next window, choose the type of wallet.
  • Now select that the seed is to be generated via a hardware wallet.
  • The actual installation process will begin at this point. Enter a PIN and a sealed seed will be generated on the device. A backup of this seed represents a mnemonic comprised of 24 words.

2. Set up Ethereum Wallet

To set up an Ethereum wallet you will have to use the MyEtherWallet web wallet, where the setup is made via a “Secalot Control Panel GUI”.

  • Download the app from the Secalot download area.
  • The Windows app starts without installation, directly opening the Ethereum tab.
  • Select a PIN and write down the recovery seed that will be generated.

Secalot security features

Secalot Remote Screen

The Secalot Remote Screen allows the users to view their transaction details by using the Secalot mobile application. All data between the wallet and the mobile device is sent via a secure SSL/TLS channel. This channel ensures that the private keys remain on the device at all times.

Universal second factor (U2F)

You are able to register your device to use other services as a second secure factor, which have to be connected upon login. You will have to click the U2F-Touch-Button located at the top of the device if you are required to do so.

The simultaneous registration of a wide number of websites is supported by Secalot. The following services are currently supported: Google, Facebook, Dropbox, GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, and Nextcloud.

OpenPGP Smart Card

Secalot has the function of a native smart card which performs various cryptographic actions. This allows the integration of a variety of existing software via GnuPG or a PKCS#11 interface.

The following actions can be performed:

  • Computer logon under Linux
  • Hard disk encryption via TrueCrypt
  • File encryption and signing
  • E-mail encryption and signing
  • VPN and SSH connections via Secalot

One-Time-Password Generator (OTP)

OTPs enables you to securely log into websites and applications, serving as an additional secure factor like U2F. This type of authentication is similar to what the Google Authenticator app does, but instead of using an app, you use a Secalot Stick.

The one-time password is generated by pressing both keys which will be entered directly into the field. The Secalot Control Panel GUI allows you to add new services. Since some OTPs require the current date, a service has to be open in the background.

Secure Data Storage

A secure micro-controller performs cryptographic operations which keeps the user’s sensitive data securely stored.

Constant updates

The firmware of Secalot can be easily updated, enabling its development team to frequently release bug fixes and to add enhanced features.

Documentation and support

Secalot features an English documentation area which explains in detail of its functions. The documentation section is available on the official homepage of the product. Customers can reach the support team only by sending a contact form.


Secalot wallet can be purchased for 50 EUR (56.56 USD).


Although it does have a wide list of security features, Secalot is still a new product, and there still might be some bugs, but otherwise, it seems like a solid hardware wallet.

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