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Reasons Why Bitcoin Is Still Going to Be Relevant in the Future

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Sep 10, 2019
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A few years back, if you’d ask ordinary people online about Bitcoin (BTC) and the blockchain, they wouldn’t know what it was unless they were from the fintech industry. Now, Bitcoin has risen to the top as the leading cryptocurrency. It’s rapidly becoming a mainstream term with positive expectations for its future.

You may still be apprehensive about investing in this cryptocurrency. However, its performance in recent years has shown remarkable promise. While BTC may still be volatile, it’s slowly finding its balance and stability in the market, especially after 2017 where its price surged to new heights and dipped afterward, but didn’t really return to its low value before that year.

If you aren’t sure about Bitcoin yet, here are some reasons why this cryptocurrency is still going to be relevant in the future:

1. Decentralization

One of the primary characteristics that appeal to a lot of cryptocurrency enthusiasts is that Bitcoin is decentralized. This means that there isn’t a single entity that governs or controls it. It works through peer-to-peer transactions, which are verified by miners in the community. The result: minimal fees and faster transfers.

The blockchain plays a significant role in the process. It’s a public ledger where all transactions between users are recorded. A set of transfers is typed into a block, which acts as a page in the file. Once the blocks are filled, miners will process and verify these transactions, which are then attached to previous lists.

Each user also keeps a copy of the records and, if some hacker would tamper with the file, you can quickly check everyone else’s ledger duplicate to spot the differences. This democratization eliminates the need for a central governing entity to monitor transactions.

Decentralization makes Bitcoin future-proof because this electronic cash system is self-managing. It can continue to operate even when the founders have passed since there will always be new members of the community who’ll get a copy of all transactions in the blockchain.

2. Anonymity and Transparency

All users can access the Bitcoin blockchain. This promotes transparency between transactions, which is essential to ensure that other people don’t scam you.

However, there’s still some semblance of anonymity because no personal details are included in the records. You’ll only get a unique digital wallet address, which people can use to send BTC to you.

In today’s world, where companies know consumers a little too personally, anonymity can be a breath of fresh air. You won’t have to worry about brands selling your information to third-parties because there isn’t much to sell except your public address, which can be challenging to trace to a single user.

Nonetheless, transparency is also a beneficial characteristic for the future since it helps keep the community in line. This ensures that everyone in the system complies with the rules of the organization.

3. More Ways to Acquire BTC

New ways of gaining Bitcoin are being developed. Initially, you could only earn Bitcoin through mining. It requires your computer to solve a complex mathematical problem, which is used to confirm transactions in the network.

Now, there’s a more convenient method of acquiring the cryptocurrency. And that is through trading. Several platforms have emerged to cater the needs of people who want to invest in these digital assets.

You can even do automated trading on websites like, which provides a trading robot to aid you in your venture. You just set the limits as to when you want to buy or sell, and the AI will be the one to execute the actions during the most optimal times.

Some of the other ways to acquire BTC are by:

  • Accepting it as Payment – If you’re a merchant, you can easily earn Bitcoin by accepting it as payment in exchange for your goods and services. It’s pretty straightforward. You just need to provide customers with your wallet address so they can send you the electronic cash with ease. It also ensures that you receive the compensation because transfers are irreversible.
  • Completing Tasks – You can also acquire more of this electronic cash through the reward system of some websites. You’ll be required to visit websites and watch ads. In return, these platforms will give you a small amount of BTC for your time. While the gains may come in seemingly insignificant bursts, the Bitcoin you earn can add up after a while.
  • Lending – Those with substantial Bitcoin funds can grow those digital assets through interest payments. You can loan others the cryptocurrency and get back more BTC when they pay up. You can draw up an agreement to ensure that both parties are amenable to the amount, duration, and interest rate requirements.

4. Improving Regulation

As more and more countries see the benefits and potential of Bitcoin, governments are drafting legislation to protect the welfare of its people. While this appears to impede on Bitcoin’s decentralized nature, it actually helps in boosting its appeal.

Governments or financial institutions cannot change the system’s processes directly. However, they can join the network and create exchanges or platforms with their regulations. With this, they encourage the public to take notice of the cryptocurrency as a viable form of payment in the future.

Recently, New Zealand has given Bitcoin a vote of confidence. The country has allowed employers to pay their staff in digital assets, which paves the way for Bitcoin’s integration into everyday payments.

5. Universal Adoption

The increasing number of regulations being created for Bitcoin transactions shows that it’s on its way to becoming a universally-accepted payment method.  A lot of small business owners and large conglomerates have begun to allow customers to use BTC in exchange for their goods and services. More brands from various industries are expected to follow suit and offer this option to consumers.


Bitcoin was designed with the future in mind. Its decentralized nature allows it to operate and thrive through peer-to-peer transactions while ensuring anonymity and, at the same time, transparency to the community. More ways to earn BTC have emerged, which makes it convenient for users. Plus, regulations are being created and improved to cater to the cryptocurrency demand. These are signs that the digital asset is on its way to becoming a universally-accepted payment method.

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